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Richard Lester, DVM

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Faythe Vaughn, DVM

Kathyrn Mattick, DVM

Jessica Stern, DVM, DABVP

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Tips For Keeping Your Cat's 

Veterinary Care Affordable


Encountering unexpected veterinary expenses can be overwhelming. Not only are you worried about your cat's health, but budget constraints can sometimes mean difficult decisions about tests and treatments. Our veterinarians' strongest desire is to help achieve health and happiness for your cat, and careful consideration of the costs you may incur is an important part of what we do. Here's our advice for keeping your cat care costs within your budget: 


  • Let your veterinarian know up front about financial concerns. We strive to provide multiple options for diagnostics and therapy, and perhaps your cat's health condition can be managed utilizing a less costly treatment. The recommendations may also be done in stages for some cases.
  • Watch for periodic discounts offered at Cats Exclusive. We usually offer a medical special in our quarterly Mewsletter (see fall specials below). These specials are offered to increase awareness of certain feline disorders and to underscore the importance of good preventative care.
  • Utilize our everyday discounts. Ask about our discounts for dental procedures. If you are a senior client (62 & older), let us know so you can get a 10% discount on many medical services. If you have more than one cat, take advantage of our multiple cat discount for annual exams and you'll save 10% on each additional cat's examination when brought in at the same time. For new kittens, our well kitten package will save you a lot of money.  
  • Don't delay annual physicals of your cat. The nature of cats' behavior may hide symptoms until an illness becomes severe and more costly to treat. Even if your cat is healthy, these appointments are an opportunity to discuss prevention of common disorders.
  • Avoid over-vaccination. Newer protocols advocated by feline specialists mean fewer boosters over a lifetime, especially for indoor-only cats. Vaccine clinics that provide multiple yearly injections may actually be costing you more.
  • Consider an insurance plan for your cat. There are a variety of plans available through companies such as  Trupanion, Healthy Paws or Petplan. Coverage is especially helpful for those unexpected illnesses.
  • Buy supplies in larger quantities. Medications are less expensive for larger quantities and we are more than happy to fill ongoing prescriptions for several months at a time. Take advantage of our mix and match discount of any 24 cans of well care canned foods in our store.
  • Price shop at pharmacies (many clients use Costco) for human medications that your cat takes. Amlodipine, Leukeran, Enalapril, and Metronidazole are a few examples for which it pays to shop around as prices can really vary.
  • Reduce the immediate impact of larger veterinary expenses by applying for Care Credit, a no interest (if paid off within 6 months) medical credit card, accepted at Cats Exclusive.  
  • Keep your cats indoors. Indoor cats are more budget friendly than those that go outdoors. Treatment of just one outdoor-associated skin wound can double the annual cost of veterinary care of an otherwise healthy cat.
  • Come prepared for your cat's examination. Have a clear idea of your cat's symptoms or other observations so that testing or treatment can be more specific. If we have not seen your cat before, provide complete medical records to avoid unnecessary repetition of treatments and/or tests.


A cat 10 years old is comparable to a 60 year old human. Just like us humans this is the time of life where getting regular check-ups is even more important than in younger years. At this stage every year of a cat's life is comparable to 3-4 years in ours. So it is very important that your senior cat gets a full physical and a blood screening at least once a year. So if your senior is due, be sure to take advantage of this great offer!

For cats 10 & older with mention of Mewsletter thru Nov. 30
Comprehensive physical examination, dental assessment & senior blood screening which includes 36 lab values
                                $110 reg. $178
Supplemental  Add On Package: (as needed)
 Includes urinalysis & blood pressure check
                                 $65 reg. $95

TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Call 206-546-2287 or click here. 


Ever wonder what our veterinarians are doing while performing a physical exam? While your kitty is enjoying the petting and scratching, usually the doctor is also feeling and looking deep inside for the kind of information cats can't tell us.They are also determining what your cat's normal variations may be. Check out this video filmed here at Cats Exclusive for our new YouTube channel. And stay tuned for more informative and fun videos to come. 
A Cats Exclusive Style Feline Physical Examination
A Cats Exclusive Style
Feline Physical Examination

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