Vol. 7,  Issue 8
April 2014

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Subletting 101
Not in Boston this summer? Need a place to stay before your new lease begins? Here's what you need to know about subletting:
Subletting your room while you're away:
1. Check your lease: Does your lease allow you to sublet?  Read the addendum too. Some landlords require a fee or prohibit subletting.
2. Talk to your roommates: Tell them early that you will be leaving and subletting your room, especially if your room is shared. Things will go smoother if there are no surprises!
3. Create a profile to list your room: Our Housing Database is a great tool to post your available room!
Looking for a place to sublet?
1. Figure out what you need: Do you have a preference for location, price or number of roommates?
2. Create a profile to find a room: Our Housing Database is a great tool to look for an open room.
3. Ask around: You would be surprised how effective word of mouth can be! A friend may be looking to sublet their room. 
Need help? Email us!
Study Tipsstudy
Everyone's favorite time of year is almost here...exams! No? This can be a stressful time of year, but it doesn't have to be! Here are some tips to survive finals week:
Plan your time effectively:
Know when your finals are and which are going to require the most studying. Set a schedule and get those pesky assignments out of the way before the last minute!
Find a sweet study spot! Campus has lots of places to study. The library is open 24/7 with reservable study rooms. The Curry Student Center and dining halls are great options with great food. If you prefer a more solitary location, don't forget your own room off campus! Outside studying can be great, such as on Centennial or Krentzman Quad
or the plaza outside the Christian Science Center. Wherever you study, make sure you won't be distracted!
Treat yourself well: Sleep well, not only the night before your exams, but in the days and weeks before. Avoid food high in fats and sugars, stick to fruits and vegetables and take time to relax. Go to dinner and a movie, or volunteer at our April 13 Breakfast Club!
CabinCabin Fever!?
5 FUN & CHEAP things to do in Boston!
1. 2014 Boston Marathon: Watch this historic event on Monday, April 21. See the website for start times and schedule of events.
2. The Coit Observatory: Walk to BU's Night Observatory to see amazing stars. FREE open night every Wednesday at 8:30pm. More
3. Coolidge Corner Theater: Midnight movie anyone? The historic theater is just the spot.Showings of new releases to classics to indie films. What's playing now!?
4. Bowling in Bean Town: $5.50 and a short walk away from campus. Kings Lanes in Back Bay has unbeatable rates all week!
5. Jamaica Pond: Perfect place for a picnic or walk along the 1.5 mile path. Rowboats available for $10/hour, sailboats $15/hour. More
Springfest 2014springfest
Through Sat, April 5
CUP's annual series of events ending with the Springfest Concert! A week filled with music, movies, food & more.
Tuesday, April 1
CUP & afterHOURS Present: New Politics w/ Bearstronaut
Doors 6:30 | 7pm | afterHOURS | Free NU only
Wednesday, April 2
CUP Presents: Mayim Bialik
Doors 6:30 | 7pm | Blackman | Free NU+1 tickets
Thursday, April 3
Springfest Laser Tag & Movie Night - 
Space Jam & E.T.
5pm - 9pm | Curry Ballroom & afterHOURS
Friday, April 4
Springfest 2014 - Carnival & BBQ
Centennial Common | 11:30am - 2:30pm
Saturday, April 5
Springfest Concert
Matthews Arena | NU+1
Doors at 5pm | Show at 6:30pm | Tickets $14 NU, $24+1
winnerWe're proud to announce the 
The Good Neighbor Award recognizes an off-campus student and Boston residents who have made a positive impact in their communities. We are proud to announce the following winners!


Kristina Norris is an off-campus student living in Fenway. She is an active member in Circle K, currently serving as President and New England district Convention Chair and contributes over 100 hours of volunteer work every year in the community. Kristina will be presented her award at the Student Life Awards on April 10th!


Brent Henry, a resident who lives in Lower Roxbury, is the director of Vibrant Boston, an organization aimed at academic and personal youth development. He is one of Northeastern's community partners and is committed to investing in our future generation!


Richard Rouse is the executive director of Mission Hill Main Streets, a community organization whose purpose is to promote and revitalize the Mission Hill neighborhood. He is very involved with Northeastern and always finds ways to get students involved in community projects.


Congratulations to our winners for being great community members! 
Never leave your valuables unattended.
Even if you are going to be gone for "just a minute" an unattended wallet or cell phone is a quick target for a thief.

Avoid leaving easily stolen items in open view.
This includes windows in your apartment and in your vehicle. If you can see it from the outside, so can a thief!

Avoid carrying large sums of money.
Don't make yourself a target. Bring only what you need.
For additional safety and crime tips
Contact NU Police Department
617-373-2121 or at
In this Issue
Bike Safety Event!
Tuesday, April 15
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Centennial Commons
Learn about bike safety with Boston Bikes, MassRides, student groups, Off Campus Student Services and NUPD! Listen to music and enjoy the H3 Hungry Husky Food Truck
Win annual Hubway membership ($85 value) or Kryptonite bike lock ($35 value)!
Library Shuttle
Exam Hours!
Runs every
20 minutes from 8pm to 4am!
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Husky Athletics
4/9 @ 3pm - Men's Baseball Beanpot vs UMass
4/12 @ 9am - Men's Rowing vs BU 
(Henderson Boathouse) 
4/13 @ 7:40am - Women's Rowing vs BU & Harvard (Henderson Boathouse)
4/15 @ 3:30pm - Men's Baseball vs Harvard
4/19 @ 9am - Men's Rowing vs Brown 
(Henderson Boathouse)
4/21 @ TBA - Men's Baseball Beanpot Championship 
(Fenway Park)
Volunteer Hours Available!
Need volunteer hours? 
Want to get involved in the community? 
Volunteer at the April 13th Breakfast Club in Mission Hill or Fenway! Join fellow students to help clean up our local neighborhoods for an hour and get breakfast!
Fenway: Meet @ 12 noon, at corner of Forsyth & Hemenway
Mission Hill: Meet @ 12 noon, at corner of St. Alphonsus & Calumet
Email to RSVP or join us day-of!
Be a good neighbor, keep these responsible neighbor tips in mind:
1. Avoid roof deck gatherings. Most decks aren't built to support crowds. You risk injury and consequences if your lease prohibits roof access.
2. Quiet hours in Boston are 11pm to 7am. Be considerate of your neighbors and avoid a police visit.
3. Be mindful of noise traveling through open windows. Respect your neighbors and stick to a reasonable volume.
4. Secure your windows every time you leave to prevent break-ins.
5. NO open containers of alcohol outside, even if you're 21. This is illegal.
6. Clean up after outdoor activities.
7. Treat your neighbors how you would want to be treated.

For questions, email or follow @OSCCR_NU on Twitter.
Ask a Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky
I'm moving off campus for the first time in September, but I need to move out of my dorm and fly home in April. Where do I put all my stuff for four months?
- Pack Rat
Dear Pack Rat,
With so many students on co-op, study abroad and leaving for summer every year, there are lots of local moving and storage companies. Our website has a list of student-friendly services that offer rates for summer and semester-long storage. Some companies also offer free boxes and curbside pick-up/drop-off. Don't delay! Many students are in the same position and storage spots will run out fast!
Your Roaming Husky
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