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In This Issue:
The Pros and Cons of Perfectionism
Study Tip: Don't Let The Perfect Be the Enemy Of The Good
Coach of the Month: Bahar Moheban
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This month we're delighted to introduce you to a brand new Success Partner, Mary O'Malley.

Mary O'Malley is an Educational Therapist with a certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. She has been running Green Door Learning, LLC since 2007. 

Mary works with students, parents, teachers, and other allied professionals across the Los Angeles area and in Northern California. Her students range in age from six to thirty-six because it is never too early or too late to learn new skills. As an Ed Therapist, Mary works with clients to address processing, attention, spelling, writing, word attack and reading comprehension issues.  In her capacity as a college consultant, Mary works with students to build a list of colleges that will provide a good fit for their academic, social, emotional and career needs. She particularly enjoys working with students to craft application essays that convey the student's unique voice and personality.  If college is not the destination for the student, Mary works with the family to create a plan for achieving goals after high school and into adulthood.

For more information, visit her website, email
or call 310-493-5332.
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Community Service Opportunity?
Meet Rickey Smith, social entrepreneur and owner of the sustainable food business Urban Green. He's started a community education venture called the Urban Green Kids Row program, creating opportunities for kids from diverse backgrounds to participate in many activities related to food sustainability, from planting seeds  to learning about how organic food is grown and harvested. For more info on a terrific
community service and volunteering opportunity for kids, email Rickey, 

or call (800) 200 3320.

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Welcome To Part Two of Our Summer Series!

And as our kids take a well-deserved summer break, it may be the perfect time to introduce a new perspective and plant some seeds that might bear fruit in the fall.
Until recently, it was almost universally assumed that being a perfectionist was a necessary ingredient in the quest for high achievement. 
Yet it might be possible that the inner dynamics of perfectionism may actually be hindering kids' efforts to reach the academic summit.
This month, a Huffington Post op-ed shone a spotlight on the fact that, in many cases, perfectionism can sometimes be harmful to creativity, work flow and, most importantly, self-acceptance in our kids. 
The inability to be happy unless everything is "perfect" can sometimes cause students to feel undue pressure to perform. This can result in an avoidance of work, a reluctance to be creative and make mistakes and a stagnation in a child's academic and emotional development. 
In this month's issue, we'll explore the possibility of a healthy balance between perfectionism and the ability to recognize one's achievements, and know when to move on to the next challenge. 
We'll share insights from experts on the subject, and reveal the strategies being used by schools, high achievers and everyday people to find a healthier and happier path to long-term success. 

At Academic Success, we are always open to new ways of being and doing that will promote the greatest enthusiasm and academic passion in our students.

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"Dont let perfectionism become an excuse for never getting started."                                                                                                                       - Marilu Henner

Education News 

The Pros 
and Cons of Perfectionism
As we begin to become more aware of how the dynamic of perfectionism plays out in students and their parents, it's important to acknowledge its positive elements before effecting change. This excellent piece from a renowned development psychologist explores both edges of the perfectionism sword. 


Experts Offer Their Thoughts


For some of us, we may not need to change our perfectionistic ways so much as add new mental habits to establish balance. This informative NBC Today article, featuring two best-selling authors on perfectionism, offers helpful strategies for alleviating some of the stressors caused by constant striving for perfection.

Becoming Aware Of The Problem

One of the many challenges that confront education administrators is the tendency for large swaths of the general public to blame educators for all of our kids' struggles. This story from the United Kingdom offers a shining example of schools trying to get out in front of the perfectionism challenge through creativity and innovation in their curricula.

'TED' Weighs In On 
Perfectionism v Self-Compassion
Although perfectionism for some may only be a minor irritant or obstacle in the path to success and fulfillment, for others it can be a primary factor in an emotional downward spiral. This insightful op-ed allows us a glimpse into the suffering of a former perfectionist and features a tremendous TED Talk on the best antidote to perfectionism: self-compassion. 

A Champion
Focusing On The Positive

One of the most insidious aspects of perfectionism is the tendency to fixate on the smallest flaw in one's work to the detriment of everything else. This can be hugely counter-productive, as tennis champion Andy Murray has found out. The two-time Grand Slam title winner is now consciously working with his coach to surrender his inner perfectionist in a quest for higher levels of performance. 

Study Tips 

Don't Let The Perfect
Be The Enemy
Of The Good

How often in life are we told "close enough isn't good enough?", or "never settle for second place"? 
Yet what if we came second in a nationwide exam featuring millions of students? What if "close enough" meant entry into Harvard or Yale? What if the time spent desperately trying to win first prize could have been spent investing in activities that will furnish even greater rewards in the future?
This is where the maxim "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" can be so helpful. 
Knowing when to cease work in one area, in order to move onto another, is a skill that promotes greater productivity, deeper enjoyment in one's work and an ability to tackle many difficult tasks simultaneously.
This is about valuing the positive in your work and not allowing your inner perfectionist to prevent you from moving forward toward success.
For example: you may be working on an essay that you know is good, yet could be better. But you also have other subjects that need attention. Continuing to strive for an imagined "perfection" in your essay to the detriment of everything else will have obvious ramifications.
Or maybe you want to publish a story you've written, but you don't because you still think it can be better. How many good stories never see the light of day because their authors didn't think they were "perfect" yet?
Don't let perfectionism hold you back from completing work, sharing it and moving on to the next assignment. Sometimes close enough really is good enough.

Coach Profile 

Meet Bahar Moheban,
  Coach Profile of The Month   

This month we're excited to play catchup with one of our favorite coaches on the Academic Success team, Bahar Moheban.
It goes without saying that our tutors are invested in their students' growth and fulfillment of potential. It's also gratifying to know that the tutors themselves and continually learning and honing their teaching skills to better serve our students. "I've learned over the course of working with different students that it is really challenging to reach one's academic goals without first being organized", Bahar says. "Sometimes, something as simple as using an academic planner or having a neat workplace can work wonders in the student's success.  I've also realized that the grade that a student earns on a test, assignment, or in a class doesn't always reflect how hard he/she has truly worked. I've learned it is more important to acknowledge the skills and positive habits the student has cultivated during the process of academic coaching, and not just focus on the outcome of his/her efforts. These skills are what will help the student succeed in both academic and personal endeavors." Bahar is just one of the many quality coaches on our team. In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano, singing and writing.
We consider it a privilege and an honor to support students and their families throughout the Los Angeles area.  Please call us at any time; we welcome your thoughts and input.  We are available at 310-823-4398.

Jamie Altshule
Academic Success, Inc.