Philanthropic Ventures Foundation            Progress Newsletter  -  July 2014
Circle of Collaboration

by: James Higa, Executive Director  

PVF's Executive Director, James Higa (left), and Not for Sale's President, David Batstone (right), kick off the Invention Circle.


In previous issues of our Progress newsletter, I discussed the growing Inequality Gap and how PVF wants to  catalyze Radical Collaboration to create solutions.  Today, I want to talk about how we have put that into action as is our wont to 'do', rather than 'talk'.  


On June 6, jointly with our fantastic Invention Hub collaborators, Not For Sale & Just Business, we invited 50 of the Bay Area's most creative and influential individuals that we know to gather together for an Invention Circle.  The Invention Circle is a gathering to bring radical collaborators together to help create solutions for those being left behind in our communities by the growing Inequality Gap.  This wasn't about just brainstorming or convening. We promised to put into action, the idea that emerges out of the day, with a commitment to begin working on the project the Monday immediately following the event.


The day was full of design thinking at its best as we split up into groups to refine and hone our brainstorms.  My strongest impression of the day is a room alive with bursts of energy and post-it note ideas covering every bit of free space. Read more about the chosen idea here! 
Where's James? Getting Amped Up About Starbucks' Approach to Corporate Philanthropy

by: James Higa, Executive Director  


I sat down recently with Howard Schultz, Chairman, President and CEO of Starbucks, to talk about the fracturing of the American Dream. Nearly half of Americans who begin college don't finish.  Much of this is the result of escalating costs and life/work balance.


70% of Starbucks' US employees are students or aspiring students, and Starbucks is stepping up to the plate to help them get a degree through their College Achievement Plan.


What a shining example of what bold and 'think different' corporate philanthropy can be. 


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