Vol. 7,  Issue 5
January 2014

Husky Tracks
New Year's Resolution #1: 
Head Start on Apartment Hunting
Finding an apartment can be stressful and time consuming, especially between classes or co-op. Consider these tips for a less stressful search!
Let Us Help You
Get recommendations on area realtors.
Attend Apartment 101 workshop in January or February.
Search for apartments and roommates.
Quick review of leases.
Get the upper hand at the annual Apartment Fair on February 5, 4-7pm in the Curry Student Center.

Use Our Database
Great resource for your hunt
Search by number of bedrooms, budget, or neighborhood.
Find roommates and sublets.
Go through our "Get Started" guide!

Things to Consider
Distance from campus or co-op?
Is public transportation nearby?
Where will your friends be living?
Is the apartment in good condition?
Upfront fees (first and last month's rent, security deposit and broker fee)
The Hunt is On!
Do you know where you're living next year?
Come to Apartment 101 to make sure you're up to speed with the apartment search process.
healthyResolution #2: 
Get Healthy
Colds, fevers, and illness are common in winter. Prepare now for our unforgiving Boston weather!
Get your flu shot! Walk in hours available at UHCS. Avoid being sick later!
Chill! Our immune system doesn't function well when stressed.
Chill out at least twice a week; head to the movies, build a snowman, or just breath deeply!
Don't forget your feet! Heavy shoes, boots, and socks can take their toll on our feet. Moisturize your feet daily to avoid cracked winter skin and wear socks with synthetic fibers to wick away moisture.
Wet your whistle! You may not feel thirsty in cold weather, but dehydration can leave you prone to illness. Water carries nutrients to cells and gets rid of toxins. Doctors recommend you drink half your weight in ounces everyday. (If you weigh 120lbs, drink 60 oz)
Change your toothbrush! Use a new toothbrush after a cold, flu, or sore throat. Germs can hide in the toothbrush and lead to reinfection!
fairPlan Your Next Move!
Meet approved realtors, schedule appointments, get active listings for September, get advice from off-campus students, and enjoy food, prizes and more! Give yourself the upper hand in the search process!
InvolvedResolution #3:
Get Involved
Join a club. Find student clubs or organizations that fit your interests. Attend the Winter Activities Fair in the Curry Student Center on January 9 from 5-7 pm. Enjoy food, prizes and a chance to meet groups. Can't find a group for your interests? Start one!
Join a team. Gather some friends and get fit together! Check out this Semester's list of intramurals on the Campus Rec site.
Volunteer. The Center for Community Service is always looking for volunteers! Take a look at programs and volunteer opportunities offered.
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In this Issue
Open House!
New and returning off campus students are invited to attend our Open House on
Wed, January 8
@ 3- 5 pm
226 CSC
Enjoy cookies, hot chocolate and meet our Community Ambassadors, and get help with any questions about off-campus living.
If you have a Christmas tree to recycle, place it out for trash collection before January 10. Only put your trash outside on the appropriate day for your neighborhood to avoid fines. Check your area schedule
BikeComputer & Bike Security
 (examples of STOP plates)
Prevent your stuff from getting stolen! 
Three easy ways to secure your valuable property, deter would-be thieves, and make recovery possible if your property is stolen or lost: 
  • Get a STOP plate from NUPD and stick it on your computer, tablet and phone!
  • Register your bike with NUPD and keep it safe with a U-lock and cable lock.
  • Engrave your personal items for free with NUPD!
  • Lost something? Call NUPD's Lost & Found hotline 617-373-3913
Take action before a 
thief does!
Husky Athletics
1/4 @ 2pm - Women's Basketball vs Albany
1/4 @ 7pm - Men's Hockey vs Massachusetts
1/12 @ 2pm - Women's Hockey vs Boston College
1/13 @ 7pm - Men's Basketball vs Charleston
1/17 @ 7pm - Men's Hockey vs Vermont
1/18 @ 12pm - Men's Basketball vs Delaware
1/23 @ 7pm - Women's Basketball vs Hofstra
1/25 @ 3pm - Women's Hockey vs Maine
Ask a Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky
Some of my neighbors had their apartments broken into last semester. What do I do if I come home and discover I was robbed while away on break!?
- Nervous Neighbor
Dear Nervous Neighbor,
If you come home and see that there's been a break-in, call 911 immediately. Remain calm and don't move anything around. You should also take pictures of the damage and make a list of all the things that have been taken. If you have renter's insurance, contact the company to file a claim. To learn more about renter's insurance, click here!
Good luck and stay calm! Remember, keeping your home safe and secure is the best defense against break-ins.
Your Roaming Husk

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