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> Toxoplasmosis: Myth or Reality?
> CEVC Doctors Recognized as "2013 Top Vets"
> Preventing Dental Disease
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  New blog by Dr. Fligiel
TOXOPLASMOSIS: Myth vs. Reality



Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that I love to talk about. I am a doctor of veterinary medicine. I am also a mother. In playing both of these roles it is very rewarding to be able to offer strong scientific medical data to debunk misinformation and superstition. This is especially true when it affects our feline patients and the mothers and children who love them.  To read more >   

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Recognizes Cats Exclusive Doctors As Top Vets 
in February 2013 issue!

We are proud to announce DVMs Jessica Stern, Faythe Vaughan and Dennis Wackerbarth (our medical director), were peer selected as top veterinarians in the Seattle metropolitan area. We agree they are amazing doctors as is our entire doctor team - birds of a feather flock together! For more info >
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Cat Amazing - Best Cat Toy Ever!
CatAmazing Puzzle
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Cat's Trapeze
Part climbing tree and part sleeping hammock and all fun! Hang the durable Cat's Trapeze from the ceiling, stuff the pillows with old fabric or poly-fill and watch what your cats can do! Choose from two or three pillow models. 
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Smarthome - Frolicat PC1 POUNCE Rotating Cat Teaser
This motorized toy features a mouse that "runs" away from your cat! By using erratic movements & unpredictable direction changes, this will surely drive your cat wild! Features a timer and auto shut off. $34.99 
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We are very proud of the many  feline-specific features of our facility and are always happy to give on-site tours. But if you can't make it in - this video is  the next best thing! 
Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital Tour
Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center Video Tour
You can find more videos on our You Tube Channel > and subscribe there too.



Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM  

Founder & Medical Director 

Sarah Brandon, DVM  

Richard Lester, DVM

Jennifer Fligiel, DVM

Lora Schuldt, DVM

Faythe Vaughan, DVM

Kathyrn Mattick, DVM

Jessica Stern, DVM, DABVP

(feline specialty)


Preventing Dental Disease
Dedicated client brushing his cat's teeth at home. 


Unfortunately, dental disease is  a very common problem in cats. Every wellness exam at Cats Exclusive includes an oral evaluation, which allows us to identify obvious dental issues early and give you our recommendations for the best dental care and treatment options for your cat(s). 



Factors contributing to dental issues:
  • Genetic predisposition, diet (a cat's natural diet helps keep teeth clean through the abrasive properties of hair, feathers, and bone), and lack of dental care.
  • Plaque (consisting of food particles and bacteria) accumulates on teeth after eating. If the plaque is not removed, it will begin to mineralize and form calculus, or tartar. Once a large amount of tartar has accumulated, routine brushing of the teeth will become ineffective and dental scaling is required. Tartar alone can cause bad breath and discomfort and if it remains on the tooth for a long period, it can begin to cause inflammation and infection of the gums.
  • As gum disease progresses, the bone surrounding the teeth and the tooth roots will be damaged and will begin to erode. Tooth root abscesses and tooth fractures may result.
  • Cats are also prone to developing cavitary lesions of the teeth similar to cavities in humans called FORLS (feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions). These lesions may occur at or below the gum line and can be very painful. In these cases, extraction of the tooth is necessary. Recent studies have shown that about 70% of cats will develop a FORL in their lifetime.

Home Prevention 

It is possible to train your cat to accept tooth brushing and CET oral rinses and enzymatic dental chews are also available to help with dental care. Studies have shown no link between the type of diet that is fed to cats (canned or dry) and dental disease - dry food has NOT been shown to reduce plaque or tartar. For more tips >   


Dental Cleanings 

Dental cleanings in cats are similar to what is done in people - except our patients require light anesthesia! While under anesthesia, we are allowed the opportunity to better examine the teeth and gums for less obvious disease, also x-rays can be  performed allowing us to formulate the best treatment plan for your cat's health. The teeth are cleaned using an ultrasonic scaler and then polished.

In Honor of February's
  Pet Dental Health Month    


Schedule your cat's physical examination for February and get...
    cat with tooth brush



For Dental 2's & above



CALL 206-546-2287 TODAY to schedule your appointment or fill out our online appointment form. 

Drop-off appointments are always available.  



Including CET Oral Hygiene Chews, brushes, pastes, and rinses. Discount good thru 2/28/13.  



Every now and then there is a medical case and circumstances that WOW us and this is one of them!

Maude with her dad during recovery


Maude, a senior calico, came in to see Dr. Brandon with a very nasty case of lower airway disease (kitty asthma). She originally presented in November for nausea, and  it was also reported that she was breathing rapidly at home. Maude was hospitalized for supportive care and diagnostic testing. It turned out she also had pancreatitis and significant dehydration - all creating a problem for her kidneys. During her initial diagnostic testing period, we took x-rays and found severe lower airway disease. It appeared that Maude had been hiding this particular problem for years, which cats do so well... 


Maude was placed on medications to treat her pancreatitis, dehydration and  asthma. She responded well but was not appreciative of being orally medicated on a regular basis. In fact, her owners noted she coughed most during medication administration. Her typically fast respiration rate persisted, but she smiled her normal kitty smile and was back to being the queen of her household.   


Then the house started sinking ....
Much to Maude's family's dismay, their house wasn't holding up to a high water table and outside critters were building dens underneath the foundation. A construction crew came  to clear out the critter dens and started the process of raising the foundation, inch by inch. Unfortunately, this created aerosolized material that sent poor Maude into a severe asthmatic crisis. She was rushed to our hospital, having a very difficult time breathing. Dr. Brandon immediately placed Maude on oxygen, and a recheck of her x-rays revealed progressive lower airway disease with an acute asthmatic flare up. She was given injections of anti-inflammatory & broncho-dilators, and put in one of our specialized oxygen ICU units.

After 6hrs in the oxygen-rich environment, Maude essentially woke up and came back to life! Then she continued to make a remarkable recovery. She was eating, chatting with us, seeking attention, and in general, being her usual lovely self. After just four days, she was able to go home.
We are pleased to report that she continues to do well at home (and her house is no longer sinking)! Maude's dedicated family is so happy to have her back home and are pleased that she is accepting her injectable medications far better than the old oral ones. +  
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