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Issue No. 1
April 2013

Two Sides

Ralph Ellison believed "there are two sides to history the written and unwritten", and so do we hence the name of this newsletter. Here we'll attempt to make that second history, that "obscure" history, unwritten no longer.
Audrey Peterson, Editor
The black experience (as well as that of other races, ethnicities and cultures) has been an essential part of the complex, centuries-old, many-layered thing called American history. We know this to be true, but we can't always put our finger on the facts because they haven't always been in our history books The writer Ralph Ellison wrote ...

History Keepers

An all-too common occurrence is the loss of early black burial sites. Sometimes they are actively plowed under, built over. The memory of them dwindles, and once sacred ground becomes like, for instance, one burial ground in Eufaula, Alabama. There are no headstones commemorating the once enslaved in the town graveyard there, just a plaque proclaiming a plain slope of grass the Negro Cemetery....
The (Back) Story


 Walking on Lispenard Street in downtown New York City, I was enjoying a perfect blue-sky, just
crisp September Sunday when
I caught the portrait of the late Gil Scott-Heron you see here.
I wondered why the unknown artist who created the image chose

that spot to showcase the man who told us the
revolution will not be televised....


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"The preservation of African-American history is our responsibility.
 We must strive everyday to hold our history in trust for the unborn."
Rodney J. Reynolds
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