Thank you for your support of Kōkua Mau!  Now is the time to re-new your membership or join for 2015. 


As 2014 draws to a close, we can look back and see that we have accomplished a lot - together. Passing expanded POLST legislation, which allows APRNs to sign, was one of the landmark events of this year.  Spearheaded by Kōkua Mau, this collaborative effort shows what is possible when we work together!

And we look forward to the New Year and the tremendous opportunities in Hawai'i as we work to improve care for seriously ill people, their loved ones and professionals who help to take care of them.

We hope that as you make decisions about your end-of-year giving, you will remember Kōkua Mau.  Now is a good time to join us or renew your Kōkua Mau membership for 2015. Your financial support is very important.

Kōkua Mau, as a local non-profit, community-benefit organization is fueled by the passion of dedicated volunteers with a lean budget and every penny spent on making our work possible. (We are not a state agency!)

Your generous tax-deductible membership gift will allow us to have a real impact on improving quality of life for those with serious illness and their loved ones. (And yes, the virtual mug is still available for the taking)

For almost 15 years, Kōkua Mau has been a voice for outstanding hospice and palliative care and services in Hawai'i, providing high-quality information, trainings and ever growing networking opportunities.

We ask for your financial support and invite you to get involved. Among our accomplishments (a full list will be posted on our website early 2015):

POLST legislation passed to allow APRNs to sign POLST.
Kōkua Mau spearheaded the effort to bring together a wide group of committed organizations and individuals to make these changes. New POLST forms (and all other documents reflecting the changes) can be downloaded off the Kōkua Mau website

Expanding networking and education for professionals. 
Kōkua Mau continues to provide professionals an opportunity for education and networking through:
  • Kōkua Mau e-newsletter providing updates on local and national events, resources and research
  • Kōkua Mau website is well visited and constantly updated
  • Monthly Kokua Mau meetings, which usually include a speaker, local updates and networking opportunities
  • Palliative Pupus - our cutting-edge, clinical case discussion
  • Palliative Care Salon - a chance to talk and reflect with colleagues
Providing on-site, relevant Trainings:
  • We provide ongoing POLST and Advance Care Planning trainings with a variety of health care organizations (health plans, facilities, dialysis centers, hospitals, long term care, etc.) and community groups (senior clubs, Rotary, churches, caregiver groups.)  Please contact Jeannette if you are interested.  
  • Long Term Care Training. Our 10-module staff training at Leahi Hospital was so well-received, we are now presenting the same training at Maluhia Hospital and look forward to working with other facilities.  
  • We co-sponsored the Speaker Series Quality of Care Issues for People with Late-Stage Dementia and their Caregivers, which was well-attended and well received.
  • Virtual Palliative Care Conference streamed live from Washington DC for three days, bringing in national experts without needing to travel.

Thank you for your support for Kōkua Mau, our hospice and palliative care organization.  

Making a tax-deductible donation is easy.  You have two options:

2. In the good ol' US postal mail - Three steps
  1. Write a check payable to 'Kōkua Mau' and put 'membership' in the memo field
  2. Get an envelope and address it to:
    Kōkua Mau
    PO Box 62155
    Honolulu HI 96839
  3. Stick on a stamp and put in the mailbox

Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for your support!

Jeannette G. Koijane, MPH
Executive Director
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