Vol. 7,  Issue 10
June 2014

Husky Tracks
Summer Bike Safety: 
Do you know your LAWS?
1. You must have a headlight that emits a white light visible from 500 ft away.
2. taillight must be red and visible from 600 ft. away.
3. Reflectors must be visible in car headlights from at least 600 ft. away.
4. Use a white headlight, red taillight and reflectors when riding 30 min after sunset until 30 min before sunrise.
5. You MUST use hand signals to let people know you plan to stop or turn.
6. Pass cars on the right.
7. Follow road rules for stop signs and street lights.
Any violations of these laws are 
punishable by fines.
Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl 
12-8 pm, 
June 3-5, City Hall Plaza. The largest all-you-can-eat ice
cream and frozen yogurt festival, featuring the nation's leading companies! 
Boston Pride Festival - 12-6 pm, Saturday, 
June 14, City Hall Plaza. Celebrate at the end of the Pride Parade route, which starts @ 11am. Rain or shine.
Boston Parks Summer Fitness Series - Three month fitness series of FREE classes in Boston's beautiful parks, including Symphony Park in the Fenway and Mission Hill Playground! Classes include boot camp, yoga, Zumba and line dancing!
Celebrate summer and explore Boston on these awesome day trips and events! Summester tickets are on sale on MyNEU. Check out a full list of events here!


Wednesday, June 4 - Keepin' It Cool
Friday, June 6  - Cape Cod - Eastham, MA
Wednesday, June 11 - Keepin' It Cool
Friday, June 13 - Hampton Beach
Tuesday, June 17 - red Sox vs. Twins
Wednesday, June 18 - Keepin' It Cool


Tickets on sale NOW on MyNEU!
Summer day trips via MBTA!daytrips
Get away for the day using public transportation!
Cape Cod, MA
Take the Cape Flyer from South Station to Buzzard's Bay or Hyannis!
- Beaches near Hyannis (Bay View Beach & Colonial Acres Beach) OR take the ferry to Nantucket for the day!
Provincetown, Cape Cod
Visit the fun, funky town at the tip of Cape Cod. What to do and how to get there - take the ferry from Boston!
Newport, RI
Explore the mansions, shops, restaurants and beaches of Newport! Take the Providence/Stoughton commuter rail right from Ruggles to Providence and then the #60 RIPTA bus to Newport.  
Take the Newburyport commuter rail from North Station to this quaint north shore town full of shops, restaurants and beaches! Easy access to Plum Island as well.
When going for a run, jog, or walk plan your route ahead of time and wear bright colors. Don't forget to bring an ID with you.
Protect Your Home
Don't leave a spare key hidden outside your apartment. Your hiding spot will likely be one of the first places a burglar will look.
Off-Campus Emergencies
Know how to contact the police and emergency services where you live as well as how to contact your landlord or management company.

For additional safety and crime tips
Contact NU Police Department
617-373-2121 or at
Alcohol Dehydration in the SummerOPEN
During hot, sunny days you're at higher risk of
experiencing dehydration. Watch out for these symptoms!
  • Thirst 
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Lighheadedness
What can happen when you consume while dehydrated!
  • Higher BAC levels
  • Worsened hangover
  • Vomiting
  • Remain intoxicated longer
How to avoid and reduce your risk?
  • Space out drinks, alternate alcohol & non-alcohol beverages
  • Keep track of the number of standard drinks you have
  • Eat before you drink
In this Issue
Senior Class Advisory Board needs YOU!
Graduating May 2015? 
Apply by Sunday, June 15!
You'll plan events for seniors over the course of the entire academic year leading up to...SENIOR WEEK! 
Also, looking for website, social media and design skills! 
Looking to build a strong team of leaders 

Community, Civility, Culture and Choice!


As an off-campus student, you play an important role in how neighbors perceive you and Northeastern. Create positive interactions and show neighbors respect. How?


1. Do community Service

2. Wave hello

3. A genuine "how are you?" or a smile speaks volumes to your character.

On the other hand, negative interactions cause them to view you as disrespectful.
Respect the differences of individuals and treat others in a civil and respectful fashion. Simply, treat others as you would want to be treated, and remember that your actions and choices affect others. Demonstrate your commitment to civility and positive choices by doing something nice for a neighbor!  
Be a #SmartHusky!
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Bike Fair!BikeFair
Tuesday, June 10
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Snell Library Quad
1. Talk bike safety with Boston Bikes &
2. Check out Hubway  &
3. Meet NU student organizations & departments
Raffle & Music!
Free Fun Fridays Series!
Featuring 66 museums and cultural venues open for FREE in June, July & August!
Kick off on June 27th:
Ask a Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky
I live in a first floor apartment and some of my windows don't have screens. Bugs get in and I'm concerned about safety. Can I ask my landlord to provide screens? 
- Bugged Out
Dear Bugged Out,
Landlords are responsible for providing screens in all windows and doors from the fourth floor down from May 15 to Oct 30! Ask your landlord to provide these screens and be sure to lock ALL windows and doors when leaving your apartment AND before going to bed! The safest time to have your windows unlocked/open is when you or your roommates are home
Your Roaming Husky
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