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October 23 & 30, 2012
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Board Appointments
BCC Approves Agreement with Potential Buyer of the New York Building
Policy Manual Updates
Third Quarter LEA Report

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Board Appointments

The BCC at its Oct. 23 hearing reappointed Elizabeth Kelson and appointed Jean Nelson, Jane VanderKolk and Dr. William Wilcox to the CSU Extension Advisory Board. This board advises staff on educational outreach in program areas including horticulture, consumer/family, 4-H youth development and natural resources/environmental education.


The BCC also reappointed William Skews to the Jefferson County Liquor Licensing Authority. The Liquor Licensing Authority hears and decides liquor license matters, such as new applications, transfer of ownership and special events, in unincorporated Jeffco.



BCC Approves Agreement with Potential Buyer of the New York Building

At the Oct. 23 hearing, the BCC approved a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) for the New York Building with Colorado Investment Company. The building is located at 1651 Kendal Street in Lakewood.


The PSA, which is for $5 million, does not guarantee a sale, but sets terms and agreements to begin a possible purchase of the property by the prospective buyer. The sale is contingent upon a nine-month due diligence process and the buyer being able to determine if the building will suit their needs and become a functional part of the "40 West Arts District" and the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design.


The buyer has expressed a desire to purchase the New York Building to develop various projects including some adjacent to the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design (RMCAD) as part of the city of Lakewood's "40 West Arts District."


The building currently serves as the county's primary community correction facility, which is administered by the Community Correction Board and is managed through a contractual agreement with Intervention, a Colorado non-profit company. The sale is also contingent upon the county purchasing, leasing and/or building a facility at an alternate location to provide community corrections services. As part of the PSA the buyer will assist the county with finding a suitable replacement facility or property and if the county does not find another location, it can terminate the PSA.


Community Corrections is a unit under Jeffco Human Services. It screens and recommends placement of adult and juvenile offenders diverted from incarceration and monitors offender progress and program compliance. It also contracts with private community corrections service providers for residential and non-residential services, such as with Intervention for the services it provides at the New York Building.

The office serves the citizens of Jefferson County, Colorado State Legislature, Sheriff's Office, Colorado Department of Corrections, Division of Youth Corrections, First Judicial District Attorney's Office, District Courts, and Probation Department, as well as the Jefferson County courts, public and private defense bar, private community corrections service providers, the Jefferson County Corrections Board, Jefferson County Juvenile Review Board, and adult and juvenile offenders and their families.


For more information on Community Corrections visit its web page.

Policy Manual Updates

The BCC at its Oct. 23 hearing approved changes to two sections of the county's Policy Manual.


The first change is in part 2, chapter 2, section 4 regarding the Cultural Council. The BCC created the Cultural Council in 1986 in accordance with the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District Act. The revisions include referencing the Open Meetings Law, removing the conflict of interest provision so it can be included in the bylaws, and moving several of the funding guidelines to the bylaws.


The BCC added a new Policy to the manual with part 2, chapter 2, section 12 regarding the Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee.  In 1996, the BCC created the Criminal Justice Strategic Planning Committee "to establish a vision for the county's justice system and identify the goals to set the direction for the next 20 years." This action was taken in response to two assessments of the county's criminal justice system conducted by the National Institute of Corrections and the National Association of Criminal Justice Planners.


The committee recently changed its name to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC) and has been operating under its own bylaws. During the past several months, the CJCC has developed a new committee structure, created a policy and updated its bylaws.


These committees provide valuable information to the BCC. Opportunities to participate on appointed boards occur frequently and range from library trustees to planning commissioners and human services and fairgrounds board members. If you are interest in serving on any of the county's appointed boards, please visit www.jeffco.us/bcc and click on the Boards & Commissions link. 

Jeffco Sheriff Badge
Third Quarter LEA Report

At the Oct. 23 BCC hearing, the commissioners learned the latest on activities in law enforcement when Sheriff Ted Mink presented the 2012 third quarter Law Enforcement Authority (LEA) report. Here are a few of the items mentioned.


Negotiations. Deputies responded to a suicidal subject displaying a gun and an axe. Deputies contacted the parents who were in the driveway. They indicated the suspect was inside the house alone and armed with a handgun. As other deputies responded, a perimeter was initiated. A deputy was in contact with the subject by phone and another was observing though an upstairs window. Another deputy contacted the suspect's ex who was talking to the subject. Deputies observed and instructed the subject to come out to the driveway. The subject suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the stomach and was transported to the hospital.


GPS Locates Suspect. Investigators were led to a stolen laptop through its GPS feature. The suspect admitted he had stolen it from entering a vehicle. The suspect also admitted to entering 14 other vehicles.


Coffee with a Cop. Coffee with a Cop events continue throughout the county, allowing citizens the opportunity to ask questions about law enforcement and crime trends. Emergency dispatchers have also been involved by spreading the Smart911 message as well as aiding citizens in creating a Smart911 profile.


For more information, please read the entire report.

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