December 2015
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Inspiring Ideas for Community Change
The millennial generation is characterized as being socially minded and interested in thinking outside of the box. Aiming to unleash the power and potential of this generation, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation partnered with a donor to establish the Bay Area Inspire Awards. This initiative challenges young adults to come up with innovative solutions to community problems, providing grants of up to $10,000 to help these ideas become a reality. 
In 2014, we funded six individuals in Alameda and San Francisco Counties with a range of project ideas, from training formerly incarcerated individuals in the coffee business to teaching STEM skills to students by building a haunted house. This year, we expanded the program to San Mateo County. 
From a pool of more than 60 strong applications from three counties, we sought applicants with innovative ideas, leadership qualities, and strong potential for success. We are excited to present the eight winners of the 2015 Bay Area Inspire Awards below.
2015 Bay Area Inspire Award Winners
Jason Brown 
Young Father's Group: Reaching Out to Young Fathers in Need 
Alameda County

Aiming to break the cycle of fatherless families, Jason is launching a young fathers support group that allows men to share their experiences and gain valuable advice.

Tatiana Chaterji 
Young Sisters in Creative Connection: Healing Arts Workshops and Performance for At-Risk, Juvenile Justice System-Involved Girls 
Alameda County

Tatiana will conduct workshops for young women in juvenile hall, on probation, and at risk. The focus will be on expression through dialogue, writing, and dance.
Linda Sanchez Hernandez 
Reframing our Realities: An Indigenous People's Quest for Self Sufficiency 
Alameda County

Linda is addressing unemployment among immigrants by forming a cooperative of indigenous Mam (Guatemalan) women who will create and sell ethically-made and indigenous-influenced apparel. 
Tracy Nguyen 
Picturing the Language for Justice 
Alameda County, San Francisco County

Recognizing the importance of oral and visual communication in many cultures, Tracy will provide graphic facilitation services to nonprofits that work with limited-English proficiency immigrants. 
Dante Alvarado Leon
MentorRoom: Opening Doors for Achievement
San Francisco County

Dante's mentorship initiative connects high school students with college students and college students with young professionals through a mobile app and online platform. 

Reyna Maldonado 
Bay Area Undocu-Dropin
San Francisco County

Reyna has devised a three-pronged approach to supporting undocumented youth which includes a workshop series, drop-in and mobile resource clinic, and education conference.
Ana Avendano 
Community Spotlight "Enfoque"
San Mateo County 

Ana is building a coalition of local, self-taught artists - such as videographers and photographers - to provide free or affordable services to small nonprofits.
Anastacia Duenas 
Peer Mentor Program 
San Mateo County

Partnering with Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY), a nonprofit that aims to break the cycle of crime and incarceration of teens, Anastacia will match youth with slightly older peers who have had similar experiences in a unique mentorship model.
The Power of Pooling Charitable Giving Efforts 

This past year, Stanford University's class of 1979 came together for more than just their class reunion - they also launched a charitable project known as the Class of '79 Education Fund. The fund was inspired by the Class Panel, which featured their classmates talking about their life's journey. People were so moved by the stories of their fellow classmates' philanthropic passion to support the education of youth around the globe from the Middle East to Afghanistan and Nepal that they resolved then and there to lend their more on our blog! 

Class of '79 Education Fund's Peter Dalglish working with youth in Afghanistan.

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