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Contributors to This Issue

Bruce Bishop

Lola Brown

Hélèna Katz

Josephine Matyas

Marty Rice

Joanne Sasvari

Things ground to a slow crawl over the holiday season - a time of year when friends and family come first. But with the New Year come new travel experiences and - hopefully - a turnaround in the publishing world with new writing opportunities for TMAC members! To this end, our President has issued a "pitching challenge," and I am on board (see the Member News section for details). You?

- Josephine Matyas, TMAC Travels editor

Message From the President

applauseFive ways that industry will benefit from the Wales conference:  

1) Industry members usually outnumber our media members at TMAC conferences. But with a record breaking 105 media members registered for our marketplace in Wales, industry members who attend are bound to feel like the belle of the ball.  

2) A number of TMAC media members are attending their first conference or haven't been in many years. They include:

·    Barb Sligl, editor of Just for Canadian Doctors Magazine

·    Gizelle Lau, online editor for

·    Anita Draycott, managing editor of GolfStyle Magazine

·    Tim Johnson, contributor to Canadian Family

·    Hamilton Spectator columnist Mary K. Nolan

·    HomeSpa editor Amanda Ross  

3) More than a dozen key British travel journalists have been invited to attend - more than you'll see in one sitting at a GoMedia Marketplace. 

4) Add an extra day or two to make sales calls to more British media outlets and other people who are key to helping you make your destination top of mind in Britain.  

5) If you aren't able to attend the Wales conference, our flexible sponsorship program offers industry members a variety of opportunities to still make sure their presence is felt at the conference. Please contact our conference manager Tina Hutchinson to discuss ways that your organization can have a presence in Wales.



- Hélèna Katz, TMAC president

Chapter News

Chapter_BCBRITISH COLUMBIA - Welcome to new members! 

The B.C. chapter of TMAC would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest media members, Irene Butler of Richmond and Barb Sligl of Vancouver. Don't forget to join our Facebook group, and we hope to see you both at an event soon! 

Upcoming events:

Jan. 16: The Business of Doing Business 

As we enter this brave new decade, many of us are wondering how we can continue making a living at what we enjoy best: travelling the world and telling stories about it. That's why the B.C. chapter of TMAC is hosting The Business of Doing Business, a full-day seminar on all you need to know to face the year ahead. 

Join us on Saturday, Jan. 16, at the brand-new Pinnacle at the Pier hotel in North Vancouver (right next to Lonsdale Quay and only a block away from the SeaBus terminal).  

Registration opens at 9 a.m., and we'll kick things off at 10 with an inspirational message from branding expert Danielle Laporte on building your brand in a creative industry. We'll also have presentations on taxes including the new HST; copyright and what you can do to protect yours; media training; and developing your online presence for (almost) free with Vancouver celebrity blogger Rebecca Bollwitt. 

In addition, North Shore Tourism will host a lunch featuring some of North and West Vancouver's most celebrated dining destinations. The Pinnacle will offer tours of the Lower Mainland's newest conference hotel. And then, to wrap things up, we'll meet around 4 p.m. for cocktails, canapés and a little inspirational brainstorming in The Lobby bar and restaurant, courtesy of Vincor and the Pinnacle at the Pier. 

And you will get all this for only $20 if you RSVP in advance, or $25 at the door. We're also welcoming non-members for $40 in advance and $45 at the door.  

For more details, check our Facebook page and your email inbox; to RSVP, contact Meaghen Ng at

- Joanne Sasvari, British Columbia chapter chair

Chapter_ABALBERTA - No report. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

- Jessica Harcombe Fleming, Alberta chapter chair

Chapter_ONONTARIO - Finances: 

Dan Young, treasurer, reported that we have $6,643.28 in the bank. 

Social/PD session:

It was felt it would be good to have a PD session followed by a social event that didn't entail much sponsorship. This would also provide an opportunity to honour past presidents. Ron Brown suggested that for the PD session, there would be interest on the topic of contracts which writers are asked to sign. The first week of May was chosen as a good time to hold the event (being well past the AGM and into good weather as well as being between M&Ms). Venues suggested included the Rectory Café on the island and Palais Royale. Liz Campbell and Kattrin Sieber will work on this. 

New Member Recruitment: 

We will try to encourage new industry reps by inviting three or four personally to each future M&M, subject to the approval of the hosts. In addition, we will encourage members to invite potential guests, also subject to the same approval. 


New contributions have been received and Ron Brown plans to ask past presidents for their binders as well as anyone else who have material to provide.


