For Synod Staff Member Marilyn Hull!
Marilyn Hull, synod staff member for 26 years (!!!), is retiring. I've made public announcements about this at Conference meetings; but want everyone to know, be able to celebrate many years of good work among us, and to know that there will be a farewell party for her on Sunday, January 3, in Duluth, from 2pm-4pm (watch for details in future Online Reflections).
Marilyn has worn a number of "hats" in our synod since the beginning of the ELCA. She began working when the synod office was still on London Road. It was a house we all affectionately called the "synod house" right on the bank of Lake Superior on what is Ecumen property next to Ecumen Lakeshore Homes. Her first "job" was as a volunteer to word-process the entire Bulletin of Reports for the First Synod Assembly, held the fall of 1988 at the Holiday Inn in Eveleth. "We were smashed together like sardines, with no tables," Marilyn says, "so stop complaining about space at Assemblies!" Her title was Program Secretary, in the days of typewriters and carbon paper, DOS computer language and dot matrix printers. She warmly greeted people who walked in for appointments with the Bishop (first Bishop Roger Munson, then Bishop Peter Strommen); prepared and sent newsletters and other mailings to pastors and congregations; oversaw the Candidacy work of our synod; and developed flyers and other communication pieces for synod events. With skill and great attention to detail, she grew from assisting with to managing Synod Assemblies over the years. She also assisted with a number of committees and task forces, (many of which no longer exist) but among them Hunger, Justice, and Rural Life Concerns, which for many years has led in education and social ministry. Marilyn has seen a lot of changes over these past 26 years, some of which are both endearing and hilarious!
We appreciate you Marilyn, and we don't begrudge you a rest after 26 years.