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Jan. 29 & Feb. 5-12, 2013
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Board Appointments
Commissioner Reports
Improving Transportation in the West
C-470 Coalition Update
BCC Passes 2nd Amendment Rights Resolution
Other Business on Feb. 5
Local Park and Recreation & Nonprofit Grants a Go

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Board Appointments


Pest Inspector

At its Feb. 12 public hearing, the BCC reappointed current Parks Department employee, Alicia Doran, as the Jefferson County Pest Inspector. She was also issued a pest inspector license. Doran began working for Jefferson County in 1998 as the Weed and Pest Management Specialist.


Her duties as the pest inspector include coordinating, planning and implementing the noxious weed and pest management plans for the county. She provides technical weed and pest management assistance to other agencies and the public. She also responds to noxious weed and pest related complaints.


I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition

The BCC at the same hearing also approved the appointment of Commissioner Faye Griffin as a member and Commissioner Casey Tighe and Development and Transportation employee Maria D'Andrea as alternates to the I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition.


This group is comprised of more than 30 political jurisdictions that meet periodically to address transportation issues along the I-70 mountain corridor. The group's mission is to enhance public accessibility and mobility through joint public and private transportation management efforts.  

Commissioner Reports

Commissioner reports are at the end of the public hearing and consist of reports and comments, if necessary, from the Board of County Commissioner members.


Feb. 5

Commissioner Faye Griffin:

  • Commented on Sheriff's Office budget cuts (based on public comments from earlier in the meeting).
  • Asked the public to donate to non profits. 

Commissioner Casey Tighe:

  • Toured the Action Center and thanked it for its work. 

Chair Donald Rosier:

  • Attending a Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) meeting
  • Discussing with Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI) legislation that is being proposed that will affect counties

Feb. 12

Chair Donald Rosier:        

  • Held a Bike Action Committee meeting last week
  • Reported that C-470 Coalition voted to move ahead with an express toll lane option
  • Received the final proposal from the city of Golden to build a pedestrian bridge near the light rail station on the Jeffco campus
  • Reported that the Jefferson Economic Development Corporation (JEDC) is moving ahead with a fundraiser, Forward Jeffco, getting together a business leaders and elected officials
  • Spoke to the Conifer Chamber on Friday

Improving Transportation in the West

I-70 and State Highway 58 RampsImprovement is needed for the transportation corridor west of the Denver metropolitan area for both current and future traffic. For several years individual roads and highways have been discussed but there has not been a comprehensive and coordinated plan for the entire western corridor. Jefferson County is working on creating such a plan.


At staff briefings on Jan. 29, the commissioners and the Development and Transportation Department discussed the need to create a comprehensive plan and has dubbed it the "Western" Beltway until a formal name is chosen.


To begin the process, a request for qualifications was advertised to find an organization that could advance the "Western" Beltway concept. Parson Brinkerhoff (PB), Inc., responded and staff determined that it could perform the work needed. The contract, for $194,900, was approved at the BCC's Feb. 5 public hearing.


PB will provide a comprehensive review from the Northwest Parkway in Broomfield to C-470 at the east county line. The initial task will include development of an illustrative plan that depicts how the individual segments make up the "Western" Beltway plan; development of a public input process; and completion of a public opinion survey to measure the support for a major transportation improvement such as the "Western" Beltway.

C-470 Coalition Update

At the Jan. 29 staff briefings, the BCC was briefed on the latest information from the C-470 Coalition. Since the last briefing in November, a public survey was completed specific to C-470 Segment 1, Kipling Parkway to Interstate 25.


The survey revealed that public support was highest for a sales tax funding alternative and support for an express toll was much higher than an all-toll alternative. Jeffco residents showed the lowest level support for the express toll compared to those surveyed from Douglas and Arapahoe counties. Jeffco residents supported other funding sources such as a sales or property tax.


The Jeffco Transportation and Engineering Division also has concerns with the express toll alternative and believes it would not be the best solution nor equitable for Jeffco residents. It recommended, and the BCC agreed, to take a neutral position regarding the express toll lanes for Segment 1.


