Spring 2015
Stress-Free Travel With Your Cat

We all know that regular health care for your cat is essential for a longer, healthier and happier life. However, many cats do not receive this important veterinary care because, for some of our feline friends, the stress involved in getting them to the clinic can seem to overshadow the benefits of the care they receive once there. Quite honestly, travelling with a cat to the veterinary clinic may not always be a picnic. It can often begin with a hide-and-seek game to round up the cat. Somehow, they seem to know what's happening and will run to hide under the bed or other hard-to-retrieve place right before it is time to leave. Once the cat is found, there is still the task of getting them into the cat carrier. It can seem as if they have suddenly gained four extra legs that latch onto everything in sight. Once safely secured in their carrier, there is still the car ride to be made to the clinic, which can involve miles of vocal protests and, sometimes, stress-related bodily emissions. But there is hope for our feline friends. While it is true that some cats will never become world travelers, taking your cat for a car trip or visit to the veterinarian doesn't have to be traumatic. Here are some tips that can make travelling with your cat less stressful for everyone.    


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A Fundraiser to Help Abandoned Cats
Did you know we have the St Francis Fund for abandoned cats with medical needs? Last year, we helped and adopted out 7 cats! Each one of our St. Francis cats costs us an average of over $1000 as most need extensive medical care prior to being placed in a loving home.

The St. Francis Fund is supported by contributions of Cats Exclusive and generous clients like you. You can help save an abandoned cat by purchasing an adorable plush kitty. Over 85% of your purchase is donated to the St. Francis Fund. All services are provided at cost, and our doctors donate their time with no administrative fees added. 

Come in and pick up your own plush kitty at Cats Exclusive. They are great gifts for kids and adults as well. The best part is that your purchase will directly help a St. Francis cat in need.  

Learn more or donate to the St. Francis Fund
St Francis Plush
Travel Worry-Free, We Are Here to Take Care of Your Feline Family
Quiet nights, high-quality meals with room service, daily towel service, fastidious attention to bathroom cleanliness and spa-like add-ons such as massages, hair styling, work out session and pedicures. Sounds like a stay at the Westin? For kitties, it's a stay in the Cats Exclusive Townhouses!

If you are looking for someone to care for your feline family when you're away, then boarding at Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center is a great option. You can travel with peace of mind knowing that your cats are safe, well-supervised and tended to by gentle individuals who have insight into cat behavior and medical issues.

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