Vol. 7,  Issue 12
August  2014

Husky Tracks
Moving Fail #1: Not planning ahead for your Move-In or Move-Out

Follow these tips for September 1st!
1. Don't wait until the last minute! Reserve a moving truck or van now and discuss payment up front.
2. Plan for 1 hour parking limits in Fenway and Mission Hill. More details on our website later this month.
3. Ask your landlord about exact move-in time and check your lease for move-out deadline.
4. Ask your landlord about proper disposal of trash. Do not leave trash on the curb unless it's trash day.
5. Clean your place per instructions in your lease to ensure you receive as much of your security deposit back as possible!
6. 33 great tips that will make moving easier!
Volunteer for September 1 
September 1st is move-in day for off-campus apartments and
we need volunteers to help manage the congestion and confusion on one of Boston's busiest days! Help us in Fenway or Mission Hill, directing students to parking areas, moving bins, and answering questions.
Free T-shirt and lunch for all volunteers!
Moving Fail #2: Not reviewing your
Did you read your lease before signing it? Read it again before you move in!
1. Your lease should specify the following:
- Apartment address & unit #
- Names of all tenants (ie. roommates)
- Name of landlord
- Start & end date. (When you must move out of your current place; move into your new place.)
- Rent amount, due date & how to pay
- Contact information for repairs
2. Make sure all blank spaces are completed.
3. Review and understand all the
extra rules in the addendum.
4. Remember that this is a legal document specifying everything you have agreed to.
New App for Off-Campus Students Needs Beta Testers
Tech startup MeWe is creating a new public safety app, CoInspect (watch the video), to allow students to identify dangerous conditions in their apartment and possible code violations, and report them.
Help make this app possible by testing it out! Contact MeWe at
 bucketEnd of Summer Bucket List!
Did the Summer fly by too fast? Make the most of the rest of your sunny, summer days!
1. Visit Boston Harbor Islands: Kayak, hike, picnic or camp on these 6 amazing islands right in Boston Harbor. Easy to get there by Ferry.
2. See Body Worlds Vital before it ends on September 14! See how human bodies are meant for survival, motion and achievement. Student tickets only $19.50. 
3. Tour Boston by bike. Take an organized tour with Urban Adventure Tours or hop on Hubway and see the sites with a Boston Bikes Map. Print or pick one up in 226 CSC!
4. Get a good laugh! ImprovBoston FREE Friday and Saturday Nightcap shows at 11:30pm.
Moving Fail #3: Not getting renter's
Protect yourself against theft, fire, and water damage! It's inexpensive and if anything happens you'll be really glad you have it. Check out this information for what it is, how it works, and where you can purchase it.
Celebrate summer and explore Boston on these awesome day trips and events!


Wednesday, August 6 Keepin' It Cool
Friday, August 8 Newport, RI
Wednesday, August 13 Keepin' It Cool


Tickets on sale NOW on MyNEU!
Boston Police/Medical 911.
For additional safety and crime tips
Contact NU Police Department
617-373-2121 or at
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How much does it
really cost to rent an apartment? 
What is all that legal language in my  Lease?
Watch our short videos and learn MORE!
cardHusky Card Perks
Did you know you get awesome perks and discounts in addition to
Print Bucks and Profiler Plan with your Husky Card!?
1. Online and in-stores discounts at Amtrak, Greyhound,, and more through Student Advantage and get discounts at these local Boston businesses.
2. Use your Husky Dollars in taxis! Pay and tip with your card in these cabs!
For the latest news follow Husky Card on Twitter @NUHuskyCard
fridayFree Fun Fridays Series!
Featuring museums and cultural venues open for FREE in August!

Transfer Student Mentorship Program
Want to be an off-campus mentor to a transfer student? Are you a transfer student who wants to be a mentee?
Contact NUTSO @
Mentors apply by Aug 27, mentees by Sept 6.
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Ask a Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky
I'm moving into my new place and I need furniture! Where should I get furniture and how do I avoid getting furniture that has bed bugs? Gross!
-Comfy Couch Seeker
Dear Couch Seeker,
There are lots of places you can buy both new and used furniture for your place. We have a great list of stores and online retailers. As much as you don't want to spend a lot of money on furniture, you don't want creepy crawly bedbugs either! NEVER get furniture from the sidewalk. You may see a lot of items being thrown out when people move out on Sept. 1, but leave them be! If you suspect you have bedbugs in your apartment contact your landlord immediately. If no action is taken, call Inspectional Services Department (ISD)
Your Roaming Huskyky

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