Vol. 6, Issue 6February 2013

February Husky Tracks

Meet with recommended realtors, get active listings for September, schedule appointments to view apartments and have a chance to win door prizes! Get the edge on your apartment search!


Plan Your Next Move! 

Do you know where you're living next year? Attend Apartment Hunting 101 and get up to speed with the apartment search process!
Have a question about a lease? Drop by our office during Ask A Realtor
Questions?Ask us.


 Northeastern is partnering with local businesses to provide "Safe Havens" in case of emergency. Participating merchants have stickers posted in their windows, and provide you a safe space where students can contact police and wait until assistance arrives. All residence halls, Fire Department stations and Police precincts are also considered Safe Havens.

Click here for a list of Safe Haven locations!

Dinner & Discussiondins
Interested in a free dinner with fascinating company? Sign up for Dinner & Discussion and enjoy a conversation with Dr. Panford about the Ghanaian oil industry. Seats are limited, click the flyer to register! 

Click here to nominate a student! 

Living off-campus has its perks, as well as responsibilities like paying rent and bills, commuting to class or co-op, and respecting the local neighborhood. Recognizing this, we want to honor a student who lives off campus, upholds their responsibilities and exemplifies being a good neighbor.


Anyone can nominate a deserving student for the first annual Good Neighbor Award. Nominees must:


  • Be a full-time undergrad & live off campus
  • Actively engaged in the local community 
  • A positive member in their community
  • Actively observe all aspects and values of being a Good Neighbor

Nominations are due February 19!

Be a Responsible Host!host

With Super Bowl XLVII this weekend, remember to be a responsible host and a respectful neighbor!

Talk to your neighbors if you are going to have people over. Provide your contact information so they can contact you before they file a noise complaint!

Make a guest list and stick to it to avoid overcrowding.

You are responsible for anyone underage consuming alcohol in your off-campus dwelling.

Serve a variety of non-alcoholic drinks and food. Make sure that you only serve measured drinks one at a time.

Stay alert and be aware of your guests and noise levels. Noise complaint/violations can include fines.

Be smart about alcohol and don't allow guests to leave with open containers. You can be summonsed to court for "keeping a disorderly house". 

The Student Code of Conduct still applies off-campus and any violations with Boston Police will be reported to the University.

What's in Your Lease?lease
Did you read the lease for your apartment before signing it? If not, read it now! 

Your lease should specify the following:
  • Names of all tenants
  • Apartment address
  • Rent amount and due date
  • Contact info for repairs
  • Promises of repairs to be made (if any)
Make sure all blank spaces are completed. Review and understand the addendum specifying extra rules or fines. The lease is a legal document specifying everything you have agreed upon with the landlord.

Visit our office on Tuesday, Feb 26 between 6 and 7:30 PM for "Ask A Realtor". Have questions about your leases answered!  
Need Bike Repairs?
Thanks to the Student Government Association (SGA), a new self-service bicycle repair station has been installed on campus, underneath the archway of West Village A North. Check it out!



Spring Break is approaching with time for relaxation, vacation, or community work, but never put aside your personal safety.  



Travel in groups; Stay in well lit areas; Be aware of your surroundings; Don't flash large amounts of money; Avoid fights, disturbances and shortcuts through parks & alleys. Trust your instincts. Use the Personal Safety Escort Service when possible, contact police via cell phone, or use the Emergency Phones if you feel that you are in danger.   



Protect your belongings. Don't leave your laptop, textbooks, iPhones and other valuables unattended. Lock doors, keep valuables out of sight in vehicles, and secure your laptop with a lock or tracking software.  

NUPD: 617.373.2121

Emergency: 911

Public Safety

"Your safety is our reward"

In this Issue
Flu Shot
It's not too late! Flu season can last until April so protect yourself and your fellow Huskies with these tips:   
  • Get your FREE flu vaccine at UHCS.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your inner elbow when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. 
  • Keep hands away from your mouth, nose, and eyes
  • Stay hydrated, eat healthy, get exercise, and practice stress relieving techniques.
  • Do not go to work or school if you are sick. 
  • If you are sick, limit contact with others.
Presidential Address
Join President Aoun as he shares perspectives on how we can move forward as a dynamic and diverse institution
on Monday, February 4th at
4 p.m., Fenway Center.
Carnevale 2013!  varne
Northeastern's biggest display of international food, music and events is here! Carnevale 2013: A Common Thread
spans February and March, with great opportunities to broaden your horizons and meet fellow Huskies with diverse backgrounds and cultures. Full schedule here!
 Check out these FREE events on campus!
  • Laughter Meditation (Fridays 12PM @ Sacred Space)
  • Yoga Skills for Depression and Anxiety (Tuesdays 8:15AM @UHCS, no mats necessary)
  •  Bilingual Meditation Stress Reduction Group (Fridays 3:30PM @ Sacred Space)
Conduct Corner
When spending social time with friends, we sometimes underestimate the effect that alcohol has on decision making. Some ways to keep out of harm's way include:

Plan a safe way to get home.

Remain cautious and aware of your surroundings.

Look out for your friends and neighbors.

Call for help if you need it.


Medical Amnesty Policy:

If you or a friend need medical attention, you can call for help without fear of an alcohol violation. You MUST stay with your friend. Learn more here.  
For questions, email or follow @OSCCR_NU on Twitter.
Ask Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky,
I'm looking for a new apartment and want to know how to choose a good realtor. Where do I start?

Dear Hunter,
Before you choose a realtor, first decide what you are looking for. How many roommates are in your group?
How many bedrooms would you want? What is your budget? Next, find preferred realtors on our apartment search database or at our Apartment Fair on Feb 6th. A good realtor is one who explains the process and works to find you the best match! 
-Your Roaming Husky
NU Athletics BHC paws
Cheer on your Huskies
  • Men's Hockey vs
    New Hampshire
    • Feb 1 @ 7pm
  • Men's Basketball vs
    • Feb 2 @ 6pm
  • Men's Beanpot vs Boston University
    •  Feb 4 @ 5pm
  • Women's Beanpot vs Boston University
    • Feb 5 @ 8pm
  • Men's Beanpot Finals vs BC or Harvard
    • Feb 11
  • Women's Beanpot Finals vs BC or Harvard
    • Feb 12
  • Men's Basketball vs
    • Feb 13 @ 7pm
  • Men's Hockey vs
    • Feb 16 @ 7pm
  • Men's Basketball vs 
    James Madison
    • Feb 20 @ 7pm 
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