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 June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

 Help raise awareness about the signs of elder abuse and how to combat this hidden tragedy.
 Distribute materials, host an event, or simply spread the word among the seniors you serve.


For information on how to get involved, click here. 


Meals on Wheels


Janet Caldwell
Kathie Carrasquilla
Neli Chyr
Sharon Cissell
Elizabeth Ergood
Melissa Fulop
Carol Gomez
Karen Harrison
Casey Kaplan
Sherry Laird
Tootie Luna
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 Friendly Visitors


Betty Knight

Amanda Rodriguez 



"I am impressed by the variety and quality of the meals.  The volunteers who deliver them are capable, caring, friendly, and patient.  This is an invaluable service!"



in Orinda


"(MOWSOS) has made a difference after my stroke.  It became impossible to cook without breaking dishes or burning food.  If it had not been for Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services, I can't say what I would have done."



 in Lafayette



MOWSOS Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

Thursday, June 18th


Heather Farm,

Walnut Creek



Fall Prevention Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser


September 13


Pleasant Hill Senior Center, Pleasant Hill  




The Mobility Connections


"The Connection Between Heath and Your Brain" and "Knowing When to Give Up Driving"


October 23


John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek




PBS NewsHour

"Number of Seniors Threatened by Hunger has Doubled Since 2001" 


Watch Video 


Senior Rally Day in Sacramento. Exclusive interview with Senator Carol Liu


Watch Video

Available Resources

 Contra Costa Health Services

Senior Peer Counseling








Veteran's Assistance


U.S. Senior Vets

East Bay



Pet Loss Support Group

A Hospice of the East Bay Program


2890 Mitchell Drive

Walnut Creek

2nd Tuesday


925-887-5678 x1075



Issue 3, Volume 6
June  2015

Celebrate!  Moving into summer reminds us of our youth - family picnics, vacations, the beach. Join us on June 18th as we celebrate the over 1,000 volunteers who continue to bring joy and support to the older adults we serve. 


Understanding the needs of older adults is key to identifying how we can help.  One video of particular interest focuses on the important issue of senior hunger.  Also, take  a look at the short video of Senior Rally Day at the capitol.  Senator Liu honored us with an exclusive interview, focusing on the need for senior support.


As we move into summer, remember the good times of youth and consider how you can support your senior neighbors, friends, and family members.  Enjoy!




Elaine Clark signature




 Making A Difference

A Lifetime of Giving Back


Congratulations are in order for FOUR of our fantastic MOWSOS volunteers!
  • The President's Lifetime Volunteer Service Award recognizes citizens of the United States who have achieved at least 4,000 cumulative volunteer hours over the course of a lifetime. Each award recipient received an RSVP tote bag, Lifetime Achievement Award Certificate and Pin, Safeway Gift Card, and a congratulatory letter from President Obama. 
  • RSVP/Know How Network Volunteers who received the prestigious President's Lifetime Volunteer Service Awards for outstanding commitment and dedication to volunteerism are: 
    From left:  Ray Zenoni, Nell Adams and Roxene Colombo.

Ray Zenoni - Last year's recipient of The President's Lifetime Volunteer Service Award with over 7,000 lifetime volunteer hours to date

Nell Adams - MOWSOS C.C. Café volunteer in Crockett

Roxene K. Colombo - MOWSOS C.C. Café volunteer in Crockett

Rich Knowles - Each year the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors presents a Volunteer Service Award for outstanding dedication to volunteerism.  This year, Mr. Knowles, who was nominated by Alayne Balke, Program Manager for the Fall Prevention Service won the coveted award. 


"Rich has been very dedicated to the success of all of our programs," says Balke.  "His good spirit, positive attitude, and quick response time in the face of multiple requests, make him deserving of this special recognition."

Rich Knowles receives top honors.


Meals on Wheels


Much Needed Relief


For thirty-four years, Fernando was employed as a technician at a glass company where he rarely took time off or missed work due to illness.  Fernando's life was full and he enjoyed spending time with his family. 


