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November 5-19, 2013
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Board Appointments
Commissioner Reports
Airport Land Sold to Westminster
Changes Made to Volunteer Board Policies
Temporary Moratorium Extended Six Months
Budget Adjustments Made
Land Use Cases

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Board Appointments

The BCC, at its Nov. 19 hearing, approved the reappointment of Aaron Azari to the Jefferson County Housing Authority.


This board provides oversight on a variety of affordable housing programs for the residents of Jefferson County. Board members are required to be from Jefferson County and are appointed to five-year terms.

Commissioner Reports

Commissioner reports are at the end of the public hearing and consist of reports and comments from the Board of County Commissioners. 


Commissioner Faye Griffin

Nov. 5

  • Reminded everyone to vote

Nov. 12

  • Encouraged everyone to celebrate our veterans
  • Attended the opening of Highway 72 on Monday
  • Thanked staff for all its hard work


Commissioner Casey Tighe

Nov. 12

  • Thanks to staff for the hard work it does
  • Attended the Highway 72 opening

Nov. 19

  •  Met with Wheat Ridge regarding community corrections

Commissioner Donald Rosier

Nov. 5

  • Encouraged everyone to vote
  • Discussed the continuation of flood recovery with more and more roads opening

Nov. 12

  • Thanked staff including Road & Bridge and the Sheriff's Office that helped with road openings from flood damage


Airport Land Sold to Westminster

Plane landing at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan AirportAt its Nov.5 hearing, the BCC authorized the sale of 120 acres on the south side of the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport to the city of Westminster. It has been used as the Heritage Golf Course and as part of the sale agreement it will remain a golf course.


The land sold for $2.35 million and will be paid to the Airport's Enterprise Fund. Fifty percent of those funds will be allotted to a restricted fund to be used for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved projects.

Changes Made to Volunteer Board Policies
The BCC approved changes for three of its volunteer board at its Nov. 12 public hearing.


The first change was to extend the current chairperson's term on the Jefferson County Cultural Council. Jeanette Thrower serves as the chairperson and her term expires March 31, 2014. The Cultural Council would like to retain Thrower and asked for the extension. The BCC agreed and approved a nine-month extension to her term.


The second modification was to the Tri-County Workforce Board's policy, which was updated and language was revised to be more consistent with the Workforce Investment Act.


The third change was in the county's Planning Commission policy. Language that was repetitive to language in State Statutes was deleted and the membership on the commission was reduced from nine members to seven and from three associate members to two associate members. This reflects the Planning Commission's current membership.


County policies and procedures can be found online at www.jeffco.us/county-administrator.

Temporary Moratorium Extended Six Months

The BCC on Nov. 12 adopted a resolution extending its temporary prohibition of (a) the establishment or operation of any private marijuana club, business, organization, or commercial operation that permits, promotes, or otherwise encourages or facilitates the on-premise consumption or transfer of marijuana or marijuana products, or the on-premise cultivation of marijuana; and (b) the cultivation or processing of marijuana, except in a residential dwelling which lawfully constitutes the primary residence of the cultivator/processor, for personal use. The moratorium, which is applicable in unincorporated Jefferson County, will now expire on May 28, 2014.


State laws and regulations still have not addressed the legality of private clubs, and the legality of cooperative grows is ambiguous. Because of the need for clarification, the extension is necessary to allow the county's Planning Commission and the BCC the time they need to consider zoning amendments to address these issues.   

Budget Adjustments Made
2009 Proposed Budget PresentationThe BCC approved changes and made supplemental appropriations to the 2013 budget at its Nov. 19 hearing. These changes were due to unforeseen projects or changes after the BCC approved the 2013 budget in December 2012. Some of the 31 supplemental appropriations include:
  • $31,200 to cover the costs of a full-time employee to support the Board of Equalization (BOE) due to increased demands. The County Attorney's Office supports the BOE, which oversees tax abatement petitions.
  • $117,545 appropriation from the Road & Bridge Fund for the Meyer Drive/Conifer Road Trail project. This will be offset by $70,625 from the Conifer Area Council, $44,547 from the Conservation Trust Fund and $2,375 from the un-appropriated fund balance of the Road & Bridge Fund.
  • $471,169 to be transferred to the Social Services Fund for the safety and security upgrades to the Human Services Building. This will be offset by like funding from the 2009 Certificates of Participation Funding.

For more information on the Jeffco budget, please visit www.jeffco.us/budget.

Land Use Cases

At its Nov. 12 hearing the BCC approved a rezoning that will allow for a future subdivision of residential lots. The property is located at West 58th Avenue and Blanca Street. It is comprised of two parcels and contains two single-family dwellings and seven accessory structures. It is approximately two acres. The owners desire to develop the land into 30 residential lots. The case will still have to go through the planning process and have its official development plan approved before it can be developed.


At its Nov. 19 hearing, the BCC denied, 2-1, the rezoning of a property located at Starlight Drive and North Turkey Creek Road. The owners had asked to rezone the property from Agricultural-Two to Agricultural-One to allow the parcel to be divided into three lots for single-family units. The property is more than 15 acres and is located in a mountainous area. It currently has a single-family residential dwelling and accessory structures. 

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