Issue: # 48February 24, 2014

"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives."

-Robert Maynard Hutchins

Great Start to Quality


Great Start to Quality is the State of Michigan's quality rating and improvement system. Centers and child care homes are rated on a 5 star system based on an evaluation process that encompasses all aspects of quality child care. The star system rates child care centers and homes from a one star level that denotes basic licensing requirements to a four or five star rating denoting highest quality.


The Children's Place Learning Center is proud to have earned a 4 star rating. We are currently awaiting our final evaluation, which could move us to a 5 star rating.


For more information on the Great Start to Quality system, go to 

Will your child be 4 by Oct. 1, 2014?
The Children's Place Learning Center is a KC Ready 4s and GSRP approved site. These programs offer tuition assistance to attend our Preschool Program. Please see Kathy for an application or more information.
Playdough Fun!
Features of Clothes
We are excited to welcome Amy Manley and her son, Clayton, as part of our clothing study. They are our guests today (Tuesday), when we talk about baby clothes and compare/contrast them to clothes preschoolers wear.
As we look at our focus question for this week, "What are the features of clothes?", we use math skills to compare and sort different items of clothing. We'll explore the different textures found in certain clothing.
To reinforce our clothing study at home, talk with your child about clothes. Examine the fabrics together and talk about how clothes are made. Look at the labels on clothing and talk about where the clothes are made.
Outdoor Adventures
Clothing Celebration

We have reached the conclusion of our first study in the Creative Curriculum and are ready to celebrate all that we have learned!


As we end this study, children are now able to summarize different types and features of clothing, how clothing is made, and ways to care for the things that we wear. As toddlers discuss these details, it helps to solidify their understanding of the topic. 


Offering closure at the end of a lengthy study helps to wrap up the topic by helping students to organize the information into a meaningful context in their minds, and lets the children know that a new study is about to begin. Our next focus.... Buildings!


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Tax information is available at the bottom of your child's billing statement.


On each statement through April, your statement will include a line "Yr. Total 2013". This is the amount of child care tuition you were billed for 2013. Our Tax ID is also listed under this line.


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