The coalition was initiated by the Douglas County Commissioners in February 2011 to look for ways to improve C-470. Several counties and cities are members, including Jeffco. Currently, Commissioner Donald Rosier serves on the coalition's Steering Committee and Director of Transportation and Engineering, Kevin French, serves on the Technical Working Group.


For more information, please visit www.c470coalition.com.


BCC Passes 2nd Amendment Rights Resolution

After a lengthy meeting with testimony from more than 50 citizens, the BCC at its Feb. 5 hearing passed a resolution in defense of the 2nd Amendment. The vote was 2-1 with Commissioners Donald Rosier and Faye Griffin supporting the resolution.


For more information, please see the adopted resolution.


Other Business on Feb. 5

The BCC at its Feb. 5 public hearing approved several contacts and expenditures.


The first item was a contract renewal with AFL Maintenance Group Inc. It was in the amount of $806,211 and for janitorial services in various county buildings and consumable supplies, such as paper towels in public restrooms. The original contract was approved in September 2009.


The second item approved was an expenditure for $161,037 to Open Text, Inc. for the annual maintenance and upgrades for Content Server software. This is the software that the county uses to automate the electronic storage, tracking, updating and retrieval of county documents and records. The Information Technologies Division requires an annual maintenance agreement to provide product updates, enhancements, patches and customer support for the Content Server software.


The third item was a $149,057 expenditure to ISC Inc. for the purchase of Cisco hardware to increase virtual server capacity.  Virtual Server Technology gives the county the ability to run dozens of servers on one physical device providing significant savings in power and cooling and overall management efficiency.  The county was using 85 percent of memory capacity on its existing production virtual services and this purchase is projected to support demand for additional virtual servers well into 2014. The use of virtual server technology has helped:

  • reduce per server costs
  • reduce implementation time from a few months to a few days
  • allow sharing of server resources that reduces total resources required
  • improve service reliability 

The final item was the approval of a contract with Outdoor Promotions, LCC, to install and maintain bus stop shelters throughout Jeffco. In 2012, the county switched to having one firm do this instead of multiple firms, as in the past. The change will contribute to an improved and consistent appearance of the bus stops. The county is not financially responsible for installation of bus benches or shelters, but anticipates $20,000 of advertising revenue each year from the contractor.


Local Park and Recreation & Nonprofit Grants a Go

The BCC approved the distribution of Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) Local Park and Recreation & Nonprofit Grants for 2013 as recommended by the Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC).


On Dec. 6, 2012, OSAC listened to presentations from the agencies that had requested grant money. It then reviewed the project proposals at its Jan. 8 meeting and created the list that was recommended for approval. The total being allocated is $607,550 from the Jefferson County Open Space Sales Tax and $605,040 from the Jefferson County Conservation Trust Funds.


Conservation Trust Funds are proceeds from the Colorado Lottery distributed to municipalities, counties and other eligible entities for parks, recreation, and open space purposes.


The grant awards include:



Local Park & Recreation Grants 




Grant Award





Majestic View Nat. Center Environmental Education/Comm. Agriculture Project










Regional Trail Bridge Improvements








Walker Branch Park Improvements





Wheat Ridge




Neighborhood Park Development - West 44th Avenue & Kendall Street






Columbine Knolls Grove Recreation District


Pool Shelter Development






Ken-Caryl Ranch Metro District



Community Splash Pad at Ken-Caryl Ranch Community Center







Apex Park & Rec. District



Simms St. Center - Phase 1 Park Development





Evergreen Park & Rec. District


Wulf Park - Plaza and Park Enhancements





Foothills Park & Rec. District




Liley Gulch & Lakehurst Park - Playground & Outdoor Education Projects








Prospect Rec. & Park District


Maplegrove Park - Tennis Court Development







Nonprofit Grant Awards 




Grant Award

Beaver Ranch Community, Inc


Entrance Sign and Security Lighting





Evergreen Audubon Society


Evergreen Lake Interpretive Project





Friends of Dinosaur Ridge


Stabilize Dinosaur Tracks






Other Park Projects 




Grant Award

Apex Park & Rec. District


Applemeadows Park Playground





Foothills Park &Rec. District


Clement Park Master Plan





Park & Rec. District Grants







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