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Excerpt from a letter to MOWSOS Outreach Coordinator, Trina Hudson
Dear Trina,
My mother passed away on May 8th -- Mother's Day -- and what was my Dad's birthday. 
I wanted to thank you and your staff for all your kindness towards her as she tried to keep her independence.
Tributes and Memorials

Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services recently received donations
in honor of:
Recent Family Celebration of the Roche Van-Wye Family
Jack Weissman's 95th Birthday
Jonnie Woodward
Julie Ann McCosker Hayes
Sue Miller
Eugenio (Gene) Santos
Carol Louisell
Jack Castillo Sr. 
 Fran Andreou
Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services recently received donations
in memory of these individuals.
Our deepest condolences to the families and friends of:
Cecil & Evelyn Beebe
Angela (Angie) Clemons
Dorothy Eloise Donagal
Mary Fell
Grace Geist
Edward Hansen
Nancy Yates Hoffman
John Van Hoomissen
Beverly Kyriazi
Mary Lynn H. Lane
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Frank McGrath
Morrell Moss
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Patricia Phillips
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Eva Tubbs
 Free Financial Fraud Seminar

 Hosted by Assemblywoman
Catharine B. Baker
 Local professionals will teach seniors how to protect themselves against devastating financial scams. 
Monday, July 18  
To register call 

Tuesday, July 26th
1:00pm - 3:00pm
1300 Civic Drive,
Walnut Creek
Refreshments will be served.
East County
Volunteer Information
Friday, July 29th
10:00am - 11:30am
The Commons at Dallas Ranch,
Saturday, July 30th
FREE  home maintenance for seniors unable to perform basic household repairs
Saturday, September 24th
8:00am - 2:30pm
Pittsburg High School
1750 Harbor Street,
Sunday, October 2nd
8:30am - 11:00am
Pleasant Hill Senior Center
233 Gregory Lane,
Pleasant Hill


Birthday Ladies in The East Bay Times 

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Contra Costa Crisis Center
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Issue 4, Volume 7
July 2016
Recently I was asked if I thought MOWSOS has been successful in achieving its strategic goals.  After pondering the question I realized that although Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services has accomplished a great deal in the past three years, as long as older adults are hungry, lonely, have limited resources, and the healthcare institutions are not focusing on the social determinants of health, our success is limited.
Whole person care, including traditional healthcare and incorporating in-home supports is critical to the success of our community.  We are working closely with government agencies, healthcare systems, individuals like Jim Zygutis, service clubs, and community based organizations to create sustainable long term supports.  The Talk Therapy sessions offered by Nazia Chand are one example of the non-traditional types of activities MOWSOS is offering in our effort to deliver better care.
Join us by volunteering, advocating, and donating. 

Together we can make a difference.
Making A Difference
A Kind Gesture  
When Jim Zygutis, a MOWSOS friend, received a call from MOWSOS Fall Prevention Program Manager, Alayne Balke, about a frail senior living in a mobile home park in Concord who could no longer maneuver the
Lenore Today.
stairs to her home, his decision was quick and swift. 

Lenore, in her seventies, suffers from congestive heart failure, diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis.  "There are no longer any easy tasks," says Lenore.  "Just sitting up in the bed each morning is difficult." 
Lenore, Age 18.

Lenore must carry an oxygen tank with her twenty-four hours per day.  The stairs leading to her front door (the only entrance to the home) were steep and had become unsafe for her to manage with the tank. 

"I am very familiar with the great work Meals and Wheels and Senior Outreach Services provides to the community, and specifically to seniors," says Zygutis.  "When Alayne told me about this case, I was happy to build a safe set of new stairs on my own time and free of charge. Lenore is a real sweetheart and a champ." 
Lenore's beautiful new stairs.
 Fall Prevention

Every Fall Tells a Story
Some people love to tell the story of a terrible fall they had while others are embarrassed and don't want to tell anyone.

