Vol. 7,  Issue 9
May 2014

Husky Tracks
Subletting this Summer? Be sure you're prepared when moving into a new apartment!
1. Furniture: Are you bringing your own? Will there be furniture for you to use? Ask the current tenants about what they may be taking or leaving behind.
2. Expenses: Do you know what bills you will be paying? Or considered budgeting for groceries and other expenses? Here's some information about local utility companies.
3. Storage: Not enough room for your stuff? We can help you find a convenient storage facility
4. Sublet Agreement:
Before you move in, create a written agreement with the current tenant about what you can or cannot use in the apartment, how much the rent is, who you are paying, what utilities you are responsbible for, move in/out dates, keys, and any other points of agreement. Ask to view lease addendums; know about trash regulations, balcony/porch rules, etc. It's important that you follow all lease rules as a sublessee. 
5. Save a signed copy of all agreements between you, the tenant and the landlord!
Need help? Email us!
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Now that Summer is here, you may find yourself asking, "What's new in Boston?"
1. New England Aquarium has finished renovating their Giant Ocean Tank, adding 40 new species to the tank and featuring the new Yawkey
Coral Reef Center! Check out the time-lapse video of the huge renovation.
Super Saver: Get discounted admission and IMAX theater tickets with student ID!
2. Franklin Park Zoo with it's gorillas, pygmy hippos, lemurs and giant anteaters is closer than you think! Only 3 miles away.
Super Saver: Only pay kid's admission ($11) the first Sat of every month from 10 am - 12 pm!
Special Event: Uncorked! First annual wine   tasting event for guests 21+. Sample wines while mingling with the wildlife!
3. The Greenway Open Market returns to the Rose Kennedy Greenway, along with the Carousel and Labrynth Walks! The Greenway Open Market is every Saturday starting on 
May 24. 
Celebrate summer and explore Boston on these awesome day trips and events! Summester tickets go on sale on MyNEU starting Monday, May 5th. Check out a full list of events here!
Friday, May 9  - Wrentham Outlets
Wednesday, May 14 - Keepin' It Cool
Friday, May 16 - New York City
Wednesday, May 21 - Keepin' It Cool
Friday, May 23 - Martha's Vineyard
Sat & Sun, May 24-25 - Boston Calling tickets
Friday, May 30 - Portland, ME
Summester tickets go on sale on MyNEU on Monday, May 5th!
Summer Safety Tipssafety
Summer brings time to spend outside! Keep these tips in mind when planning outdoor gatherings and vacations:
Grilling: Check your lease before using your grill, because your landlord may have restrictions on grilling. In Boston, grills are not allowed inside or on balconies above the first floor. Position the grill on an open, level surface away from strong wind, combustible walls, or brush. More information!
Roof Deck Safety: Ask your landlord before using your roof deck or balcony. Boston has restrictions on roof access, and most decks are not built to support crowds. Avoid fines from BPD and your landlord: read your lease and check these rules
Spending Time Away: Before going out of town, prevent break-ins by hiding your valuables and ensure all doors and windows are securely locked. 
It's nice to let the fresh air into your apartment, but a burglar can enter through an open window. Screens on windows and doors are not protection, so be cautious and lock windows and doors when out.
Secure your Vehicle and Belongings.
Sunny days invite drivers to roll down windows, but be sure to secure the vehicle when parking. Cell phones, GPS units, and other valuables should be taken with you.
Got a bike? Register it, Lock it, or Lose it.
Register your bike with NUPD and make sure to properly lock your bike with a U-lock style device. Don't let your bike be the next target.

For additional safety and crime tips
Contact NU Police Department
617-373-2121 or at
In this Issue
Boston Shines
Sat, May 10th
10 am - 1 pm
Volunteer at the annual "Boston Shines" Community Spring Cleaning event at Sheehy Park, between the Library and Mission Church. Food and beverages provided by local businesses!
Spring Challenges
1. Focusing during beautiful weather! Make plans early for where to study and how you'll relax between assignments. Ice Cream at Keepin' it Cool? Contact advisors and faculty if you need academic advice.
2. How to contribute to the community. Consider doing some community service! This positive contribution to your community directly impacts the reputation of Northeastern.
3.  On the other hand, negative behavior can negatively impact Northeastern's reputation.
Use #SmartHusky to tweet about positive contributions that you're making!
For questions, email or follow @OSCCR_NU on Twitter.
Bike Boston!bike

- Hubway Bicycle has added lots of new stations. There are now 140! Is one near you?

- There are 82 miles of bike lanes in Boston - 20 miles

 added in 2013.

- Boston plans is to have 159 miles of protected bike lanes available in 5 years.

- A 2nd bike lane will be added to Hemenway St. this year!


Get Biking! And be safe with helmets and bike safety knowledge! 

Career Development Programs
Happy Graduation to many of you! Still looking for a job? Check the amazing programs happening all summer, starting with Husky Launch on May 15th! 
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Ask a Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky
My summer sublet option just fell through. What should I do?
- Panicked
Dear Panicked,
There are still tons of students looking for someone to sublet their apartment for the summer. Check out our online housing database. After selecting "Sign Up", create a roommate profile and search under "Housing" and "Sublet" to view student listings. 
Your Roaming Husky
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