Vol. 6,  Issue 11
July 2013

July Husky Tracks
Semester T Passes on Sale Now!

T. Get a Fall Semester T pass at an 11% discount! Order online now through NUPayDeadline to purchase is August 1st.

July 4th is a big deal in Boston; so don't miss out! There are a lot of fun and free things to do. On the 4th, the Hatch Shell opens at 9am with music and festivities. The Boston Pops begin at 7:30pm and at 9:30pm, they launch into the 1812 Overture followed by fireworks!  It's a nationally televised event so it's definitely worth the trip! Keep in mind the area is absolutely packed every year. A good place to see the fireworks while avoiding the crowd is the Museum of Science. There's a back patio right on the Charles with picnic benches and a great view. Click here for the full schedule and more information!
Keep busy this summer with day trips, weekend events, Sox games, and other great events:
  • Friday, July 12: Martha's Vineyard
  • Friday, July 19: York's Wild Kingdom
  • Wednesday, July 24: Red Sox vs. Rays
  • Friday, July 26: Old Orchard Beach
festivalsMonth of Festivals
July is full of festivals, concerts and fun outdoor events! Here are a few:
  • July 2-7: Boston Harbor Fest is a six-day festival with over 200 events from concerts, walking tours, harbor cruises and More.
  • July 13-21: Outside the Box Festival is the largest entertainment event of the summer! Hundreds of free performances will occur around the city. More
  • July 14: Open Streets on the Avenue of the Arts is an event that will close off all traffic on Huntington Ave outbound from Belvidere Street to Brigham Circle for people to bike, walk, play and dance in the streets. More
  • July 26-28: St. Joseph's Feast in the North End is an annual tradition featuring parades, live music, and the best Italian street food and desserts. More
Boston PD Tips for Walking Safe
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Keep your head up and make quick eye contact with those around you.
  • Don't be distracted by talking on a cell phone or listening to music. Keep your ears uncovered.
  • Avoid walking alone late at night. Walk with friends and people you know.
  • Yelling "Fire!" "Help!" or "Rape!" are ways of drawing attention and alerting people that you need help.
  • Walk with confidence. Be assertive. Don't let anyone violate your space. 
  • Trust your instincts and believe in your ability to scare, distract or even incapacitate an attacker enough to escape.
  • Call 911 at any time.
Want to Get Away?
Boston Beaches Near the T!beaches

Feeling trapped in the city? Need some sun and sand? There are plenty of T-accessible beaches near Boston.

Boston Harbor Islands are just a ferry ride away (departing from the New England Aquarium). These islands have a beautiful view of Boston and generally low foot traffic. Spectacle Island is the most popular. More

Carson Beach, South Boston Take the Red Line to the UMass stop. There is little surf, but it is close to home and easily accessible. More

Revere Beach is the oldest public beach in the USA. Take the Blue Line to the Wonderland stop. More

Singing Beach, Manchester-By-The-Sea Hop on the Rockport commuter line then walk 15 minutes to this quiet beach, named for the distinct squeak the sand makes when you walk on it. More

SAFEnet Advisory: safenet

See Something, Say Something 


People often delay notifying the police when they see something suspicious. Saying something to the police could prevent a theft or other crime.


Call 911 if you observe a suspicious occurrence from a safe location. 

If on campus, call Northeastern Police at 



Try to call before the person has left the area and provide a description of the person, where they were, what they were doing, what they were carrying (i.e. backpack or hat), and where they are now or in which direction they traveled. Did they have any distinctive speech characteristics? What did they say?


Don't confront, argue or chase after a suspicious person. Do notify the police and calmly provide a description and direction of travel, if possible.


Public Safety "Your safety is our reward"


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Free Concert
Summer Hours
Now open until 7pm on Mondays. Drop in to chat with a Community Ambassador and get a Charlie Card Discount Book for great deals at local businesses!

Summer 2 intramural sign-ups are now open! The deadline is July 8th at 3pm. 
Sign up now!
Safe Grilling
There's nothing better than a good summertime BBQ. Here are a few safe-grilling tips:
  • Do not grill on a rooftop or porch; It is illegal in Boston.
  • Place your grill away from buildings or other combustible material.
  • Use long handled barbecue tools and flame retardant mitts.
For more information and safety tips click here.
July 22, 5:30-9pm
Carter Park
Columbus Avenue
Live music, face painting, ice cream and other treats! Performances by Professor Lyrical, One Love, Moe Pope, Louie Bello and Floor Lords Crew! Come out and enjoy the show.

Volunteers are needed! 
If interested, email Dave Isberg at 

Conduct Corner:

What does it mean to be a #SmartHusky? 

How do you feel when someone holds the door for you? Pays your T fare?


Little things like this can have a big impact on your day. Think of the impact you can have on the community by going one step further.


Give your time, share your resources, help others around you!


Tweet @OSCCR_NU positive things you're doing for your community using #SmartHusky!

OPEN is available to you when you are in Boston, as well as any where else in the world! 

Alcohol and other drug 'check-ins' are available in person, via Skype or by phone. They also provide men's and women's educational groups, personalized feedback, and confidential, non-judgmental support.
Get more information here!
recipeFoodie's Fun Recipe of the Month

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus!


10 asparagus, 5 pieces of bacon, pepper, olive oil and tooth picks.


1) Halve the bacon lengthwise 

2) sprinkle oil and pepper on asparagus 

3) wrap bacon around asparagus using tooth picks to secure each end 

4) place on a hot open grill and cook for 4-6 minutes or until bacon is fully cooked. 


Click for full recipe!

Ask a Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky,
I've recently found out that I am without a place to live in the Fall. Where can I find potential roommates?
-Worried Husky

Dear Worried Husky,
Plenty of students are in your same shoes looking for a place or people to live with. Go to our Apartment Search Database and create a Roommate Profile to look for potential roommates and open apartments. Good luck!
-Your Roaming Husky