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We hope that as you make decisions about your end-of-year giving, you will remember Kōkua Mau.  Now is a good time to join us or renew your Kōkua Mau membership for 2017. Your financial support is very important.

Kōkua Mau, as a local non-profit, community-benefit organization is fueled by the passion of dedicated volunteers with a lean budget and every penny spent on making our work possible. (We are not a state agency or state funded!)

Your generous tax-deductible membership gift will allow us to have a real impact on improving quality of life for those with serious illness and their loved ones. (And yes, due to the beauty of the web the virtual mug is still available for the taking)

For over 16 years, Kōkua Mau has been a voice for outstanding hospice and palliative care and services in Hawai'i, providing high-quality information, trainings and ever growing networking opportunities.

We ask for your financial support and invite you to get involved.

Thank you for your support for Kōkua Mau!

Making a tax-deductible donation is easy.  You have 2 options:

2. In the good ol' US postal mail - 3 steps:
  1. Write a check payable to 'Kōkua Mau' and put 'membership' in the memo field
  2. Get an envelope and address it to:
    Kōkua Mau
    PO Box 62155
    Honolulu HI 96839
  3. Stick on a stamp and put in the mailbox
Thur. 1/12/2017 Conference: Making Health Care Whole

We hope you can join us for this great conference with Dr. Christina Puchalski, an internationally known pioneer in the field of spirituality and health care:

January 12, 2017
7:15 am to 3:30 PM
Queen's Conference Center
1301 Punchbowl Street Honolulu, HI 96813

The day will be divided into two sections, which can be attended separately:

In the morning, Dr. Puchalski will lead us on a journey towards creating healing environments for the people we are called to serve. In the afternoon, she will facilitate small group discussions on how our organizations can increase our effectiveness in providing spiritual care.

Morning Session: "Integrating Spirituality and Health Care"
(7:15 am to 12:15 PM

The Role of spirituality in healthcare. Dr. Christina Puchalski

Listening to a patient's story. Moderator: Reverend Al Miles

Creating healing environments attending to spiritual needs of patients. Dr. Christina Puchalski

Closing Remarks
: Dr. Daniel Fischberg

Afternoon Session: "Witness to Suffering: The Art of being Present" (1:30 to 3:30 PM)

Introduction To health care standards regarding spiritual care, measurement, evaluation and research. Dr. Christina Puchalski

Table Groups Discussion Topics:
* How does your organization provide spiritual care?
* What do you envision for the future; how will you get there and how do you measure outcomes and quality?

Summary: Dr. Christina Puchalski

Half day registration $50, full day $100. Please register by January 3, 2017.

For program details and to register please download the PDF file.

If you have any questions, please call Anke Flohr at (808) 591-6556 or JP Sabbithi at (808) 791-8003.

As a result of attending this conference, spiritual care and healthcare providers will have a deeper understanding on the relevance of spirituality to the overall well-being of patients and their loved ones. Connections will be bridged between the work of medical professionals and religious/spiritual care providers.

This conference is with Dr. Christina Puchalski, MD in collaboration with Pacific Health Ministry and Hospice Hawai'i.

Christina Puchalski, MD, MS is a pioneer and international leader in the movement to integrate spirituality into healthcare in both the clinical setting and in medical education.

Palliative Pupus: Jan 11, 2017

Palliative Pupus: Come participate in an interactive interdisciplinary story from the cutting edge of hospice and palliative care and mingle with colleagues.

The first Palliative Pupus of 2017 is one week earlier than usual, on the second Wed. of the month January 11, 2017.

For the rest of the year we meet as usual bi-monthly on the 3rd Wed. of the month.
March 15
May 17
July 19
September 20
November 15
5:15 to 7:00 PM
The Queens Conference Center (QCC) Room 200
510 S. Beretania Street, Honolulu, HI 96813

If you are unable to attend and would like to call in, please contact us for details.

Please bring some pupus to share and invite your colleagues. This is a great chance for people who wonder what palliative and hospice care really looks like as we describe and discuss a real person and their journey.

Please note Palliative Pupus participants: There is FREE parking after 4 PM in the municipal lot on South Beretania, just Diamond Head of Queen's. See our website for a map.
"The" Conversation and the Holiday Season

As your loved ones gather from far and wide don't miss the opportunity to have a real conversation about your wishes for end-of-life care. Here are 5 great resources to get you started to talk about advance care planning over the holiday gatherings.

1. Starter Kit from The Conversation Project - download the PDF file or visit our website for more information.  This easy to follow Kit can get you talking about decision making and following wishes, providing a way to get conversations going before you get to the Advance Directive or POLST. The Starter Kit is also available in Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

2.  Contribute to  'Story Corps' - "The great Thanksgiving Listen 2016" StoryCorps worked once again with teachers and high school students across the country to preserve the voices and stories of an entire generation of Americans over a single holiday weekend. The app based stories can of course also be collected at any date and there are many resources and short videos on how to get started on their web page.

3. Discuss and Complete an Advance Directive with your loved ones - all the materials are on the KM website.  Notice we now have buttons on each webpage for Advance Directives and POLST for easy and quick access! The documents are available in 10 languages this year!

4. Laugh a bit with Pallimed's compilation of advertisements again designed to get you talking. Remember as you celebrate the holidays, there is no better time to have the conversation.

5.  Watch some movies and play some games to get the conversations going.  We created a (PDF) handout with a compilation of some suggested key resources. 
Aloha United Way Campaign & Kokua Mau

It is that time of the year: The Aloha United Way Campaign started, which supports important organizations in our community. 

For the second year we are honored to be part of it.  You can make a contribution specifically to Kōkua Mau by using our designation number 80410 on the Donor Designation Form (or the online version).  

Please tell your colleagues, friends and loved ones who might be part of an AUW campaign as well. The coconut wireless is still the best way to spread the word about this wonderful opportunity to support Kōkua Mau.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays. Please share your updates with us, 

Jeannette Koijane
Executive Director
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