Vol. 7,  Issue 6
February 2014

Husky Tracks
Meet approved realtors, get active listings, schedule appointments to view apartments & get advice from off-campus students!   
Food, prizes and more!
Get the Most Out of the 
Annual Apartment Fair!
1. Talk to a Student Expert! Our Student Experts will be ready to answer questions and offer tips.
2. Talk to at least 5 realtors. After getting advice from Student Experts, take charge of your search.
3. Questions for NUPD? BPD? Inspectional Services Department? They'll be there! Stop by with questions about your move.
4. Like free food and prizes? Grab pizza or donuts and earn tickets for great prizes!
What's in Your Lease?Lease
Read the lease for your apartment before signing it!
Your lease should specify the following:
  • Apartment address & unit #
  • Names of all tenants (ie. roommates)
  • Name of landlord
  • Start & end date of lease
  • Rent amount, due date, how to pay
  • Contact information for repairs and emergency requests.
  • Promises of repairs to be made (if any)
Make sure all blank spaces are completed. Review and understand the addendum specifying extra rules or fines. The lease is a legal document specifying everything you are agreeing to with the landlord.
Click here to nominate a student or neighbor!
Living off-campus has a lot of responsibilities, like paying rent and bills, commuting to class or co-op, and respecting the local neighborhood. Recognizing this, we want to honor a student who lives off campus, upholds their responsibilities and exemplifies being a good neighbor. 
We also want to recognize a permanent resident neighbor who is a good neighbor!
Deadline to nominate is February 28th
APTDidn't make it to a 101 session yet? 
Living on a Budget! 
Follow these easy tips to keep yourself on budget:
1. Keep a log of all your spending. You'll see where your money goes and assess what to prioritize in your spending.
2. Make a list before you go grocery shopping and stick to it.
Eliminate those impulse buys.
3. Shop around for the best deals
on electronics and small appliances.
4. Make a calendar and chart when recurring monthly payments are due.
Avoid late fees by always paying rent, cable, utilities, etc. on time.
SAFEnet Advisory 
Snell Library Shuttle hours being expanded!!
  • The first shuttle will leave at 7pm followed by another one at 8pm.
  • From 8pm - 4am there will a shuttle running at the :00 and :30 mark of each hour.
  • After 4am it will run hourly until dawn (around 7am).
Be safe at night by taking the Library Shuttle from Snell Library to your off-campus apartment within 1.5 miles of campus! It's free and it now runs every half hour. 
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Northeastern's biggest display of international food, music and events is here! Carnevale 2014: a passport to Northeastern, a passport to the World spans February and March, with great opportunities to broaded your horizons and meet fellow Huskies with diverse backgrounds and cultures. 
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Celebrate Black History Month with
50 Years Forward:
Portraits of Civil Rights
@ Gallery 360
Mon, Feb 3, 3-5pm

SacredOn these cold February days, find some warmth and relaxation in the Sacred Space!
2nd Floor Ell Hall
6-6:30pm Guided Meditation
5-5:30 Guided Meditation
4:30-5pm Bilingual Guided Stress Reduction Meditation
7-8pm Yoga
1-1:45pm Guided Meditation
4:30-5:30 Yoga
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Are you GREEN 
Northeastern ranked America's greenest university based on campus sustainability and environmentally friendly university management! Campus-wide sustainability initiatives touch the lives of students, faculty, and staff each and every day. Read more! Are you being green off-campus? Click here to see how!
Husky Athletics
2/3 @ 5pm - Men's Beanpot  vs Harvard
2/4 @ 5pm - Women's Beanpot vs Harvard
2/10 @ 4:30 or 7:30pm - Men's Beanpot vs BC or Boston University
2/11 @ 5 or 8pm - Women's Beanpot vs BC or Boston University
Ask a Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky
I'm looking for a new apartment and want to know how to choose a good realtor. Where do I start?
- Hunter
Dear Hunter,
Before you choose a realtor, first decide what you are looking for. How many bedrooms do you want? What is your budget? Next, find preferred realtors on our apartment search database or at our Apartment Fair on Feb 5th. A good realtor is one who explains the process, listens to what you are looking for and works to find you the best match!
Your Roaming Husk