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week of June 12, 2016  
Prayer Petitions 

Each Wednesday morning the synod staff meets for devotions and prays for the congregations and people of our synod. You are invited to join us.
  • Pastor John Sippola, retired in Duluth, MN
  • Pastor James Sjolie, retired in DePere, WI
  • Bethlehem Lutheran, Brainerd, and Pastor Mark Skinner & Pastor Sarah Marshall
  • Immanuel Lutheran, Princeton, and Pastor Howard Skulstad, Interim
  • Grace Lutheran, Ely, and Pastor Katie Slack
Caalwaysmpaign for the ELCA
Dear brothers and sisters,
"When we learn to read the story of Jesus and see it as the story of the love of God, doing for us what we could not do for ourselves - that insight produces, again and again, a sense of astonished gratitude which is very near the heart of authentic Christian experience." - N.T. Wright
When I first read this quote it resonated with what I've been experiencing and also trying to articulate for some time. That sense of "astonished gratitude" is authentic, true and resilient. As Wright clearly states, this feeling and way of life is at the center of a Christian life. It is not to be relegated to the margins of experience and daily living. Rather it is to be a core value, front and center.
Campaigns bring with them a sense of urgency, accountability and flexibility. We are listening to donors talk about their interests and passions. There are invitations to inform and invest time and money into people so that the story of the love of God might be proclaimed near and far in a variety of programs and projects.
I am grateful for your participation, prayers and support. I trust you will experience "astonished gratitude" at what is being done and how it is being done in Jesus' name. Together we can do more.
In Christ,
Pastor Ron Glusenkamp
Director, The Campaign for the ELCA
Campaign Progress
2015 Campaign Report now available
The Campaign for the ELCA's 2015 report is now available! In this report, you will get a glimpse of what campaign gifts made possible last year, including:
  • starting a new camp program for youth with disabilities;
  • providing international women leaders with full-tuition scholarships;
  • breaking ground on a Lutheran center and health clinic in South Sudan;
  • engaging youth in ELCA World Hunger's Walk for Water and so much more.
We invite you to continue to give of your time and talents for this amazing work. Together, we are bringing new life to the church here at home and around the world.

As you start planning for the 2016-2017 program year (and beyond!), make sure these dates for synod events are on your calendar!
Events for Youth:
November 18-19 or 19-20, 2016
Grades 6-9
And there is still time to register for the EcoFaith Youth Camp!
June 26-30, 2016
Grades 9-12

Survey for ELCA Youth:

As the ELCA considers future priorities and directions, ELCA youth are invited/encouraged/asked to take part in a brief survey to share their thoughts in the process. Please pass this link on to youth in your congregation!

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