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Dec. 10-24, 2013
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Board Appointments
Commissioner Reports
Improving Drainage at Old Landfill Site
Award Winning Communication Efforts
Design Work Starting Soon on Wadsworth and Waterton Intersection
Working Together To Widen a Road
North Table Mountain Park Increasing
Jeffco Gaining Necessary Forensic Equipment

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Board Appointments


Dec. 17, 2013

The BCC approved the appointment of Curt Bourg to the Tri-County Workforce Investment Board. He will represent the private sector.


The Tri-County Workforce Investment Board provides quality assurance and recommends policy guidance for federal Workforce Investment Act programs operated by the county. It is also responsible for identifying the region's workforce development needs and for the creation of a comprehensive strategy and policy framework to meet the workforce development needs of employers.


Dec. 24, 2013

The BCC appointed Michelle Schneider to the Jefferson County Cultural Council.


The council is responsible for making recommendations on how to allocate the county's share of the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District Tier III funds to applying organizations.

Commissioner Reports

Commissioner reports are at the end of the public hearing and consist of reports and comments from the Board of County Commissioners. 
The commissioners all expressed their thoughts to those involved with the Arapahoe High School tragedy, and applauded the outstanding and courageous work of the first responders. Thanks to all of those that put their lives on the line for others.
Dec. 24
Thanked everyone that participated in the giving tree and helped the children of CASA. Wished everyone happy holidays.
Improving Drainage at Old Landfill Site

Drainage improvements are needed at the west side at the former Leyden Landfill, and at the Dec. 10 hearing, the BCC approved a contract with BT Construction to construct a pipeline. This is part of the remediation efforts at the former landfill site.


The deep pipeline placement and proximity to the former landfill contents excludes conventional trenching as a viable alternative. BT Construction focuses on trenchless pipeline placement using a guide boring machine process. The project includes boring of a 12-inch pipeline and installation of a manhole for the pond discharge.


The contract, which is for $300,000, will come from the 2013 Environmental Remediation Budget.

Award Winning Communication Efforts
Three of the county's divisions have received awards for their communication efforts. The BCC presented these awards at its Dec. 17 hearing.


First up were members from the Human Services Division. Kris Kinzli and Mallory Hyatt received an Award of Excellence from the National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO) for their work on the Department of Human Services 2011-2012 Annual Report.


Next was staff from the Public Information Office. Bailey Becker and Allison Gerdes also received awards from NACIO. Becker received an Award of Excellence for an advertisement she designed for chamber of commerce directories and Gerdes an award for the Jeffco Insights 4-H Video. Jeffco Insights is a series of videos that are produced through a partnership with the city of Arvada.


The third was an award that went to Nancy Braden from Jeffco Public Health, Gerdes and Rick Assmus from the city of Arvada. The group all worked together on the Jeffco Insights Safe Sleep video that received an honorable mention award from the National Association of Telecommunication Officers and Advisors (NATOA).


The Board of Health was present for the presentation of the award along with a doctor from Children's Hospital who also assisted. Children's Hospital now shows the video to new parents to make them award of the risks to new babies. 

Design Work Starting Soon on Wadsworth and Waterton Intersection

Traffic from nearby businesses and neighborhoods have significantly impacted the safety and operations at the intersection of Wadsworth Boulevard and Waterton Road. The county is looking forward to how to improve this area by beginning the engineering design work. The BCC approved, at its Dec. 17 hearing, a contract for $381,935 with Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, Inc., which will provide the preliminary and final engineering design services


The project will include improving approach grades, providing additional turn lanes and installing a traffic signal. Any right-of-way and easements necessary for the project will be obtained in 2015 and construction is slated to begin in the spring of 2016.


Funding for the design work will come from the 2014 Road Design Budget. Fifty percent of the project will be funded from Colorado Department of Transportation's FASTER funds and the other 50 percent will come from the South Jeffco Impact Fees.

Working Together To Widen a Road

Jefferson County and the city of Lakewood are working together to widen West Quincy Avenue from South Kipling Street to South Wadsworth Boulevard from two lanes to four.


On the north side of Quincy, west of South Zephyr Street for about 350 feet, the road is within the city limits. Instead of each organization working separately, the city will contribute $159,317 to the county, and the county will widen the city's section during its West Quincy Avenue widening project. Construction will begin in the spring of 2014.


In order to accept the funding, the BCC, at its Dec. 24 hearing, approved an intergovernmental funding agreement with the city of Lakewood. The county's portion of the project is being funded with South Jeffco Impact Fees and sales tax.

North Table Mountain Park Increasing

The BCC approved the donation of a 29-acre property on the south side of North Table Mountain Park to Jeffco Open Space. The park is located north of Highway 58 and east of Highway 93 in Golden. The Open Space Advisory Committee had made this recommendation to the BCC.


The site offers parking, climbing and hiking. The donor, Access Fund, has requested that the property always remain open for rock climbing. 

Jeffco Gaining Necessary Forensic Equipment

The BCC, at its Dec. 24, 2013 hearing, approved an expenditure for $780,940 to Life Technologies Corp for DNA equipment. It will be used in the new Jefferson County Regional Forensic Laboratory. The lab is part of the Detention Center Expansion Project.


The Sheriff's Office preformed an in-depth review of available products and determined that this vendor was the optimum choice. The equipment is the industry standard and the instruments are utilized by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) laboratories and the Denver Police Crime Laboratory. Having identical equipment will allow Jeffco to better work with these agencies and improve its forensic investigations.


Funding will come from the certificates of participation that have been allocated for the Detention Center Expansion Project.

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