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Happy Summer!
Check out our "Warm Weather and Your Cat" Pinterest board for tips on keeping your kitty cool and safe.
Dr. Stern Tours Available
Get a behind-the scenes look at where you take your feline family for care. We will take you through our hospital and boarding suites, where you will see our medical team in action while introducing you to some specialized equipment that serves the unique needs of cats. 
Tours available
Mon-Fri, 10 am - 4 pm
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Cat Slug

Slightly Slimy Stories of Feline Run Afoul
A worried owner calls asking for an emergency grooming appointment for her cat, Molly who has a mat of fur near her rump that is driving her crazy. One of our male employees, a gentle giant, carefully combs through Molly's coat, hoping to relieve her irritation, he finds a fur-entrapped garden slug, eliciting a chorus of "eeww's" from everyone watching!

Cats Exclusive Doctors

Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM  

Founder & Medical Director 

Sarah Brandon, DVM  

Richard Lester, DVM

Jennifer Fligiel, DVM

Lora Schuldt, DVM

Faythe Vaughan, DVM

Kathryn Mattick, DVM

Jessica Stern, DVM, DABVP

(feline specialty)

Harmony and Dissonance
in the Multiple Cat Household Love Me Love Me Not
Why do some cats adore each other while others can't pass each other without swatting or hissing? Why are these often the same two cats, alternating between affection and aggression? These are common questions in multiple cat households, which represent more than half of all homes with pet cats. There are solutions for improving the social dynamics among co-habitating cats, and a harmonious feline household often needs to start with proper introductions.
Dr. Suzanne Hetts, a veterinary behaviorist, provides tips on helping cats co-exist. She emphasizes how important it is to introduce a new cat to an existing cat extremely slowly, never allowing animosity to build. Because cats are not naturally social with other cats in the way dogs are, a new cat is certainly not initially seen as a new playmate but rather a competitor. This can lead to fear, anxiety, and aggression in one or both cats.  
Summer Multi-Cat DiscountMultple Cat Discount
Did you know Cats Exclusive offers a multiple cat discount if you have more than one cat and bring all of them in together for their wellness examinations? The way it normally works is; if you bring 2 or more of your cats in together you get 10% off each of your cats' exams. 

This Summer this deal gets even better with mention of this Mewsletter... 


To redeem this offer, appointments must be scheduled to take place by 8/30/2014 and this mewsletter must be mentioned when making your appointment.
Announcing Expanded Grooming Services Coming Soon! 
We are happy to announce we will be expanding our grooming services in the next few weeks. Not only will we do medical grooming, we will also offer full-service grooming to prevent long-haired cats from developing mats, to keep cats cool in warm weather or to get cats primped for a special event like a cat show. 

Recently, Joy Bracken-Cobo joined our team and will be heading up our grooming services. She comes with many years of experience having owned her own grooming salon and was the head groomer in a cat practice in California. Watch for more detailed information on our expanded grooming services coming soon to your inbox. 
Store Spotlight
Scratcher Sale For cats, scratching things in their environment is perfectly normal. It's one way they mark their safe territory and it is also vital for the health of the claws. Every kitty must have a spot to scratch, and cardboard scratchers are a great way to provide that with very little cost. 

Kitty Cot Now that it's summer, maybe your cat would enjoy the ultimate window perch - the Kitty Cot attaches to any window for the best view in the house! And, don't forget, keeping your cat hydrated is even more important in the summer months. Investing in a circulating drinking fountain will entice your cat to increase their water intake, which has so many health benefits!
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