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Youth ministry is hard work. We are strengthened personally and professionally when we get together regularly to share our stories, swap ideas, learn from each other and lean on each other.  Make time this month to join in on one of these network opportunities, or have coffee with a youth worker near you!

Duluth Area Network Meetings:
Second Thursday of Every Month, 10:00am
Beaner's in West Duluth
Contact Deb Westerberg for more info.

Brainerd Area Network Meetings:
Second Thursday of Every Month, 10:00am
Caribou Coffee on Hwy 371
Contact Sarah Marshall for more info.
Cert Schools

Vibrant Faith Training School 
This unique training experience changes lives, equips leaders, and transforms congregations in effective and creative faith formation, culminating in creating a ministry plan that will guide your efforts with children, youth, and families. Learn more.

Sponsored by

Youth Leadership 
This program is a unique, holistic leadership development program that covers the key areas of ministry. We come alongside you as you grow as a leader in your particular context, sharpen your vision and encourage your calling. Learn more. 
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The NE MN Synod is on Facebook! Join today for synod updates and to share your questions and ministries! Search for "Northeastern Minnesota Synod, ELCA" or click here to join.
February 16, 2017

The other day as I was driving to work, for whatever reason I was thinking about the twists and turns that have brought me to where I am in ministry today. And I concluded that it's all Linnea Swenson's fault. I was going to have a fun summer in Duluth after my freshman year in college, and then Linnea called. "Hey, they're looking for a cook at this camp I worked at. Are you interested?" So I worked at camp. And it changed the course of my life.
Your college-age young adults are making their summer plans, and they need you to be a Linnea Swenson in their life. Who needs a call from you (or a text, or a chat over coffee) saying "Hey, there are some great camps in our area and across the country that could use you this summer. How can I connect you?" Use the links in the box to the left to connect them to one that matches their interests and gifts. It could change the course of their life.
Together in Christ,   
Catherine Anderson 
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Cardia Deo  

March 3-5, 2017 Cardia Deo Logo
Big Sandy Camp, McGregor 

Last day to register is February 20th!

This is President's Day, which means there is no mail. So please email Catherine by Monday if you are adding registrations, and be sure the forms are in the mail no later than February 21st!

More information and registration forms can be found at: 
The Synod Journey
to the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering  
...what does THIS mean?

 Journey with us to explore this deep and challenging question...

Life and faith. THIS is hard.
Life and faith. THIS is real.
Life and faith. THIS can change everything.

Congregations in NE MN Synod are invited to join the Synod Journey on a year long journey to explore what THIS means in their live and in their faith.

Join us in worship.
Join us in Bible study.
Join us on the Journey. 

ALT Year: A Gap Year Experience 
Abundant Life Together (ALT Year) is a transformative nine-month experience for young Christians ages 18-25 to explore faith, identity, calling, and justice while living, learning, and serving in the midst of a community. ALT Year encourages participants to engage the intersection of church and culture in order to both deepen their personal understanding of how they are called into the world and to locate themselves in the midst of the Christian narrative. The ALT experience hosts a wide array of activities to allow participants to be holistically nurtured, including mentorships, service, folk-school learning sessions, monthly trips, living in intentional community with peers, and faith practices. If this sounds like an experience you or someone you know would be interested in, please visit our website at to learn more. Applications for Fall 2017 are currently being accepted.  
Discipleship Challenge: WONDER

How are you WONDERING together this fall? This year's Discipleship Challenge invites you to WONDER together for at least 10 minutes every time you gather, and we have new resources posted to help you do this! The Practice Discipleship curriculum, Wonder, has been adapted to use as five minute devotions, 10-15 minute discussions, 30-45 minute session, or use the original curriculum for a one hour discussion/study. Webinars from the curriculum can be paused for group discussion as questions are posed. Or use the writer videos to initiate discussion. So many options to WONDER together! Find out more and get these resources at:
Continuing Education Events Beyond Our Synod
Our synod is located just hours away from some of the top youth ministry training in the nation! Click on the organizations below for a complete listing of training opportunities!
Youth Leadership

Offers 3 hour, one day, intensive and certificate programs.


Peer Ministry / Marilyn Sharpe Ministries

Living Room Summit, Peer Ministry Leadership Camps and trainings, Coaching.

Vibrant Faith Ministries
Online learning, coaching. Tons of free resources on the Faith Formation Learning Exchange
You are welcome to copy and use any of the information or writings above for use in your newsletters and other communications.

If you have any questions regarding any of these events, please contact me at the number and addresses listed below.

Catherine Anderson
Coordinator of Youth Ministry


Phone: 218.724.4424, ext. 124
Fax: 218.724.4393