Synod Journey Update
July 24, 2015
It's hard to believe that 2 weeks ago today, you were packing and boarding buses for Lansing and Detroit. So much happened during that time - stories told, laughter and tears, singing and prayers, love and compassion, faith challenged/transformed/renewed. God showed up on the Journey...because God has always been on our faith journeys.

Re-entry can be hard. People don't get the depth of these experiences. It's impossible to put into words those moments with young people as they pour out their hearts, as the light bulb goes off, as the spark of faith is kindled. It's hard to describe the Holy Spirit at work in your life and in the lives of those around you. Digging deep is hard and holy work. Rising Up Together is hard and holy work.

My prayer for all of us is that the encouragement, the inspiration, the holy moments of the last two weeks may fuel you to continue to dig deep in your faith and rise up together to Know the Story, Be the Story, and Tell the Story of Christ's love in the world...every day, everywhere you go.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you, and the faith-filled leaders you are in the lives of these kids. You have made a deep and lasting impact in their lives, that will bear fruit well beyond anything we can imagine!

Digging Deep Together,
Catherine Anderson and Your Synod Journey Planning Team
Synod Journey "Do Something" Video
The Synod Journey worship team has put together a final version of the "Do Something" video with pictures of our serving in Lansing.  Feel free to use this in your congregations to share the story of what we did!

The song used in the video is "Do Something" from the album, "Into the Light" by Matthew West.
Welcome Home Litany
The Gathering has put together a Welcome Home Litany to use this (or a coming) Sunday with your group. Feel free to tweak it to include our time in Lansing or other pieces you would like to include.
Synod Journey Offering Totals
I am excited to share that the offering collected at the final worship in Lansing was $2478.11! The offering will be shared with the Capital Area United Way that coordinated our servant events, to be shared with the organizations we served. Your gifts continue to serve the people of Lansing, sharing the love of Christ!
ELCA Youth Gathering Offering Totals
The totals are still be tabulated for the Sunday offerings and Walk for Water, blood donations, etc at the Gathering. Watch the ELCA Youth Gathering Facebook Page for updates! One count I have seen - as of July 22 the number of diapers received as 591,917...but they weren't done counting!
Closing Worship Liturgy
The Gathering has posted the liturgy from the Sunday Closing Worship. Click here to download.
"Staying Ready" Resource
In the next week or so, the Gathering will be posting a final Getting Ready Resource (Staying Ready) to help your group debrief their experience. Whether you use this resource or your own - please make plans to meet with your group post-Synod Journey! Just like the daily Family Times are so essential to the is equally important to bring your group together again in the next couple of weeks to talk about how they will continue to Dig Deep and Rise Up Together now that they're home!