Shrine Circus In Los Angeles Stops Use Of Animal Circus After 88 Years


PAWS has just learned that the Los Angeles Shriners will not present an animal circus this year! The Los Angeles Shrine Circus reportedly has been held annually since 1926. Instead, the organization is offering the Shrine Carnival featuring non-animal rides, games and carnival treats.


"PAWS commends the Shriners for making the decision to present a fundraising event that does not rely on the use of performing animals," said PAWS president Ed Stewart. "No matter the Shriners' reason for deciding to go animal-free this year, it's an important sign of the times. Animal circuses are inhumane, outdated and they should be a thing of the past." 


Catherine Doyle, PAWS director of science, research and advocacy, organized demonstrations at the Shrine Circus for many years. At the same time, she reached out to individual Shriners and educated them about why elephants, big cats and other wild animals should not be used in circuses. Persistence was key to this great win.


This is one more example of the importance of advocacy work for performing animals - crucial work that PAWS has been doing for 30 years.


Much of our funding goes to caring for our animals, many of whom have come from the entertainment trade. However, we will never stop advocating for animals. From the day PAWS was founded, Pat Derby and Ed Stewart have always believed that sanctuaries must be part of the solution to end animal suffering.


In celebration of this great success for the animals, please consider making a donation to further PAWS' advocacy efforts. Donate here.


You are the ones who can make more of these great victories happen for performing animals and others who suffer for "entertainment." Together, we are changing their world!


Please thank the Shriners for their decision to forego an animal circus this year. Send an email to Fred Bernhardt, 116th Illustrious Potentate of the Al Malaikah Shrine, at


If you live in Los Angeles, please show the Shriners that this year's event can be far more popular and successful than an animal circus by attending the Spring Carnival, which takes place on April 11-13, 2014, at the Al Malaikah Shrine Center, located at Jefferson and Figueroa in Los Angeles.





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