Issue: # 51March 24, 2014

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."


Donations Needed 

We need your help! Do you have any items laying around your house not in use? Items that may benefit the children at our center?


We would like to create a collection of real life objects to replace some of our toy replicas. Items to donate could include but are not limited to...curling irons, blow dryers, flashlights, menus, empty and cleaned out food containers, phones, eye glasses, make-up brushes etc.


On the top of our list would be any items you may have that represent your cultural background. Our focus is to represent the rich cultural diversity we have in our center. If you are unsure whether your items are needed, bring them anyway. We will sort through them and let you know what we can keep.


We are hoping to have our collection by Friday, March, 28. Thank you in advance!

Arm Knitting
What do we wear to work?

We had so much fun learning how to knit with our guest, Ms. Shari! Each child got the opportunity to test his/her skills at Arm Knitting.


One focus this week is workers in our community. We study what kinds of clothes different workers wear while working and why they wear certain items. This will help children feel connected to the communities they live in as well as give them a sense of why we need different workers in our community.


Field Trip: On Monday, March 24, we will walk to Kohrman Hall to observe a sewing class. 


Conferences: Parent-Teacher conferences are March 31-April 4. Please sign up for a time on the sheet posted on our classroom door. If there is not a time that works for you, see Ms. Jenny for additional times.


 Focus question for the week: "What special clothes do people wear for work?"

Water Table Fun
Parent-Teacher Conferences

If your toddler has a sibling in elementary or middle school, chances are that you are familiar with parent-teacher conferences. Conferences are a great opportunity to get some one-on-one time with your child's teacher to celebrate the academic and social gains she is making in school, and voice any concerns you as a parent may have. These meetings promote open discussion and keep parents informed of their child's progress.


At the Children's Place, we appreciate the importance of these meetings with parents, and hold conferences twice a year to help keep parents informed about their child's growth and development. Our Spring conferences will be held the week of March 31-April 4.


In the brief time that parents spend in the Toddler Room at drop-off and pick-up each day, they view daily activities such as playing, reading, painting, and singing. However, there is so much more that happens over the course of a day! The independent and group activities that children participate in build independence and self-help skills, encouraging cognitive and social-emotional development.


Children have many opportunities over the course of the day to socialize with other children, learning appropriate ways to interact and resolve conflict with one another. Conferences offer the chance to share how your child participates and learns in each of these situations. Each child has a unique personality and strengths, adding character to the special mix of the Toddler Room. 


Please plan on signing up for a time to meet next week to discuss your child's individual growth and progress that we've experienced thus far!


Phone: (269) 387-2277                                    
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Will Your Child be 4 years old by Oct. 1, 2014?
The Children's Place Learning Center is a KC Ready 4s and GSRP approved site. These programs offer tuition assistance to attend our Preschool Program.
Please see Kathy for an application or more information.


Kalamazoo Valley Museum 


Every Saturday at 1 p.m. from March 22 through June 14. 


Join Big Bird, Elmo, and their Chinese friend, Hu Hu Zhu, exploring the sky they share.


Discover the Big Dipper and North Star, and take an imaginary trip to the Moon with Elmo and Hu Hu Zhu

Tax Season Information

Tax information is available at the bottom of your child's billing statement.


On each statement through April, your statement will include a line "Yr. Total 2013". This is the amount of child care tuition you were billed for 2013. Our Tax ID is also listed under this line.


If you need additional copies or other

 information, Kathy or Anne should be able to help you.