Issue: # 58May 12, 2014

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."

~Sydney J. Harris

Summer Interns

The start of a new semester brings new interns in the Preschool and Toddler Rooms. Student teaching is the culminating experience of any good teaching program, and often the most important part of preparing to become a teacher. We are thankful for our student teachers and appreciate the benefits they bring to our center.


Interns are an asset to the school community in many ways. These young educators are eager to begin their teaching careers, bringing enthusiasm, energy, and innovation into the classroom. They offer new ideas and may take a different approach to teaching, which is beneficial to both seasoned teachers and the children in their care.


We are happy to introduce two interns in the Toddler Room: Ms. Kelsey and Ms. Amanda, and four interns in the Preschool Room: Ms. Ashley, Ms. Rachel, Mr. Jordan and Ms. Allie. They will be with us every day during Summer I. We look forward to the fun and learning that we will share together over the next few months!

Family Fishing Fair at Ramona Park


Free Community Event!
Saturday, May 17, 2014
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.   


This free community event offers various activities for all ages and abilities, so bring the whole family out to experience the joys and lifetime benefits associated with fishing, boating and aquatic conservation. Whether this is your first time, or you are a fair weather fishing fan, the Family Fishing Fair is sure to bring smiles and good times! Fishing equipment loaners will be on hand for those hoping to reel in their first (or next) catch of the experience necessary as local fishing guides and experts will be on-site to provide all the guidance you need. Activities include lure making, knot tying, fly casting, fly tying, rod rigging, seminars by local fishing experts, boater safety, kayak and paddle board demo's and much more!  


150 Kids will receive a their own fishing rod courtesy of United Water!

For more information or to volunteer for this event, contact the Portage Parks Department at 329-4522.

*Michigan Law requires a fishing license for anyone age 17 and older to fish. A season license or day pass can be purchased at a local sporting goods retailer.

Discovering Rocks

Building Celebration

 This is our last week learning all about buildings. We use conversational skills while sharing our favorite building concepts. Students have a chance to recall some of the favorite things they learned and experienced during this Study and we created a photo album of  the highlights.  Please stop in the classroom and take some time to look at our album.


Our caterpillars are growing bigger and bigger, as well as creating a bunch of silk. The children have been encouraged to make daily observations in their observation notebooks about the changes they see. They are beyond excited about the fact that these caterpillars will turn into butterflies. If you have a chance, let us show you the caterpillars and answer your questions about what is happening.


Reminder: A permission slip for our field trip to the museum went home last week. If you haven't turned it in, please do so! If we don't have the slip, your child cannot go on our trip.


Focus Question: "What happens inside buildings?"

Toddler Beauty Salon

Building Toddler Language

Toddlers communicate in a variety of ways, using strategies that work for them to let others know what they need or want. Because each child is a unique individual, language usage and skills will vary between each child. Using sounds, words, short sentences and gestures can all be effective ways for young children to communicate with others. Adults can support toddler language development through natural interactions that occur on a daily basis.


Children learn language by listening and copying what they hear around them, which makes modeling the language skills you want them to learn and use so important. Getting down to the children's level when speaking makes it easier to imitate actions and words. Keeping sentences short and concise helps children tune in to the important words that you want them to focus on, and helps their brains begin to understand sentence formation. Using an assortment of words helps build toddlers' vocabulary, as they begin to differentiate between action, location, and descriptive words. Allow five or ten seconds of wait time for toddlers to respond after a comment is made to them. This provides time to think about what they want to say and time to say it, offering a chance to take a turn in a conversation.


Every moment that we spend talking and playing with toddlers helps with their language acquisition and development. Creating an environment that is rich in language and conversation will help toddlers to build language skills in natural ways.



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There is still time to sign up for our great summer programs!


Summer programs

are available for toddlers, preschool and school-age children.


June 9-13

Painter's Paradise

Prepare to get messy this weeks we use unique painting techniques to create masterpieces.