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> Keeping Senior Cats Healthy and Happy
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Check out our lead article in this issue for tips on how to keep your senior kitties healthy and happy and watch for our Facebook posts with educational & inspiring patient stories throughout the month. 

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From Dr. Fligiel:
Why Does My Cat Need an Annual
 Francois is a beautiful gray tabby cat who comes to Cats Exclusive for his annual exams." I don't know doc, his person Marc told me, he's super healthy, he
never goes outside. He eats well. He acts com- pletely fine"...read more   
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Tips for Keeping Senior Cats Happy
and Healthy in their Golden Years

As the days shorten and leaves change to the reds and golds of autumn, it is a good time to think about  the
senior kitties who share our lives. With good nutrition and care, more cats are enjoying their golden years than ever before. Let's look at some things we can do to help.   


Routine Veterinary Care

Once cats hit 10 years of age, we consider them to be of "senior" status. Most cats this age are still enjoying a vigorous maturity, but we do begin to recognize illnesses  associated with aging in this group. Cats age by several "cat years" for each human calendar year. Many medical conditions can be managed successfully if they are recognized early, so routine exams for older cats are especially important. Your veterinarian may be able to recognize an emerging condition in your cat, even before she shows symptoms at home.


Senior Laboratory Tests

Just like older humans need routine labs, cats benefit from blood and urine tests that provide important information about many body systems. Screenings for high blood pressure, vision changes, and arthritis help us ensure a comfortable life for your aging cat. Be sure to see our special offers for senior screenings this month below. 


A Rich Environment

As cats age, joints can become stiff and muscle mass decrease. Cats require warm, safe places to sleep. Many cats appreciate extra warmth during cold weather, but any heating device must be safe. Cats love to climb and need a safe haven to rest in. Be sure your aging cat can still access her favorite perches. Adding pillows next to a tall chair, or steps to cat trees can help. If your cat likes to be groomed, try a Zoom Groom or soft brush for gentle massage.   


A Comfortable Routine

Cats appreciate routine; being fed, groomed, and played with on a predictable schedule is comforting for them. Cleaning the litterbox(es) every day encourages cats to use them, and also ensures that you will notice any changes that might signal a problem. If the litterbox is more than a year or two old, consider replacing it. Even the best-maintained litterbox acquires unpleasant odors eventually. Make sure that it is still easy for your senior cat to get to food, water, and litterboxes.  



Take advantage of this month's specials for your senior cat (over 10 years old) good through November 2 with mention of this MEWSLETTER: 
Comprehensive Senior Work-up: Includes physical examination, dental assessment & senior blood screening which includes 36 lab values
$115 reg. $185

Supplemental  Add On Package:
(as needed)
Includes urinalysis & blood pressure check
  $70 reg. $103

To make an appointment: call 206.546.2287 or click here.
Must be scheduled to take place by 11/2 to qualify for discounts.

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