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Elle Andra-Warner

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Hélèna Katz

Josephine Matyas

Sandra Phinney

Marty Rice

Joanne Sasvari

Short and sweet. The month of December is usually hijacked by interest in the holidays, so the newsletter this time around is shorter than usual (but still as sweet as ever!). 

The news about the changing markets and the new - and controversial - contracts is not just news for writers; industry members will want to read and understand these changes as well. You'll find more on this topic in president Hélèna's message to members. 

There are also many new members - on both the media and the industry side. Why not drop them a line and welcome them into The Tribe? 

Joyeuses Fêtes . . . Happy Holidays! Good health and great joy to all.

- Josephine Matyas, TMAC Travels editor

President's Report

applauseThere's money in your contracts 

The book contract arrived in the mail. I sat down with a pen and began marking it up, like an editor slicing and dicing a story. Only this was my livelihood. I thought carefully about the financial implications of each clause, and looked for what the contract wasn't telling me. 

I requested minor changes to some clauses, added others that I thought were missing, asked for a higher advance, and a better split on licensing if my book was ever used for a film or television production. Then I waited. And waited. But most of my requested changes were accepted, including a 15 per cent increase in my advance, and a 50/50 split (instead of their standard 10 per cent for the writer and 90 per cent for the publisher) on licensing for production.  

It's sometimes hard to ask for what we're worth, but it's important to do because it shows that we're savvy business people and our work has value. That's a message that we need to share with publishers whenever we see contract clauses that erode our ability to earn a living by, for example, taking additional rights for no compensation. 

Please take a moment to read about Transcontinental's latest contract at and then vote in TMAC's online survey before December 14 about whether you think we should join the coalition of writing organizations that have come together on this issue. 

If we don't stand up for ourselves, who will?



- Hélèna Katz, TMAC president

Chapter News

Chapter_BCBRITISH COLUMBIA - Recent events: 

Dec. 4: Festive board lunch 

Need some incentive to run for the B.C. chapter board of directors next spring? Then keep in mind our annual tradition of gathering for a festive lunch each December to thank the TMAC members who volunteer so much of their time to plan the events, send out the invites, maintain the accounts, sit in meetings and undertake all the myriad tasks involved in keeping such a vibrant group going. This year we gathered at the new Society restaurant in Yaletown, which hosted us for a round of their clever comfort food. Maybe we'll see you there next year! 

Upcoming events:

Jan. 16: The Business of Doing Business 

So, how's business? If you're like most of us, you've had a challenging year and are wondering what 2010 will hold. And that means you can't miss the B.C. chapter's Business of Doing Business event. 

Join us on Saturday, January 16, for a full day of seminars and workshops that will help all of us tackle our jobs just a little bit better. We'll explore everything from copyright issues to taxes to media training to branding - with a little socializing thrown in just for fun. It will be held at the Pinnacle at the Pier, a brand new business-oriented property on the North Shore, and will feature some pretty impressive speakers, including White Hot Truth's branding expert Danielle Laporte. We'll network over lunch hosted by North Shore Tourism and wrap-up cocktails hosted by the Pinnacle at the Pier and Vincor.  

That's not all.  

We would love it if TMACers outside Vancouver and in other chapters across Canada could join us, so the Pinnacle has agreed to offer a media rate for accommodation. Just email Meaghen Ng at to let us know if you're interested in attending. 

We also want to open this up to non-TMAC media and industry in B.C., so if there's anyone you think should be there, please let us know and we'd be delighted to add them to the invite list.  

Note that, unlike most of our events, there will be a small fee attached to this one to cover the cost of speakers - only $20 for TMAC members and $40 for non-members. 

All details will be posted on our Facebook page as soon as we've confirmed them. Meanwhile, keep an eye on your inbox for your invitation. This is an opportunity you won't want to miss. 

- Joanne Sasvari, British Columbia chapter chair

Chapter_ABALBERTA - TMAC's Alberta chapter came together for a festive holiday Munch & Mingle at one of Calgary's newest eateries - The Italian Kitchen - on a chilly evening in November. They came all the way from Banff, and from throughout the city to warm up in this cosy new American-Italian venue. Welcomed by Executive Chef Miles Assoun, we shared a few glasses of wine, noshed on delectable canapés and caught up with current and potential members. Chef Assoun brings over 10 years of experience in the culinary arts. He joins Italian Kitchen after five years as Executive Chef at Il Sogno, as well as his expertise from opening Calgary's own, Capo. Chef Assoun has designed a menu bursting with flavour and high in value. The night capped off with a list of gifts to rival the goodies in Santa's sleigh, ranging from mountain getaways, to festive holiday theatre shows, to gourmet meals and more.


TMAC Alberta's membership committee also launched the "Top Five Reasons to Join TMAC Alberta" in the form of snazzy info cards that can be given out to potential members to encourage new involvement. Given out at the recent Munch & Mingle, the cards were a hit and are already producing some strong interest from members wishing to recruit their contacts to join the organization.

- Jessica Harcombe Fleming, Alberta chapter chair

Chapter_ONONTARIO - The Ontario chapter is putting a push on to recruit Ontario chapter members who are interested to put their name forward to run for the national board. Evelyn Hannon and Catherine Kaloutsky have graciously agreed to run for a position on the national board.  

The Ontario chapter will not have a December meeting, but will resume in the new year with a M&M on January 26, 2010 at the Delta Chelsea Hotel (sponsor for the evening).  We have also decided to have a M&M just prior to the AGM in Wales on February 23, which will be hosted by Travel South USA.    

