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                                                   January 2014

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Faculty Orientation Guidelines and Tools have been posted on the Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center website.  This work was developed to establish regional guidelines for the orientation of new faculty and provide a resource to schools and clinical facilities.  The toolkit provides example documents for hospitals and schools to use during the onboarding process and will be helpful in informing new faculty what to anticipate.  All schools and hospitals in the Los Angeles Region are encouraged to adopt, add, and/or to modify the guidelines to support their processes, while leveraging further consistency across the region.  The toolkit sheds light on what to expect during and throughout the process. 


We would like to give a special thank you to LANRC Advisory Board Members Debra Sanchez, Amrit Kamboj, and Miriam Melgar, who worked together to develop the toolkit as a resource for the Los Angeles Region.  Please visit the link below to access the toolkit. 


Faculty Orientation Guidelines


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The Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center (LANRC) provides a centralized, customer-focused suite of internet based education services for schools of nursing and clinical agencies.  The goal of the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS), one of the services within the site, is utilized by placement coordinators at participating schools and hospitals to facilitate planning and coordination of their nursing clinical placements. Schools are able to search for and view available placement options listed by their affiliated hospitals. Hospitals benefit from the placement planning features, master calendar views of all cohort groups scheduled by unit, and various report formats.


The California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC) provides the leadership and coordination CCPS working with placement coordinators in participating schools and hospitals in the region.  The CCPS is one way the nursing education community is working together to address nursing growth and coordinate planning in the region. 

CCPS Helpful Tips & Enhancements


The CCPS Team has used your feedback to make several improvements to the tool to enhance the users experience.  Below is a list of helpful tools that coordinators can use during the placement cycle process.


Historical Placement

Wizard/Indicator (an easy

way for schools to request or

clinical facilities to identify

pre existing clinical



Re-Proposal option (Clinical

Facilities can ask a school to

edit a request instead of

declining a it, and schools

can easily edit the request

and submit the schedule



More exact student counts

(Clinical facilities enter the #

of students they are

accepting on each unit which

is then posted on the final



Unit placement flexibility

(allows hospitals to select &

accept an alternate unit from

a drop down menu from the

Placement Request

Summary Page all in one



Instructor information

(entered by schools linked to

each schedule or viewed by

clinical facilities located

under instructor icon)


Easy to view notes from

coordinators (visible by

rolling over the word "View")


Easy to view cohort

information (ie. Exact cohort

schedule times now on

calendar, and comments

available posted by



Auto e-mail on/off feature

(radial button for

coordinators to turn off email

if desired)


To learn more about these tools users can participate in the Monthly CCPS WebEx Training session.  You can access the upcoming training dates by clicking on the Help tab in CCPS to view the meeting details.    


We appreciate your feedback and do hope that future tools and enhancements will improve the overall user experience of the site. For questions or suggestions about any additional changes, please contact or or (866) 325-3222 ext. 123.


Join coordinators from other regions around the country: 

1 hour WebEx Programs are provided monthly by the FCCC Help Desk as an option to stay current and participate in a brief refresher...... from the convenience of your own computer desktop and phone!

WebEx Session Dates with a direct link to "Log In" are always posted on the CCPS Home  Page !  

The CCPS Placement Cycle Calendar Dates are always posted on the CCPS Home Page for your reference. 


CCPS Fall/Winter 2014 Cycle Update

February 17 - March 7, 2014 - Hospitals review, confirm and extend availability through August 31, 2015 for both cohort and preceptor programs.   We understand some hospitals will need to modify future availability if census and building plans change. These changes can be done as needed throughout the year.


March 10 - 28, 2014 (Preceptor requests due May 9)

Schools make requests for all courses that start Mid-August 2014 through the end of the Fall or Winter terms (courses that usually end by December 31)


March 31 - April 18, 2014 (Preceptor placement decisions due May 30) Hospitals review proposed requests and make placement decisions. Hospitals are encouraged to accept long-standing/historic placements and to decline proposals they know they cannot accommodate as quickly as possible, as a courtesy to schools.


The upcoming training for Fall/Winter Placement Cycle will be held at:


St. Francis Medical Center, 3630 E. Imperial Hwy, Lynwood, CA 90262

You will need to reserve and confirm your space in the class by emailing 



Feb 17th, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Morning) Refresher


Feb 28th, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Afternoon) New Coordinators



Feb 17th, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Afternoon) Refresher


Feb 28th, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Morning) New Coordinators


 Please contact if you anticipate new personnel needing to be trained