Issue: # 49March 10, 2014

"It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them."

-Leo F. Buscaglia

What Did You Do at School Today?


It is difficult for young children to recall and describe what they did during the program day. Children are active and busy for the entire time, but they sometimes lack the works to tell others about their activities - or by the time you pick them up, they have moved on to other things.


 Parents, of course, want to know about their child's day. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when asking your child about his or her activities.

  • Keep informed of the class's planned events so you can ask specific questions. For example, "Did you get to go on the nature walk today, or was it too rainy?"
  • With most children, avoid general questions like "What happened at school today?"
  • Avoid questions that produce one-word answers.
  • Ask specific questions such as
    • "What was the art center today?"
    • "Tell me about this drawing in your backpack."
    • "What stories did you read at circle time?"

Sometimes telling the child a little something about your own day starts the ball rolling. The child may get the idea of sharing news and feelings about his or her day.


Taken from Diffily, D., & Morrison, K. (Eds.). (1996). Family-Friendly Communication for Early Childhood Programs. Washington DC, DC: NAEYC.

Washing Clothes
Question of the Day
As you enter our classroom, you will see the "Question of the Day" chart on the door.
Each morning, a question will be posted. With your child, answer the question using the paper and crayons provided. Put your answer in the correct pocket folder hanging on the chart. Don't forget to include the child's name. 
At circle time, when we will talk about the question of the day, each child will present his/her answer. This is a great language activity that will also help with presentation skills.
We are excited to welcome Miss Katerin's friend to talk with us about designing clothes! He is joining us on Tuesday.

 Focus questions for the week: "How do people make clothes?" and "How is cloth made?"

 Art Time
Self-Help Skills

The Toddler Room is about so much more than play. It is about fostering the independence of children and helping them to develop positive and successful life skills. Learning to share, taking turns and following directions are all necessary skills that begin in childhood and continue through adulthood. As teachers model appropriate behaviors and expectations for children, they demonstrate positive ways for children to interact with one another and their environment.


While children are learning life skills, they are becoming more capable of doing things independently. As a normal and healthy part of child development, children have a natural drive to do things on their own. Toddler teachers encourage children to take responsibility for themselves whenever possible, providing opportunities for toddlers to feed and dress themselves, assist with daily classroom tasks and make choices that affect their learning. Being flexible and allowing children opportunities to master new skills while cheering them on sends the message that they are capable and valued individuals. 


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What Did You Do at School Today?
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LEGO @ the Library


March 8, 2014

10:30-11:30 a.m.

Central Library



Like LEGOs?


Duplo to Expert Builder skill levels welcome. Join other kids who love the ever-popular plastic bricks at KPL's first LEGO club!

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