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Issue No. 3
April 26, 2013
Two Sides

Rodney Reynolds Publisher
Ralph Ellison believed "there are two sides to history the written and unwritten", and so do we hence the name of this newsletter. Here we'll attempt to make that second history, that "obscure" history, unwritten no longer.   
 Still Endangered

Since 1988 the National Trust for Historic Preservation has selected eleven historic sites it considers the most endangered in the country. To qualify for this list a site must be threatened by neglect and deterioration and suffer from a lack of ...
From The Archives
Students in Cleveland, OH participated in American Legacy's high school trivia competition "The American Legacy Challenge" at Tower City Center. The competition was sponsored by American Family Insurance.(February/March 2008)

History Keepers

About ten years ago American Legacy featured an artist named Whitfield Lovell in an article titled "Whispers from the Walls." The Bronx-born Lovell, whose three-dimensional tableaux-life-size charcoal portraits on pine board, punctuated with everyday (and not so everyday) objects found in flea markets and antique malls, tell the life stories of ancestors, family, and once anonymous individuals from the ... 


The (Back) Story


 Often when we think of bicycle racing we think of the Tour de France, the multiple stage race held each year with teams of elite riders from around the world making their way on a grueling course through France and surrounding countries, ending with the winner crossing the finish line on the...


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In This Issue
Black History Facts
Garrett A. Morgan, Sr.
Inventor, entrepreneur, and publisher Garrett A. Morgan, Sr. received patents for a three-position traffic signal and a safety hood that was designed to aid breathing in smoke-filled areas. He gained national attention when he utilized his mask to rescue men trapped during a tunnel explosion in 1916. 
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"The preservation of African-American history is our responsibility.
 We must strive everyday to hold our history in trust for the unborn."
Rodney J. Reynolds
Founder & Publisher
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