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Pray for Peace. Act for Peace.
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Welcome, Scott Stoner!
July 20 Combined Online Open House
Fall Courses: How to Choose?
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Pray for Peace. Act for Peace
Reflections from President Ferlo following the June 12 attack
on the LGBTQ community

Posted on Facebook June 13, 2016 

Dear Friends,

Yesterday afternoon, I joined with hundreds of gay and straight Chicagoans at a silent vigil in Lakeview, a neighborhood known affectionately as "Boystown," as we mourned for those killed in Orlando in that horrendous firestorm of bullets and prayed for the wounded. We heard addresses
Vigil for Pulse Nightclub Dead and Wounded
[Orlando Sentinel image]
from several people, including two young Christian ministers, a Muslim educator, the new Superintendent of Police, several state and local politicians, a cousin of one of those murdered, and two Southside mothers whose children were shot and killed by stray bullets in what seems the endless gun violence that stains this city with innocent blood. A SWAT team stood warily to one side; I wish I could say their presence was a consolation.

As you may know, I was for 10 years rector of the Church of St. Luke in the Fields, situated in Greenwich Village, like Boystown in Chicago, a neighborhood that is the epicenter of local gay and lesbian life. I went to the Lakeview vigil on Sunday as a witness to the deep Christian love I experienced throughout my time at St. Luke in the Fields and throughout my life, through deep friendships with members of the gay community.  
Bexley Seabury Moves Will Soon Be in Motion
VISIT US SOON in Chicago's Hyde Park/Woodlawn neighborhood   

The consolidation of our two sites, announced last November, is about to begin. A month from now, all of Bexley Seabury will be under one roof at Chicago Theological Seminary in Chicago's historic and vibrant Hyde Park/Woodlawn neighborhood. The photos here offer a quick tour of our new location.

Shirla Langknecht, Columbus office manager, is busy overseeing packing and other relocation preparations at Bexley House on Sheridan Avenue at Trinity Lutheran Seminary. Shirla and faculty members Jason Fout and
KJ Oh will officially conclude our time there Friday, July 1.

We are deeply grateful for the cheerful assistance Shirla has offered during her time on staff. We will miss Shirla, puppy Zeke, and the cavalcade of flamingos that followed Shirla to work every Christmas for an extra infusion of seasonal cheer. Best wishes, Shirla!

Lynn Bowers, HR and accounting manager and event coordinator, did a fine job coordinating the move from Evanston to the Lutheran Center, and once again is responsible for directing the move from Higgins Road in 
Northwest Chicago. Lynn is coordinating all necessary
preparations for moving day, Saturday, July 23. As the 
photos here illustrate, nearly everything will be altogether different at the new campus. However, all phone numbers with a 773 area code as well as the toll-free number, 800-275-8235 and email addresses, will travel to the new location. Watch this space and bexleyseabury.edu for additional contact information.


We look forward to welcoming you to our new home on the second floor of Chicago Theological Seminary's beautiful facility. The entire campus is environmentally responsible, accessible to persons with differing needs, and well-equipped for both community building and distance learning.

Make plans to visit us soon and see for yourself!

 Effective Monday, July 25, 2016:
 Bexley Seabury
1407 East 60th Street
Chicago IL 60637-2902

Welcome to the Faculty, Scott Stoner
Enhancing student formation, curriculum, and community life with attention to wellness and healing

We are delighted to welcome back Scott Stoner (Seabury-Western '81) as the newest member of our faculty team. Scott joined us just a few weeks ago, but already is helping to shape community life in new ways.

Known to many as the creator of Living Compass, a faith-based wellness ministry, Scott has successfully applied the lessons he learned in his 20-plus years of pastoral and family counseling to congregational, and now seminary life. Scott will teach masters- and doctoral-level courses, contribute to student formation, work with faculty colleagues to refine and enliven our curriculum, and share his wisdom and insight. Read more about Scott and his exemplary work 

July 20 Combined Online Open House
Another first in reaching out to prospective students  
Recruiter Jaime Briceno was happy with the first online open house this past March, hosted by Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation. But after meeting Brendan Hughes, vice president of enrollment management for Episcopal Divinity School, at a conference in Arizona, the two came up with a new idea -- a joint online open house.