We are looking into the possibility of a PD session, followed by a social to honour past presidents. This will take place the first week of May and the topic of the session will be a look at the type of contracts that writers are now being asked to sign.   

New members: we are encouraging Ontario chapter members to invite potential new members to future M&Ms.   

Media member Ron Brown has undertaken the enormous task of putting together the TMAC archives, and at some point will approach some universities about accepting the archives.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to one and all!

- Mike Keenan (media) & Marty Rice (industry)

Ontario co-chairs and

Chapter_NSATLANTIC -Can you match this folks? Seventy-eight per cent (yes, 78!) of our media members in Atlantic Canada are registered for Wales and we're aiming to top that up. Consider this announcement our way of dropping the gauntlet. Will any other chapter beat our attendance? This would be one case where we'd be happy to run second best. So step up to the plate everyone. We dare you to better 78 per cent.

- Sandra Phinney, Atlantic chapter chair

Conference Committee Report


That whooshing sound you heard on December 1 was the early bird deadline for TMAC's 2010 conference whistling by. Or maybe it was the sound of all those people rushing to sign up for what is sure to be the party of the year.  

At last count, the conference in Cardiff, Wales, will boast a record-shattering 105 media attendees - many of them new to TMAC. (Our last record of 92 was in 2009 in Richmond, B.C.) This will offer an unprecedented opportunity for our industry members in the marketplace and other networking situations. And it will only get better, because in January we will also be sending out invitations to key U.K. media to join us for an informal marketplace and castle night.  

Now, just because the early bird registration has passed, that doesn't mean you can't still sign up. Although some pre and post tours are full, there's still room on others for both you and your companion (just remember that tours will close in mid January). And, although the early bird discount has passed, you can register for the conference itself and take advantage of the 25 per cent Air Canada discount right up until events begin on March 7.  

You won't have a better opportunity to party with your TMAC friends and colleagues all year, so we hope to see you there!  

TMAC's 2010 Conference & AGM: The Word on Wales runs March 7 to 11 in Cardiff, Wales. Visit for more details. And keep reading TMAC Travels for the latest Word on Wales.

- Joanne Sasvari, TMAC conference committee co-chair

Member News

Member_NewsCall for archive material! Ron Brown, the member of the Ontario chapter responsible for TMAC archives, is asking fellow members to help in assembling our archive material. Many members have already helped in providing minutes, photos, AGM agendas and summaries. Members - especially past presidents and national board members - who have material worthy of inclusion should contact Ron at Ron is also looking for suggestions as to where we might house this material. 

Cultural navigator Andrew Princz of recently launched a travel film series, "Travels ontheglobe," in Montreal and Toronto, with some segments playing to sold-out audiences. The events are being presented in art-house movie theatres and take audiences on a multimedia journey of the featured country, followed by a local film outlining its cultural values. The monthly series has featured Peru, Angola and Kazakhstan. For further information, see the website at   

VIA Rail does its part to showcase Canada!  British Columbia is not the only province in Canada preparing to welcome travellers to Canada in 2010 - VIA Rail Canada is offering journalists (on assignment for the Olympics), a chance to experience other regions of Canada as they travel to/from Vancouver. For story ideas, ready to print articles or to request media trip assistance please visit The countdown has begun, here's your opportunity to discover gold medal subjects for your next story!   

Darcy Rhyno, Atlantic Canada's newest media member, is not only a travel and lifestyle writer but also an accomplished author. He recently took part in a fundraising concert at the Osprey Art Centre in Shelburne, N.S., reading a piece of his work titled "Crowbar, a Christmas Story."  The audience was enthralled.

George Burden has a cameo role (well, he appears for four seconds) in a short video filmed at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. The occasion is the annual dinner of the Explorer's Club. WARNING: content is not for the faint-of-heart. Think eating tarantulas and cockroaches. All gussied up of course to be pleasing to the palate. Go to MSN video and search for Explorer Club National Geographic or link to

To Market, To Market


by TMAC media member, Lola Augustine Brown

In this month's column, markets columnist Lola Augustine Brown provides a round-up of magazines with travel slots open to freelancers.

Please click here to read the article.

Ask an Expert

ask_expertASK AN EXPERT

Things you should know about self-publishing

Elle October 09 Ask Expertby Elle Andra-Warner

In this article, TMAC member and author Elle Andra-Warner offers tips about self-publishing.

Please click here to read the article.

TMAC Travels - Newsletter Submission Guidelines
Submissions should fit into one of the following categories:


Professional news about you: books published, awards won, new markets obtained, positions attained, requests for travel-related information (story-specific requests ONLY), contact/profile information updates/changes.

Social notices about you: weddings, babies, non-industry awards and so on (at the editor's discretion and with a 50-word limit; these must be things directly connected to the member).

NOT allowed: requests for comps (airfare, accommodation, tickets, etc.), assignment requests, promotion of stories already written.


Professional news about you/your company: announcement ONLY of new products, new clients, travel-related info requests, contact/profile updates/changes.

Social notices: as per Media, above.

NOT allowed: press releases, promotion of anything beyond new products, new clients or awards. (For information on distributing electronic press releases to all media members for a fee of $75, please contact TO Corp at

The newsletter also seeks chapter news and info on press trips (short descriptions with dates, rough itineraries, requirements - e.g. assignment letter) as well as tips, news and updates submitted by members.

Items must be sent, with "TMAC TRAVELS" in the subject line, to Josephine Matyas at Items may be edited for length, grammar or clarity. The newsletter will be delivered to members by e-mail by the middle of every month.  Material should be sent by the 1st of each month unless the editor gives prior approval.

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