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November 26, 2013
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2014 Jeffco Budget Adopted
Roads to Go to Arvada
McIntyre Street to Be Widened

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2014 Jeffco Budget Adopted

2009 Proposed Budget PresentationThe 2014 Jefferson County Budget, which was adopted at the Nov. 26 BCC hearing, is now online at www.jeffco.us/budget. On this page you can find past adopted budgets, along with detailed information on budgeted revenues and expenditures for departments and elected officials.


The county's 2014 Adopted Budget is $481.2 million. However, that includes $87.3 million in transfers of funds between departments. These have to be accounted for, but if backed out, the county's actual total expenses for 2014 are $393.9 million.


The BCC adopted the mill levy of 25.846. Mill levies are how governments and special districts collect property taxes for both residential and commercial property. This year's mill levy represents an increase to residential and commercial property owners in Jeffco, though it does not exceed the mill levy authorized by voters. The mill levy increase will generate $10.4 million in additional property tax revenues for the county.


The adopted budget includes a three percent pool to enable employees to receive raises based on merit. Additionally, the county has agreed to absorb half of the increased costs for employees' health insurance.


In adopting the budget by a vote of two to one, all three commissioners commented on the significant challenges ahead for next year's budget as well as the 2015 budget and beyond. The county's revenues are not keeping up with expenses and demands for services; and the county's fund balance cannot continue to subsidize operating expenses.


Each commissioner spoke to the high quality of Jeffco employees and the need to remain competitive and retain good employees. However, they also each spoke to the absolute need to maintain a healthy county fund balance and not allow it to decline further.


Although the commissioners had many, many budget meetings during the last several months as they struggled to balance the 2014 budget, they vowed to begin next year's budget process in January. While this is much earlier than in previous years, the additional time reflects the very serious need to come up with creative solutions to keep the county fiscally sound in the coming years.


To hear the complete comments of the commissioners, watch the meeting video from the Nov. 26 budget hearing

Roads to Go to Arvada

The BCC gave to OK to annex portions of Simms Street between West 80th Avenue and West 82nd Avenue into the city of Arvada. This annex is at the request of a property owner, who is developing a five-acre parcel in the vicinity and will be in the Arvada city limits. The annexation also includes the roads in the development. The city will take over maintenance of the portions of Simms Street that was annexed. 

McIntyre Street to Be Widened

The BCC approved a contract with EST, Inc., for $458,900. The contract is for final engineering design services to widen McIntyre Street from West 44th Avenue to West 54th Avenues.


A corridor study was completed in September 2013. The study recommended the implementation of the minor arterial street template. This consists of two through lanes in each direction with four-foot wide on-street bike lanes, left-turn lanes, curb, gutter and sidewalks.


Design and any necessary right-of-way and easement acquisitions will occur in 2014 and construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2015.

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