Have you had a fall?  What is the story of your fall?

Reviewing how a fall happened is a good way to avoid having another one.  About 50% of people who have a fall will fall again, so your story can be an important step to protecting yourself.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to get started.
  • What were you doing before you fell?
  • How did you feel just before?
  • Did you trip over something?
  • Do you think you passed out?
  • Had you recently taken a medication?
  • Do you think your blood pressure was too low?
  • Were you rushing to do something?
  • Were you in new surroundings?
What steps will you take so it doesn't happen again?      

As always, if you are having falls, talk to your doctor and share your story.                
For more information contact Alayne Balke at  or 925-891-4761.
 Care Management


Talk Therapy Works

 Mari is 80 years old and took up writing at the age of nineteen.  "I call my writings 'phoems' because they are part poems and part photos," says Mari.  Mari hasn't had the inspiration to write in recent months.

When Mari's husband passed away, she lost much of her vim and vigor. Fortunately, she noticed a flier in the lobby of her apartment complex for "talk therapy" courses offered by MOWSOS Case Manager, Nazia Chand. 
Mari in 1997.
"Talk therapy is goal-oriented and client-centered," says Chand.  "The sessions allow our clients to discuss their concerns with a trained professional.  However, in 'talk therapy' the client is the expert and the therapist is the sounding board.  The client provides his/her own solutions or action steps and the therapist guides and supports through therapeutic techniques." 
After just six weeks, Mari is
Mari, today.
feeling much better and has begun writing again.  "Nazia has focused me," says Mari.  "She has really motivated me to find ways to enjoy myself once again."
Nazia is looking for more "talk therapy" participants.  If you or someone you know (60+ years of age) is interested, please contact Nazia Chand at or
 Health and Wellness


An Elderly Wish Comes True

If you had one wish, what would it be?
For 88 year old Rodeo resident, Betty, it may not be what you think.

Once a very active person who loved to swim, ice skate, and sled in her hometown of Lake Superior, Wisconsin, Betty now suffers from Parkinson's Disease, chronic back pain, and blindness in her left eye.  She is confined to her bed and is unable to stand or walk without the assistance of her part-time caregiver, Siti. 
Her favorite pastime is watching GRIT, a television
network that features classic television series and feature films targeted at men between the ages of 25 and 54 years old! Ha!  Unfortunately, Betty's television had stopped working and there was no money to purchase a new one.
From left to right:  Betty; Siti; Mary Chapman, Executive Director, An Elderly Wish Foundation; and Sharon Pappas, Chairman of the Board, An Elderly Wish Foundation.
Mary Hanenburg, MOWSOS Health and Wellness Division Assistant, connected Betty to a Friendly Visitor companion this past May. "We hit it off right away," says Betty.  "He just took a trip to Superior, Wisconsin, so we've had a lot to talk about!" 
I felt Betty would be an ideal referral to An Elderly Wish Foundation," says Hanenburg, "so I recommended Betty to Mary Chapman, the Executive Director of An Elderly Wish Foundation whose mission is to grant wishes to seniors, 50 years and older, who have a life-threatening or chronic illness in Contra Costa County."
"We were pleased to present Betty with her wish, says Chapman.  "Betty is a real inspiration and very deserving."
The following is an excerpt from Betty's Wish Request:

"I wish many times during the day that I had a TV to watch my favorite western station, the news and to be able to see what's going on in the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
For more information on the Health and Wellness Division, contact, Cynthia Black, Health and Wellness Division Manager at or 925-239-2484.
For more information on An Elderly Wish Foundation, contact Mary Chapman at or
 Healthy Bites


Beat the Heat: Summertime Activity Ideas for Elders & Caregivers

During the hot months of summer, it is often advisable, for seniors especially, to stay indoors and keep cool.  Seniors are more prone to heat-related illnesses.

Click here for tips on safe and fun indoor and outdoor activities designed to "beat the heat."
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