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Youth ministry is hard work. We are strengthened personally and professionally when we get together regularly to share our stories, swap ideas, learn from each other and lean on each other.  Make time this month to join in on one of these network opportunities, or have coffee with a youth worker near you!

Be sure to confirm meetings before attending during the busy summer months!

Duluth Area Network Meetings:
Second Thursday of Every Month, 10:00am
Beaner's in West Duluth
Contact Deb Westerberg for more info.

Brainerd Area Network Meetings:
Second Thursday of Every Month, 10:00am
Caribou Coffee on Hwy 371
Contact Stacy Johnson for more info.
Cert Schools

Vibrant Faith Training School 
This unique training experience changes lives, equips leaders, and transforms congregations in effective and creative faith formation, culminating in creating a ministry plan that will guide your efforts with children, youth, and families. Learn more.

Sponsored by

Youth Leadership 
This program is a unique, holistic leadership development program that covers the key areas of ministry. We come alongside you as you grow as a leader in your particular context, sharpen your vision and encourage your calling. Learn more. 
June 3, 2015

What's your story? What's God's Story? What's God's Story for you? Story is a prevalent theme this coming year - for the Synod Journey and ELCA Youth Gathering, for the 2015-2016 Discipleship Challenge, for Practice Discipleship...and really, for every day we live following Jesus. You can read a bit about how we're going to share God's Story this coming year...and read about some stories from this past year in my Report to the 2015 Synod Assembly.


Prayers for all of you as you spend the summer sharing God's story with young people around campfires, in vans and buses, in church basements, and everywhere in between. Thank you, thank you for the engaging, creative, meaningful and very hard work you do to share the Story of God's love in Jesus!


Together in Christ,  

Catherine Anderson 

Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Mark Your Calendar! 2015-2016 Events

As you make plans for your 2015-2016 program year, be sure to add these events to your calendar! More information will be included in the Fall Youth Ministry Resource Packet mailed to congregations in August, and posted online at

Events for Youth!
Middle School Gathering  
November 20-21 OR 21-22, 2015
Grades 6-9
Speaker: Pastor Mike Carlson
Confirmation Theme: Ten Commandments Cragun's Resort, Brainerd

Cardia Deo 
March 4-6, 2016
Grades 9-12
Learning Theme: Sent
Big Sandy Camp, McGregor

Events for Adults!

Congregational Learning Event
September 15, 2015

Equip a team from your congregation to use Discipleship Challenge and Practice Discipleship resources in your congregation's ministries. These resources are useful for your entire congregation - not just youth ministry!


January 16, 2016

RECHARGE is a one-day multi-denominational conference to inspire and equip church staff and their volunteers for ministry with children, youth and families. The NE MN Synod is excited to partner with Youth Leadership to bring this premiere training event to our area! More information will be posted this summer at


ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza: "Wonder"
February 5-8, 2016
Adults who work with children, youth and families
Anaheim, CA
2015-2016 Discipleship Challenge
We are living in the middle of God's story. God's story includes all of creation and the specific life of Jesus. Within that story we live and tell our life stories-the places we live, the gifts of our neighbors, what it means to serve, and what matters most in growing up and into discipleship. We live by stories. They tell us where we came from, help us talk about challenges, and inspire us to make choices for good. This year's Discipleship Challenge will concentrate on weaving together God's story with stories of self, others, and the places into which God calls us.

Click here for a preview of what is planned for the 2015-2016 Discipleship Challenge. All resources will be posted by the end of August! 
PV for Phebe
Earlier this month at the Northeastern Minnesota Synod Assembly, the body passed a resolution in support of a mission to bring solar energy to a critical hospital in Liberia. The "PV for Phebe" project was inspired by a group of bold Northeastern women and supported by a memorial overwhelmingly passed at last year's WELCA Triennial gathering.

Now the Synod has declared "Solar August" to lift up this important mission mindfully and prayerfully and raise awareness and funds. Getting our youth involved is vital. Indeed, young people provide vitality in our congregations, and we have all witnessed the incredible power of a movement led by young people. With the busyness of summer dividing our attention in a million directions, consider how our youth might be inspired by this life-giving project and how they could see themselves as leaders in this mission. Looking beyond August, consider how a project like PV for Phebe could be incorporated into your continuing ministry to connect the points of view of your youth to the perspectives of young people growing up in Liberia. There are several resources available at - check them out and see what could work for your youth ministry!
Peer Ministry Leadership Training
August 21 (evening) - 22, 2015
Calvary Lutheran Church, Mora
Grades 9 (in fall 2016) - adults of all ages


Are you interested in equipping youth and adults to be leaders in your congregation, community and the world - through your ministry programs and in their everyday lives? Peer Ministry Leadership trains youth and adults to use their gifts in small and big ways that engage them in ministry. Cost is $70 per person. Congregations are highly encouraged to cover half the cost ($35) for youth participants. For more information and to register, contact Susan Williams at 320-679-1706 or

NE MN Synod Facebook Group - Join Today!
The NE MN Synod is on Facebook! Join today for synod updates and to share your questions and ministries! Search for "Northeastern Minnesota Synod, ELCA" or click here to join.
Youth Leadership Certification Program


Youth Leadership is excited to announce our REDESIGNED

Youth Ministry Certificate Program. This program is a unique, holistic leadership development program that covers the key areas of ministry. We come alongside of you as you grow as a leader in your particular context, sharpen your vision and encourage your calling.  



THE NEW FORMAT incorporates online classes so that no matter where you are in the world, you can grow in your ministry. This program will reach more leaders in ministry and is more affordable, but will keep the same relational, practical learning environment that Youth Leadership is famous for. This cohort format is unlike any certificate program out there.


The first cohort begins August 2015! Learn more.

Continuing Education Events Beyond Our Synod
Our synod is located just hours away from some of the top youth ministry training in the nation! Click on the organizations below for a complete listing of training opportunities!
Youth Leadership

Offers 3 hour, one day, intensive and certificate programs.


Peer Ministry / Marilyn Sharpe Ministries

Living Room Summit, Peer Ministry Leadership Camps and trainings, Coaching.

Vibrant Faith Ministries
Online learning, coaching. Tons of free resources on the Faith Formation Learning Exchange
You are welcome to copy and use any of the information or writings above for use in your newsletters and other communications.

If you have any questions regarding any of these events, please contact me at the number and addresses listed below.

Catherine Anderson
Coordinator of Youth Ministry


Phone: 218.724.4424, ext. 124
Fax: 218.724.4393