Fall 2015
Celebrate Happy Cat Month!
Hi! It's your favorite cat here, letting you know that September is declared Happy Cat Month. I look forward to this month all year long, 30 days dedicated to celebrate me. Other than Take Your Dog to Work Day, this is my favorite time of the year. What make this a great month for me? 
  • More attention-because I am a cat, I like to be the center of attention, but during Happy Cat Month I get even more. Petting, brushing and extra play times are a few things that get me purring.
  • A new toy-during this wonderful month a new toy will provide me with hours of entertainment. Perhaps this year I will get some treat dispensing toys, wand toys, catnip or that illusive red dot thing. Okay, maybe I won't get all of these toys but these are ideas that will help keep me from getting into trouble during the day.
  • A trip to my favorite veterinarian-I know this doesn't sound like something I would be happy about, but an annual visit lets both of us know that I am healthy. Although I may have a bit to say on the way to the exam, I know that a check-up can lead to early diagnosis and effective treatment of an illness and will help keep me happy and healthy and I know that makes everyone happy.
Happy Cat Month
St. Francis Fund
Did you know we have the St. Francis Fund for abandoned cats with medical needs? Last year, we helped and adopted out 7 cats! Each one of our St. Francis cats costs us an average of over $1000 as most need extensive medical care prior to being placed in a loving home.

The St. Francis Fund is supported by contributions of Cats Exclusive and generous clients like you. You can help save an abandoned cat by donating to the St. Francis Fund. All services are provided at cost, and our doctors donate their time with no administrative fees added.

Donate to the St. Francis Fund
St. Franics Fund
Welcome Dr. Janet Alviar
We feel fortunate to have Dr. Alviar join our team part-time. Many of you may have already had the pleasure of meeting her either in the halls or the exam room when she helped cover vacation days. Her career has been devoted to felines and she spent seven years working at an all cat practice in San Francisco. Dr. Alviar's love of animals grew early on, growing up on a ranch in northern Idaho. She did her undergraduate work at Standford University and earned her degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of California, Davis. She enjoys family time with her husband  and three boys. As well, she has a passion for backpacking and board games. We are grateful and excited to have Dr. Alviar at Cats Exclusive.
Dr. Alviar
Eco-Friendly Cat Furniture on Sale
Scratching is a crucial component of cat health. It provides exercise, marks territory, removes the outer sheath of their nails and allows cats to stretch their muscles. Cardboard scratchers and dens are an excellent way to provide an area for your cat to play, scratch or nap. They are environmentally friendly furniture that your cat will love!   
25% Off Cardboard Scratchers, Catty Stacks and Cardboard Dens 
  • An inexpensive solution for scratching
  • The honeycomb texture entices cats to scratch without damaging furniture.
  • Easy to move and rearrange
  • 100% recycyclable

Ends 9/30/2015 

25% Off
Goodbye From Dr. Richard Lester
To my wonderful Cats Exclusive family and friends:
I wanted to let everyone know that after 16 years I have made the difficult decision to leave my position at Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center. This has been such a hard decision to make as I have literally grown up here. I joined the team in 1999 as a new graduate from Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Through the patient and kind guidance of the staff and gifted veterinarians I developed my craft. I would not be who I am today without their help. It is because of this mentoring and nurturing environment that I feel I am ready to take on my next adventure in veterinary medicine.

I would like to thank the many clients I have had the pleasure of serving over the last 16 years. I could not ask for a kinder/more dedicated group of feline lovers. It has been my honor to be part of all of you loved ones medical care over these years. I will miss each one of your and wish you nothing but the best. I leave you in the hands of the dedicated team at Cats Exclusive and hope our paths will cross again.

Thank you for the wonderful experience and pleasure of being able to work with you and your feline friends.

Richard Lester 

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