Middle School Gathering Registration Update!

Registrations have been flying in for the NE MN Synod Middle School Gathering! Please note these important registration updates:

FRIDAY EVENT (November 20-21, 2015): Registration is OPEN and we are still accepting Group Registrations/additions!!

SATURDAY EVENT (November 21-22, 2015):
Registration is now CLOSED to NEW Group Registrations!!

What does this mean?
No NEW GROUP registrations will be accepted for the Saturday event. If you have not yet registered your group for the Middle School Gathering, you will need to sign up for the Friday night event.

Additions to EXISTING group registrations will be accepted (at the late registration fee price). Please contact registrar Marilyn Hull at 218-724-4424, ext. 127 before sending in additions to your registration to verify there is still space.

Did our group get in? 

  • If your group registration was postmarked on October 19, your group is registered for the event date you chose.
  • Due to the new postal system, mail is taking 2-3 additional days to reach Duluth. If your registration was postmarked after October 19, we might not have received it yet. We will do our best to accommodate event date choices for those registrations that were mailed before this announcement was sent (postmarked October 23 or before), but not yet arrived at our office.
  • Marilyn Hull will contact you by Monday afternoon if you have not been accepted into the Saturday event, and see if you can switch to the Friday event.

Do you have a registration or housing question?


No question is too small! We look forward to seeing you at the Middle School Gathering! 

Northeastern Minnesota Synod, ELCA