Vol. 6, Issue 3
November 2012
November Husky Tracks
Dealing with your Landlordlandlord
One of the most important aspects of off-campus living is your relationship with your landlord. While some students tell horror stories about 'dealing with the landlord', the key to success is establishing communication early, knowing your responsibilities, and asserting your rights.
Establish Communication
It's not too late to establish a strong relationship with your landlord. Make sure that all communication with your landlord is respectful and productive. Use the phone whenever possible, don't rely on impersonal emails.
Know Your Responsibilities
Do you know what's in your lease? One thing that will lead to poor relations with your landlord is not knowing what you are responsible for, per your lease. Pay your rent on time, keep noise down and take care of the property. If you ever need assistance with your lease, stop by our office in 226 Curry Student Center! Check the City's Good Neighbor Handbook for more about tenant responsibilities. 
Assert Your Rights
If you feel your tenant rights are not being honored, it is crucial that you address the situation with your landlord. Again, approach the situation respectfully, productively, and most important, confidently! Learn more in our Guide to Living Off Campus.
  • Turn your heat down when you are out of your apartment during the day. 
  • Seal all windows in your apartment (try window insulating film!)
  • Hot water can account for up to 15% of your heating bill, use cold water whenever possible.
  • Using a toaster oven or microwave uses less energy than a conventional oven.
  • $20 in sealants such as weather stripping and caulk can help you save up to 20% on your heating bill.
Click here for more tips on how to reduce energy use.
Dinner & Discussiondnd
Going away for Thanksgiving or December break? Break-ins typically increase when tenants go away. Protect yourself and your property.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked. 
  • If you have a slider door, place a wooden rod in the track so that it cannot be opened from the outside.
  • Never buzz in someone you don't know.
  • Don't allow strangers to follow you into your building.
  • Do not leave valuables lying around. Keep very important items locked or stored away, or take them with you.
  • Keep blinds shut so passers-by can't see valuables.
  • Keep a light or radio on when you're away. Burglars will not try to enter if they think someone is home. 
Click here for more holiday security tips.
Meet Your Neighbors!bkfst
Come out and clean up Mission Hill with your fellow Huskies for the last Breakfast Club of the semester. Volunteers will meet at the corner of St Alphonsus and Calumet on Sunday, November 4 at noon. Stick around after the cleanup for free breakfast at Mike's Donuts and meet some of your neighbors! Student organizations are welcome! RSVP to
All About Subletssubletz   
Leaving town for co-op or study abroad next semester? Need to sublet your apartment to another student to cover your rent while you are away? Our off campus housing database property, search for a potential new roommate, and connect to other Northeastern students returning to Boston from Fall co-op or study abroad. Make sure you obtain permission from your landlord before subletting! 
If you need a sublet yourself, visit the "Roommates" section of the database; click the "Have a Place" option to find students who are renting a room next semester. Learn about the terms of the lease, see photographs & features of the property and contact the student listing the property. For questions, email or visit us in 226 CSC.

Learn more about international co-op, study abroad, dialogues and many other programs Northeastern offers to broaden your horizons. Click here for a full schedule of events!



NUPD has two new crime prevention programs to protect your laptops and bicycles. 



Register your laptop with STOP THEFT and NUPD to greatly reduce the chances of your laptop getting stolen. A serial number will be assigned to your device so that STOP THEFT and NUPD can track the whereabouts of your laptop if it goes missing. Registration is just $5, lasts a lifetime and is transferable when you upgrade your device.


Bike Registration

Registering your bike with NUPD is quick, easy and only $5. If your bike is ever stolen, police will already have your bike's make, model and serial number on file to ensure you will be contacted if it is recovered. You can find great discounts on locks and chains at local bike retailers as well. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your bike!


Visit NUPD for more information or call 617-373-2696.

"Your Safety Is Our Reward"  

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Get a Spring Semester T pass at an 11% discount! Order online now through NUPay. Deadline is November 30 at 3pm


Election day is Tuesday, November 6. If you are a Massachusetts voter, click here to find your polling center.

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Ask Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky,
After living in my new apartment for 2 months now, there are a few problems my landlord has offered to fix, but has not followed through on. How can I make sure my landlord repairs my apartment? 
Lou Segusi 

Dear Lou Segusi, 
It's important that you follow up conversations with your landlord in writing. Keeping a record of what your landlord has agreed to fix can help keep both parties on the same page. You can also complete our apartment condition checklist, and share a copy with your landlord so you both are aware of the apartment's condition.
If problems persist, you can contact the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) at 617.635.5300. This city agency will conduct a free inspection of your property and set a deadline for your landlord to address any code issues. For more tips on dealing with your landlord, click here.
-Your Roaming Husky
Did YOU Know?

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NU Athletics BHC paws
Cheer on your Huskies this November!
  • Men's Hockey vs Merrimack
    • Nov 1 @ 7pm
  • Women's Hockey vs Connecticut
    • Nov 3 @ 3pm
  • Men's Basketball vs Boston University
    •  Nov 9 @ 7pm
  • Men's Basketball vs Princeton
    • Nov 13 @ 7pm
  • Women's Hockey vs Boston College
    • Nov 16 @7pm
  • Men's Basketball vs Vermont
    • Nov 17 @ 7pm
  • Women's Basketball vs Boston University
    • Nov 20 @ 7pm
  • Women's Basketball vs Dartmouth
    • Nov 27 @12pm
  •  Women's Hockey vs Harvard
    • Nov 27 @ 7pm
  • Men's Basketball vs Maine
    • Nov 28 @ 7pm
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