Vol. 6, Issue 5January 2013

January Husky Tracks
New Year's Resolution #1
Head Start on Apartment Hunting   
Finding an apartment can be stressful and time-consuming, especially between classes of co-op. Consider these tips for a less stressful search!
Let Us Help You
  • Get recommendations on area realtors.
  • Search for apartments and roommates.
  • Quick review of leases. 
  • Attend Apartment 101 workshop in January or February.
  • Get the upper hand at the annual Apartment Fair on February 6th, 4-7pm in the Curry Student Center. 

Use Our Database 

  • Great resource for your hunt. 
  • Search by budget, size, neighborhood or features in the unit.
  • Find roommates and sublets.
  • Go through our "Get Started" guide!

Things to Consider 

  • Distance from campus/co-op? 
  • Is public transportation nearby?  
  • Where will your friends be living?  
  • Is the apartment in good condition?
  • Upfront fees (first and last month's rent, security deposit, broker fee)
The Hunt is On!huntin

Do you know where you're living next year? Come to Apartment Hunting 101 to make sure you're up to speed with the apartment search process!
Plan Your Next Move! 
Meet preferred realtors, get active listings for September, schedule appointments with realtors and enjoy food, prizes and more! Give yourself the upper hand in the search process!

Resolution #2: Get Healthymewantfood 

Colds, fevers, and illness are common in the winter. Prepare now for the unforgiving weather Boston can bring. 

Get your flu shot!

Set up an appointment with UHCS to avoid the hassle of a stomach bug later.


Our immune system doesn't function well when stressed, and believe it or not, 'Ben and Jerry's' therapy isn't the answer. Chill out at least twice a week; head to the movies, build a snowman, or just breathe deeply! 

Don't forget your feet!

Heavy shoes, boots, and socks can take their toll on our feet. Moisturize your feet daily to avoid cracked winter skin and wear socks with synthetic fibers to wick away moisture. 

Wet your whistle!

You may not feel thirsty in cold weather, but dehydration can leave you prone to illness. Water carries nutrients to cells, and gets rid of toxins. Doctors recommend you drink half your weight in ounces everyday. (If you weigh 120lbs, drink 60 oz) 

Change your toothbrush! 

Probably the easiest- use a new toothbrush after a cold, the flu, or sore throat. Germs can hide in the toothbrush and lead to reinfection!

Dinner & Discussionddd

Join us January 15 at 6:30pm for an engaging talk with Professor Katherine Tucker about the keys to maintaining a healthy weight in the new year! Enjoy a free dinner and the company of fellow off campus students. Click the poster to sign up!

Resolution #3: Get Involvedrabbitinvoltini

There are plenty of ways to get involved around campus this Spring!


Join a club. Click here for a list of student organizations and find a club that fits your interests. Attend the beach-themed Spring Activities Fair in the Curry Student Center on January 17 from 2:30-4:30pm. Enjoy food, prizes and a chance to meet groups. Can't find a group for your interests? Start one!


Join a team. Gather some friends and get fit together! Check out this spring's list of intramurals, visit the Campus Rec site and take advantage of the fitness facilities at NU.


Volunteer. The Center of Community Service is always looking for volunteers! Take a look at programs and volunteer opportunities offered here.

Get the Inside Scoopama

Drop by and chat with a pro! A local realtor will be available for an informal Q&A on the dates above. 
Have a question that can't wait? Talk to us.
Plan a Night on the Town! 

The Knurd is a great place to find local events without worrying about alcohol or drug use. Click here to learn more! 

Resolution #4: Get Securepopop


Protect yourself online with these tips:

SAFEnetUse a strong password with upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

Never share your password with others, in person or online.

Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts, especially ones that contain personal information.

Shred bills and statements connected to
accounts accessible online.

Think you've been compromised? Contact Info Services at or 617.373.4357 for Northeastern accounts and programs; contact the provider directly for other accounts.

"Your safety is our reward."

In this Issue
Rent Increases Anticipated
Is your landlord raising the rent next year? You're not alone! From what we've heard, Boston's low vacancy rate will cause rent increases next year. When your landlord asks if you plan to renew, he/she should inform you of any rent increases. Consider the increase in rent as you decide whether to renew or move on. 
Open House!

New and returning off campus students are invited to attend our Spring Open House on January 10 from 3:30 to 5:30pm. Enjoy cookies and hot chocolate, meet our Community Ambassadors and we can help you with any questions about off-campus living.
Recycle your Tree! 
Trash and recycle pick up resumes normal hours as of January 1st in all Boston neighborhoods. If you have a Christmas tree you want to recycle, place it out for trash collection before January 11. Only put your trash outside on the appropriate day for your neighborhood to avoid fines!
Protect your Bike!

For just $5, register your bike with NUPD and other law enforcement agencies. Registration makes it easier for police to identify and recover a stolen or missing bike. Visit NUPD at 716 Columbus Ave. today! 
Save on Safety!safety
Community Bike, located at 496 Tremont St, is offering a 15% discount on all bike safety and security items (gloves, u-locks, helmets etc.) Show your NUID and save on important winter bike gear!  
Ask Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky,
My landlord has told me that I must decide whether or not I will renew my lease for next year by January 15! He also plans to raise the rent by $200. Can he do this?

Dear Rushed,
While your lease is still good for another 8 months, you have no right to the apartment after that time, and the amount of rent is entirely up to the landlord. Tenants must inform the landlord of their intent to renew or move on & most landlords want an answer by February so they can show the apartment. Ask for additional time if it will help you come to a clearer decision. Don't forget to consider rent increases across Boston before deciding to move on!
-Your Roaming Husky

Conduct Corner 
As you plan gatherings this semester, remember to treat your neighbors with respect. Represent yourself and Northeastern in a positive manner! Hosting a party that attracts BPD or NUPD can result in sanctions.This fall,  77 students were sanctioned for disruptive gatherings resulting in:
-151 mandated service hours
-90 hours in 'Disruptive Gathering    Seminar',
-42 probations,
-22 deferred suspensions               -1 suspension.
Host responsible gatherings! For questions, email OSCCR or @OSCCR on Twitter.
NU Athletics BHC paws
Cheer on your Huskies
  • Women's Hockey vs Boston College
    • Jan 9 @ 7pm
  • Women's Basketball vs
    William & Mary
    • Jan 10 @ 7pm
  • Men's Hockey vs 
    •  Jan 11 @ 7pm
  • Women's Basketball vs Delaware
    • Jan 15 @ 7pm
  • Men's Basketball vs Hofstra
    • Jan 16 @ 7pm
  • Men's Hockey vs 
    Boston College
    • Jan 19 @ 7pm
  • Women's Hockey vs
    • Jan 20 @ 2pm
  • Men's Basketball vs
    William & Mary
    • Jan 23 @ 7pm
  • Men's Basketball vs 
    Georgia State
    • Jan 30 @ 7pm 
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