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April 16-30, 2013
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Board Appointments
Commissioner Reports
2012 Budget Supplmentals Approved
National Crime Victims' Rights Week
County Precincts Updated
Water Regulations Updated
BCC Declare May as Mental Health Month

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Proposed Open Carry Ordinance Hearing Set for May 21  

The BCC at its April 30 hearing set a date, May 21, to hold a public hearing on a proposed ordinance regarding open carrying of firearms in county buildings. The item will be part of the BCC's hearing agenda that day. BCC hearings begin at 8 a.m. and are in the first floor hearing room of the Administration and Courts Facility, 100 Jefferson County Parkway.  


The proposed ordinance would allow the county to prohibit open carry of firearms in designated county buildings. Recent instances of open carrying of firearms in certain county buildings required a law enforcement response to address safety concerns of employees and customers. The Sheriff's Office would conduct an assessment of buildings before determining if the buildings could be designated and posted. 


Board Appointments


Planning Commission 

At its April 16 hearing the BCC approved several appointments to the Planning Commission.

  • Gardiner Hammond
  • Dawn Moore
  • Vincent Harris
  • Tom Hatton
  • Gerard Burke - associate member
  • Todd Guthrie - associate member 

This commission is made up of volunteer citizens and makes recommendations to the BCC about land use cases. It also is responsible for adopting the county's Comprehensive Master Plan. 



Audit Committee 

The BCC at its April 30 hearing approved three 2-year appointments to the Jefferson County Audit Committee

  • Tony Esolen
  • Charles Haman 
  • Christy Wood  

To keep the appointments staggered on this new committee, the BCC appointed two 1-year terms.


  • Daniel Markham 
  • Cindi Stetson  

The Audit Committee was formed to assist the county in its evaluation of internal controls, reporting practices and audit findings. It will make its recommendations to the BCC.


Commissioner Reports


April 16


Commissioners Faye Griffin, Casey Tighe and Chairman Donald Rosier all attended Good News Breakfast. Chair Rosier also commented on World Autism Day.


April 23


Commissioner Faye Griffin

   - Toured new light rail with

      Colorado Railroad Museum

      on Saturday, April 20


Commissioner Casey Tighe

   - Toured the Jefferson Center

      of Mental Health facilities


April 30


Commissioners Faye Griffin, Casey Tighe and Chair Donald Rosier attended the light rail opening on Sat. April 27. Commissioner Tighe also congratulated Jefferson Center for Mental Health for 55 years of services.


2012 Budget Supplmentals Approved
2009 Proposed Budget PresentationAt the end of the calendar year, the Jefferson County budget is closed as the next year's budget has been adopted and goes into effect on Jan. 1. However, due to billing cycles, multi-year projects and other things, some funds need to be adjusted for the previous year's budget or reallocated into the next year's budget.


The BCC, at its April 16 hearing, OK'd supplementary budget items for the 2012 budget and appropriated funds that amended the 2013 budget.


Some of the 2012 changes included: 

  • $218,000 for the Finance and IT Fund to make a payment to the Foothills Animal Shelter per the Intergovernmental Agreement for pet licensing that was entered into August 2012.
  • $266,500 for the Open Space Fund under the Parks Department. This was due to an increase in Open Space sales taxes that were collected in 2012. It will be shared with municipalities.
  • $5,135,463 from the Open Space Fund for the final closing of the Section 16 property that occurred in late December 2012. The county, along with other groups, contributed funds to assist in the purchasing of this property to protect the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.

Some of the 2013 budget appropriations included: 

  • $445,472 for the Open Space Fund. The Apex Park multi-year trailhead project includes improved parking and a new permanent restroom.
  • $413,000 for the Capital Expenditures Fund to finish up the courtroom remodel. This was going on in 2012 and will continue in 2013. It includes a low capacity courtroom, jury box and self-help area.
  • $25,000 to the Southeast Sales Tax Capital Fund for the Bowles and Wadsworth intersection project. Construction was finished in 2011, but funds were carried forward for final inspection and maintenance.

For more information on the Jeffco budget, please visit www.jeffco.us/budget.

National Crime Victims' Rights Week

At its April 16 hearing, the BCC proclaimed April 21-27, 2013 as National Crime Victims' Rights Week.


Each year 20 million Americans are victims of crime. Each crime affects many more, including families, friends and communities. More than 30 years of progress for crime victims stands on the shoulders of dedicated advocates and brave victims who overcame shame, isolation, and indifference to gain a voice, rights, and respect.


National Crime Victims' Rights Week provides an opportunity to reshape the future for victims by honoring the past and reflecting on hard-won victories, and re-committing working together to insist on better treatment for victims to help them overcome the harm caused by crime.


The Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners is joining forces with victim services programs, criminal justice officials, and concerned citizens throughout Jefferson County and America to raise awareness of victims' rights and observe National Crime Victims' Rights Week.

County Precincts Updated
Elections informationTo keep up with increases or decreases in voter registration, the Clerk and Recorder's Office has to occasionally make adjustments to voter precinct boundaries to keep them within statutory limits. At the April 30 hearing, the BCC approved the recommend boundary changes from the Clerk and Recorder's Office. Most changes are minor and will not affect voters directly.


Fourteen precincts exceed or were close to exceeding 2,000 active registered voters. Since statutes limit precincts to less than 2,000, the Clerk and Recorder's Office combined portions of these "swollen" precincts with neighboring ones.


Eight precincts had a low number of active voters so they were combined with neighboring precincts. Three precincts were realigned in coordination with the city of Lakewood to better align with the city's Ward boundaries. One precinct was realigned because its boundaries were splitting a parcel.


Overall these changes reduced the total number of precincts in Jeffco from 262 to 257.


For more information on your precinct or how to register to vote, visit www.votejeffco.com.

Water Regulations Updated
pz-logo-blueThe BCC at its April 30 hearing OK'd revisions to the county's Zoning Resolution and Land Development Regulation related to water supply and wastewater regulations. The water supply and wastewater regulations were revised to provide clearer requirements for the development community and citizens as well as providing an effective method for evaluating water availability.

The four major components of the regulation revisions include:
  1. Amendment of the timing required to submit legal proof of water
  2. Creation of a GIS based technique to determine the physical availability of water
  3. Updated the water quality parameters list
  4. Revised the wastewater section to reflect current terminology
BCC Declare May as Mental Health Month

At its April 30 hearing, the BCC proclaimed May 2013 as Mental Health Month in Jefferson County.


Mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders are treatable, and recovery is possible when appropriate treatment services are available and accessible. Colorado community mental health providers play a critical role in responding to state emergencies and tragic events, are an essential resource for healing individual and community trauma. The community health system is advancing the integration of health care by addressing mental health and substance abuse disorders together in order to realize better patient outcomes, reduce health care costs, and improve patient satisfaction.


Access to local, community-based prevention, treatment and recovery often decrease the need for more expensive alternatives of hospitalization or incarceration, and greatly reduce the chances of an individual becoming homeless.


The demand for mental health and substance abuse treatment has reached record levels in Colorado.

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