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World Blood Donor Day

June 14 


World Refugee Day

June 20


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 "I cannot say that I had a 'good time' in Cambodia-the social disruption, suffering, and ongoing injustices are simply too great.  When I am focused on caring for patients or teaching residents, I have the satisfaction of feeling that I am making a tiny contribution: improving a few patients' current health, helping a few doctors to become more skillful or knowledgeable or cared about."


-Gordon Noel, MD

Internal Medicine ∙ Cambodia

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The Net Connection

June 2013 



Happy Father's Day! To all those who have mentored us, taught us new skills, and cheered us along the way, many thanks. HVO volunteers serve in a similar way, teaching new techniques, guiding and advising their colleagues both on-site and from a distance, and always providing the encouragement to move forward.


Please consider a tribute gift honoring our volunteers - or consider volunteering yourself!


Best wishes as we move into summer.



Nancy A. Kelly, MHS
Executive Director  


HVO Volunteer Opportunities
For a complete list, please visit our programs webpage or call (202) 296-0928. 

Hand Therapist  

Wenzhou, China

A hand therapist is needed at Wenzhou Medical School to assist in the post-traumatic prevention and treatment of hand stiffness. The volunteer would also work with a hand surgeon (already selected) to assess the needs of the physical therapy department relative to hand. The assignment would be for 1.5-2 weeks in September 2013 with the weeks being flexible. For more information contact the program department.  



Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Volunteers needed July 8-19, 2013 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to teach hematology refresher courses and administer tests to students. Volunteers will also provide training to physicians and residents. Please contact the program department for more information.  

Nurse Anesthesia   

Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

CRNA volunteer(s) needed to teach  a nurse anesthesia continuing education course September 5-11, 2013. The program consists of one day lecture and one day clinical observation, repeated in each location. The volunteer will be asked to prepare two 45-minute lectures. Please contact the program department for more information.

Hue, Vietnam & Tegucigalpa, Honduras 

Volunteer with lymphoma/leukemia expertise needed for a team going to Tegucigalpa, Honduras June 17-21, 2013. In addition, volunteers with oncology expertise (physicians, nurses, pharmacists) are needed for the oncology program in Hue, Vietnam in July and September 2013.
Please contact the program department for more information.



Moshi, Tanzania

Volunteers are needed at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center for 2-4 week assignments. Volunteers provide training through lectures and presentations, participating in clinics and rounds, as well as hands-on demonstration of techniques and methods during surgery. Generalists and sub-specialists are needed. Please contact the program department for more information.

Stock Control and Biomedical Engineering 

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) is seeking volunteers with skills in stock control and biomedical engineering. A stock control volunteer will help to train the ACH logistics manager to optimize the supply chain, manage stock control, and other related  tasks. A biomedical engineer is needed to help AHC maintenance manager and medical staff to provide training in the maintenance of medical equipment such as monitors, anesthesia machines, heart and lung machines, and others. Volunteers are needed for four week assignments any time during the year.
Contact the program department for more information.


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Upcoming Events

The WHO Global Initiative for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care (GIEESC) meeting will be held October 14-15, 2013 in Trinidad & Tobago. Learn more on the GIEESC website.


Other Opportunities

Please note: These opportunities are through independent organizations and are not run by or affiliated with Health Volunteers Overseas.


The Handa Emergency Hospital

Battambang, Cambodia

Volunteers needed to provide training to personnel at Handa Emergency Hospital in Battambang, Cambodia. Assignments are 2 - 8 weeks.

  • Internal medicine volunteers are needed to help with 11 Cambodian internal medicine trainees;
  • Radiology volunteers are needed to help with two Cambodian radiology trainees who need echocardiology, cardiology and radiology training; 
  • X-ray technician needed for improvement in basic x-ray techniques.

Contact Dr. Cameron Gifford, the Handa Medical Director for more information.

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