National board nominations:

Evelyn Hannon will be running for the national board. Please support Evelyn's bid to be on the board. We are encouraging Ontario chapter members to run.

- Mike Keenan (media) & Marty Rice (industry)

Ontario co-chairs and

Chapter_NSATLANTIC - No report at this time. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

- Sandra Phinney, Atlantic chapter chair

Conference Committee Report


TMAC's 2010 Conference & AGM is only two months away, and the city of Cardiff, Wales, is ready to welcome you! The speakers are booked, the tours are planned, the events are organized and we even have a few pleasant surprises in store for you.  

This is the most exciting conference TMAC has ever hosted, and that's certainly reflected in the numbers of media who've already signed up to attend: As of our Dec. 1 early bird deadline, a record-breaking 105 media members were registered, along with 59 industry and 17 companions. 

There has never been a better opportunity for our industry members to grab the media's attention. And the very best way to do that is through sponsorship. Whether it's a lunch or a luggage tag, a TMAC sponsorship keeps your name front and centre with the people who really matter. TMAC offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities at every price level, with plenty of creative freedom for customizing your own package. For more information, please contact Tina Hutchinson at 416-934-0599 ext. 315 or

And if you haven't registered yet for the conference, don't worry, there's still time. 

You can sign up for the conference and take advantage of the 25 per cent Air Canada discount right up until events begin on March 7. You can even apply for a pre or post tour until Jan. 15. And don't forget: tours are also open to industry and companions for a small daily fee. 

You won't have a better opportunity to party with your TMAC friends and colleagues all year, so we hope to see you there!

TMAC's 2010 Conference & AGM: The Word on Wales runs March 7 to 11 in Cardiff, Wales. Visit for more details. And keep reading TMAC Travels for the latest Word on Wales.

- Joanne Sasvari, TMAC conference committee co-chair

Member News

Member_NewsQuery challenge from the Prez!

OK, so maybe I went overboard. But sometimes you have to do that to get work. While cleaning up my office over the Christmas holidays, I found piles of story ideas waiting for a good home. I decided that it was time for them to leave the orphanage, so I sat down and began trying to find the right markets for them. I pitched 15 ideas to 11 markets. Many were travel-related, a few were not. I thought I was finished, but I keep turning up more ideas.

I'm now launching the first-ever TMAC Query Challenge. "Contestants" will pitch as many ideas as they can throughout the month of January. They can be story ideas or book proposals. They can be for print, radio, television or online markets that pay. At the end of the month, we'll tally up the number of media members who participated and the number of ideas pitched. If any of your pitches landed you an assignment, let us know and we'll count that, too.  

In the February newsletter, we'll announce the top three winners for the most pitches sent. What do you get? Bragging rights for your industriousness and a better chance of landing assignments. After all, the more good pitches you have in circulation, the better your chances of landing work. If you'd like to participate, drop me - Hélèna Katz - a note at  

Now let your creative juices flow!

To Market, To Market


by TMAC media member, Lola Augustine Brown

In this month's column, markets columnist Lola Augustine Brown collates a list of U.S. airline magazines that use freelance content

Please click here to read the article.

Ask an Expert

ask_expertASK AN EXPERTBruce Bishop - Jan 2010

Things you should know about writing a guidebook

In this article, TMAC member and former TMAC President Bruce Bishop takes questions about guidebook writing.

Please click here to read the article.

TMAC Travels - Newsletter Submission Guidelines
Submissions should fit into one of the following categories:


Professional news about you: books published, awards won, new markets obtained, positions attained, requests for travel-related information (story-specific requests ONLY), contact/profile information updates/changes.

Social notices about you: weddings, babies, non-industry awards and so on (at the editor's discretion and with a 50-word limit; these must be things directly connected to the member).

NOT allowed: requests for comps (airfare, accommodation, tickets, etc.), assignment requests, promotion of stories already written.


Professional news about you/your company: announcement ONLY of new products, new clients, travel-related info requests, contact/profile updates/changes.

Social notices: as per Media, above.

NOT allowed: press releases, promotion of anything beyond new products, new clients or awards. (For information on distributing electronic press releases to all media members for a fee of $75, please contact TO Corp at

The newsletter also seeks chapter news and info on press trips (short descriptions with dates, rough itineraries, requirements - e.g. assignment letter) as well as tips, news and updates submitted by members.

Items must be sent, with "TMAC TRAVELS" in the subject line, to Josephine Matyas at Items may be edited for length, grammar or clarity. The newsletter will be delivered to members by e-mail by the middle of every month.  Material should be sent by the 1st of each month unless the editor gives prior approval.

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