Vol. 7,  Issue 11
July 2014

Husky Tracks
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4th of July Festivities
Boston's a great place to celebrate the 4th, where the Revolutionary War began!
1.Boston Harbor Fest, July 2-6, is famous for
celebrations that honor Boston. Daily events include reenactments, concerts, tours & more!
on the Esplanade, July 4.
Don't miss this amazing event! The Hatch Shell opens at 9am with music and festivities. The Boston Pops begin at 8:30pm and fireworks at 10:30pm. Important: the Hatch Shell fills early. Other spots to watch the fireworks: along the Charles River in Cambridge, Castle Island, and Harvard Bridge (Mass Ave.).
3. IndepenDANCE Party Cruise on Provincetown II, July 4th6:15pm boarding. Live music and great view of the fireworks. Tickets $20 & $40. 
Great TIPS for celebrating the 4th!
Other EVENTS in July!
 #SmartHuskySubletting Tipssmarthusky


A summer sublet for a short-term housing crunch still means responsibility. If you have just moved in or experiencing a roommate conflict, it's never too late to communicate about living expectations.


Here are some TIPS:

1. Ask about trash removal, cleaning, and food sharing/storage expectations.

2. Spend time getting to know each other!

3. If there is a conflict, take the time to communicate directly to the other person. Northeastern expects students to respect others and engage in appropriate communication.

4. This living situation may change soon. What did you learn from this experience that you can apply to your Fall living situation?

Be a #SmartHusky! Follow @OSCCR_NU
If you make the decision to drink alcohol this summer, keep these points in mind: 
  • Drink plenty of non-alcoholic or non-caffeinated beverages, such as water or sports drinks.
  • Never swim or be in the water when intoxicated.
  • Never drive a car or boat while intoxicated.
  • If you take medication regularly
    ask your doctor if you need to be extra cautious when outdoors and in the sun and heat. Mixed with alcohol, you may be at greater risk for heat-related illness.
Celebrate summer and explore Boston on these awesome day trips and events! Check out a full list of events here!


Wednesday, July 2 - Keepin' It Cool
Wednesday, July 9 - Keepin' It Cool
Friday, July 11 - Six Flags New England
Saturday, July 12 - Phantom of the Opera
Wednesday, July 16 - Keepin' It Cool
Friday, July 18 - Old Orchard Beach 
Wednesday, July 23 - Keepin' It Cool
Friday, July 25 - Provincetown, MA
Wednesday, July 30 - Keepin' It Cool
Wednesday, July 30 - Red Sox vs. Blue Jays
AND MORE in August!


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Always lock doors & windows at night, especially if you live on the 1st or 2nd floor. Safety bars, riser restrictors and screens do help, but can be defeated by a criminal.
Watch out for Tailgaters
Be aware of unknown individuals trying to access your building by "tailgating" behind you as you enter. Never allow someone you don't know into your building and never prop doors.
Use the Campus Shuttle Service
Regular shuttle service from campus to off-campus residences within 1.5 miles every thirty minutes from Snell Library and Ruggles Circle.
Be Safe When Taking a Cab or Livery Vehicle
Read the recent NU Safety Advisory email. Travel with others at night, use cell phone to photograph taxi company, license plate, or medallion number, and never sit in the front when traveling alone.
For additional safety and crime tips
Contact NU Police Department
617-373-2121 or at
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Summer 2
Intramural Sports
Register by July 7 @ 3pm
Basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, cornhole & more! gym-balls-bin2.jpg
1. Soak up the sun on the roof deck (2nd floor access)
2. Bring your own mug to "On the Go" and get a coffee refill for only $1.49!
3. Pick up awesome sunglasses from Off Campus Student Services.
4. Summer Showers? Come in and play a game of pool or ping pong with friends (1st floor game room)
5. Tired of the Library? Study in the Indoor Quad or on a comfy couch on 2nd floor.
Free Fun Fridays Series!
Featuring 66 museums and cultural venues open for FREE in July & August!
July 18: Larz Anderson Auto Museum (America's oldest car collection!)

Ask a Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky
Now that we have warm nights, I'm outside more. How can I stay safe when walking home late at night?
-Walker Worried
Dear Walker Worried,
Your safety is important at all times! Follows these tips:
1. Be aware of your surroundings; keep your head up and make quick eye contact with others.
2. Don't be distracted by talking on your cell phone or listening to music. Don't wear headphones!
3. Avoid walking alone late at night. Walk with friends!
4. If you think someone is following you, cross the street, and switch direction or walk into a business.
5. Trust your instincts and believe in your ability to scare or distract an attacker.
6. Call 911 at any time.
Your Roaming Husky