Then in 2004, he suffered a stroke, resulting in paralysis and the loss of forty percent of his brain capacity.  Over the next decade, Fernando's life was further complicated by multiple medical conditions including kidney failure and diabetes, making day-to-day living

Fernando Guillermo
Fernando (left) with Anita.

more challenging.  Anita's caretaking efforts became more difficult when she became unable to drive or stand for long periods of time.


Fortunately, Anita contacted Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services to assist with regular meal delivery and is now realizing a much needed respite in her care-giving routine.  "I'm no longer able to drive and am so grateful for the hot meal delivery for Fernando," she says.   "I don't know what I would do without Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services."


For more information, please contact Nancy Raniere at or 925-937-8607.  

 Fall Prevention

   Safe at Home


When Contra Costa native Robbie retired to care for her husband Ray, who was stricken with Alzheimer's Disease, Robbie was barely coping.  The two lived comfortably in their Richmond home until Robbie suffered a stroke and subsequent heart attack.

The couple was faced with moving into an assisted living home unless they could secure a little help.  That's where Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services came in.  MOWSOS helped make their home safer.

Robbie with her new stair railings.



"When I took the call, I knew who could help," recalls Alayne Balke, MOWSOS' Fall Prevention Program Manager. "I called Bob Timbers with Safe at Home and he was in her home making safety modifications the next day."

"I would like people to know just how life-changing this service was for me," says Robbie. "I did not have any stair or shower railings and was very worried about taking a fall." Bob was so kind and respectful of both me and my home, and I can't thank Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services enough!"


For more information, please contact Alayne Balke at or 925-937-8311.

C.C. Café

cc cafe logo


 Making New Memories at 96


Luis Correa is 96 years young. Born in Puerto Rico on November 18, 1918, Luis says he has "always looked at the brighter side of things, even when life gets hard." His daughter, Maria, will attest to that and says "Dad can push through things that others might not have the strength to do."

Luis, age 19 

A passion for cars led Luis to spend most of his life working with automobiles. After serving in the Army, working on military jeeps, Luis spent over twenty years at Chrysler Corporation. "I went straight into the Army as a mechanic - working on the military vehicles. I loved that part of the job," he says, "but not so much the laying of explosives or scouting my fellow soldiers to be sure they didn't step on them."

Luis was married for fifty-four years and after his wife died in 2006, Maria asked her father to move to Bay Point to be closer to her. "I've lived in this community for a long time," says Maria," and wanted Dad to have support after Mom passed away."

Luis at the Bay Point C.C. Café, age 96.

Maria and Luis have been attending the Bay Point C.C. Café for many years. "I like it here a lot," says Luis. "I have met plenty of friends and enjoy visiting with them every day. We enjoy the entertainment, especially bingo, where Maria calls out the numbers."

"I am happy that Dad and I can enjoy one another's company in this way," says Maria."  The C.C. Café has been a great place for us to share old memories and make new ones."


Luis and Maria at the Bay Point C.C. Café.

For more information on the C.C. Café Program, please contact Michelle San Pedro at or


 Healthy Bites


Love Lemonade?


The weather is (finally) heating up in Contra Costa County and it's time to enjoy some ice cold drinks to help you cool down!


Be sure to stay hydrated this summer by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.  For some fun and refreshing lemonade ideas, click here.


 About Town

Recipients of the Contra Costa County Board of Directors' Volunteer Appreciation Awards.  MOWSOS volunteer, Rich Knowles, is pictured in the second row holding his plaque.


From left to right: Carol Louisell, Director of Community Engagement MOWSOS, Rich Knowles, recipient of the BOS Volunteer Award, Leigh Shughrou, Public Affairs Specialist MOWSOS

Jennifer Thoits (left), Marketing Director Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District, Leigh Shughrou, Public Affairs Specialist, MOWSOS at the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District's Wine, Women and Shoes Fundraiser. 

If you have suggestions for our newsletter or would like to contribute a quote, photo, or story, please contact:
Leigh Shughrou
Public Affairs Specialist
Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services
925-937-8311 x133

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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