Help PAWS end the use of elephants in traveling circuses and ban the bullhook in L.A.

To our friends in the Los Angeles area:


On Tuesday, November 20, the Los Angeles City Council Personnel & Animal Welfare (PAW) Committee will consider proposed options for a circus ordinance. Please join the Performing Animal Welfare Society at this important meeting and support an end to the use of elephants in traveling circuses that visit L.A. and a ban on the use of bullhooks in public displays. This vote is a critical first step toward bringing an ordinance before the L.A. City Council for a vote.


Securing this ban in Los Angeles will send a powerful message to other cities and counties. We are encouraged by the important policy changes and bans we are seeing in other regions of the United States and around the world (view list). Help us continue this positive momentum for change!


What: Personnel & Animal Welfare Committee considers bullhook ban and an end to the use of elephants in traveling circuses that visit Los Angeles.

When: Tuesday, November 20, at 3 p.m.

Where: Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring St., Room 1050, L.A. 90012


After years of observations, PAWS, as well as elephant protection experts from around the world, have concluded that it is impossible for a performing elephant to live a healthy, normal life while traveling and performing. Elephants in circuses are contained in small inadequate spaces, immobilized by chains for most of their lives, and spend long periods in cramped transport vehicles. They are subjected to cruel training and controlled with the bullhook - a steel rod resembling a fireplace poker that is used to hook, jab, strike and "discipline" elephants. The very nature of the bullhook is to dominate through fear and violence. In addition, traveling shows often display animals in substandard housing and unsafe conditions that compromise animal welfare and the safety of the public.


We urge you to attend this critical meeting and stand up for elephants suffering in circuses. We also encourage you to speak during the public comment section of the meeting. Be prepared to talk for one minute. Respectfully ask the committee to protect elephants by prohibiting their use in traveling circuses that come to L.A. and by banning use of the bullhook in any public displays or shows.


Please wear something red to identify yourself as a supporter. Invite family and friends to join you at City Hall. Children are encouraged to attend this meeting to show their support for the elephants!


If you are able to attend this meeting, please RSVP to Catherine Doyle at or call 323-301-5730. 




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