Noting that the two seminaries are not in competition and both schools are diverse and welcoming seminaries, Briceno said that the two schools want to help people discern their call to lay or ordained ministry.

The combined open house will be on Wednesday, July 20, from 6:30 p.m. to
7:30 p.m. Central (7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern) time. From the comfort of their couches (or wherever they prefer) and connecting online,  participants will be able to 
learn what it's like to study at Bexley Seabury and EDS today, and hear from students, faculty, and leadership.

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE who might benefit from learning more about Episcopal Divinity School and Bexley Seabury? More information and online registration here
2015-2016 Annual Fund Closing Soon
MANY THANKS to all who have contributed
MANY THANKS to everyone who has responded so positively to President Ferlo's May 31 request for contributions to the 2015-2016 Annual Fund. We deeply appreciate each and every gift.    
Because the Episcopal Church gives no support to its accredited seminaries, Bexley Seabury depends on the generosity of its alumnae/alumni and other supporters who value theological education offered in a generous spiritual and intellectual tradition.

Now, just a few days remain until this academic and fiscal year ends on June 30. If you haven't yet, please considering making a gift to help us offer more scholarship support for incoming students.

GIVE ONLINE...or GIVE BY PHONE at 708-380-6785...or GIVE BY MAIL at the address below. 

Bexley Seabury | 8765 West Higgins Road, Suite 650 | Chicago, IL 60631

Every contribution makes a difference. THANK YOU. 
Fall Courses: How to Choose?  
Register online through August 19 

Excitement is in the air as staff and faculty ready their move to our new campus in Chicago's Hyde Park/Woodlawn district. Here are some brief descriptions on fall offerings. You can register online through August 17 -- please spread the word!

Anglican Formation
... This mid-week intensive led by KJ Oh will meet on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. Ordination candidates and other participants meet in a retreat-like setting for prayer, mutual support, and holy conversation on topics related to the Anglican Christian tradition and how to inculcate spiritual practices that integrate heart, soul, and mind. 

Anglican and Episcopal History
meets three weekends, Sept. 16-17, Oct 14-15, Nov. 11-12, with ongoing learning online. This hybrid course with
Tom Ferguson provides an introduction to history and development of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion, with particular attention given to Anglicanism as a diverse, globalized faith community. 

Liturgy and Music: Development and Theology
brings students and faculty together in the classroom Sept. 23-24, Oct. 21-22, Nov. 18-19, with interim online learning. New Academic Dean Terry DeLisio teams up once again with Milner Seifert to teach this course, which introduces students to the principles and practices of Anglican worship with particular focus on liturgical tradition and practice in the Episcopal Church. The course also examines how worship principles and practices have evolved as well as the theology and use of music in worship. 

Death of the Beautiful Young Man: The Erotics of Redemption
meets Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Nov. 4-5, and Dec. 2-3, onsite sessions linked by online learning. In this popular course, John Dally asks "Why is Jesus so often portrayed as young and beautiful in suffering and death?" and "What systems of belief are encoded in artistic renderings of the crucifixion?" Such questions
will be asked through various lenses (art history, anthropology, theology, philosophy) in dialogue with painting, sculpture, music, and film.

Topics in Anglican Theology: Rowan Williams and Sarah Coakley ... 
Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Nov. 4-5, Dec. 2-3. Jason Fout will explore in depth the theology of Williams and Coakley, two significant contemporary theologians -- both connected to the Church of England, deeply involved in ministry, and representative of broader trends in Anglican theology. Close readings and discussions of Williams' and Coakley's central texts will be enriched through poetry, praying with icons, and contemplative prayer. 

Canon Law ... Starting Sept. 6, with new lessons each week, this online only, not-for-credit course with Ellen Wondra covers the basics of the canon law and polity of the Episcopal Church. Knowledge of the material is required for ordination in the Episcopal Church. 
Campus Scrapbook   
A quick glimpse of June Term 2016

On and Off Campus

Demi Prentiss (Seabury '04), speaker and author of "Radical Sending: Go to Love and Serve," has developed a four-part course now available through ChurchNext. The course is designed for clergy and church leaders seeking to move ministry into the community.

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