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Announcement from President Ferlo
An Excellent Morning with Mark Chapman
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Announcement from President Ferlo
New home for Bexley Seabury beginning July 2016

Since November, when our Board of Directors voted unanimously to consolidate in Chicago as recommended by our Beyond Walls Task Force, we have been pursuing several possible paths forward. Now, following decisions made at the Board's February meeting, we know where we are headed, and when.

After considering several alternatives, the Board voted unanimously to establish a new home for Bexley Seabury in Chicago's vibrant, ecumenically and theologically diverse Hyde Park/Woodlawn neighborhood. In July, we will unify seminary staff and faculty on the second floor of the Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) at 1407 East 60th Street.

Our association with CTS dates from 1984, when our two seminaries joined the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS) as founding members. We are very pleased to take our association with CTS to a new level and build on our many shared values.

This move will make Bexley Seabury the sixth and only Episcopal seminary located in an approximately one-mile-square area. Importantly, the move will also help us achieve the number-one goal of our 2015-2017 Strategic Plan: increased access to theological education.  

We announce this good news mindful of the many blessings of our 17-year collaboration with Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus. We look forward to celebrating our partnership with Trinity in May, and to participating in commencement there on Saturday, May 21, when we will award 2016 MDiv degrees. Then, in both Columbus and Chicago, we'll be preparing for our July move to Hyde Park/Woodlawn.

We will spend the summer months getting situated at CTS, and begin teaching there in the fall. Our offering will include our Doctor of Ministry degree (both Congregational Development and Preaching concentrations) and our Anglican Studies and Lifelong Learning programs. Pending accrediting and state licensing approvals, we also plan to offer our Master of Divinity degree at the new location.

Read the entire announcement 
An Excellent Morning with Mark Chapman in Chicago, Monday, Feb. 22
Cosponsored by Bexley Seabury and St. James Cathedral

Thanks to everyone who joined us at St. James Commons, Chicago on Monday, February 22 to consider the challenges facing the Anglican Communion as theologian Mark Chapman sees them. Mark's presentation, made topical by the January 15 Primates 2016 communique, Walking Together in the Service of God in the World, examined the historical and theological underpinnings of the push-pull dynamic between tradition and transformation that characterizes the Anglican Communion. Thoughtful questions and responses left us with plenty to think and pray on.  
Tuesday, March 8 Online Open House
HELP US invite prospective students to our one-hour webinar 
Bexley Seabury will host an Online Open House for prospective students at 6:30 pm CST on Tuesday, March 8. The one-hour webinar will include presentations by leadership and faculty as well as student perspectives on the Bexley Seabury experience.

Register today and log-on from anywhere
Tuesday, March 8 at 6:30 CST

We have set up an event page that provides information and instant registration for the March 8 webinar. With your help, we look forward to welcoming prospective students from across the country.

Who might you know, who might benefit? 
Do you have a colleague or friend who is considering a call...taking on new leadership responsibilities...looking for a way to better understand his or her faith journey? If anyone in your circle might benefit from getting better acquainted with Bexley Seabury-including our degree, diploma, certificate and lifelong learning opportunities- please consider these options:
  1. Share this issue of Community News with them using the "Forward email" link below (bottom of this page, at left).
  2. Share the link to  the March 8 Online Open House event page, which provides more information and an opportunity to register.
  3. Ask Bexley Seabury's Recruiter and Digital Missioner Jaime Briceo to get in touch with your colleague or friend. You can contact Jaime by email or phone him at 773.380.
for helping us invite new leaders to our teaching-learning community.
Apply by April 1 for DMin in Congregational Development  
Begin your studies in June 2016   

A Bexley Seabury Doctor of Ministry has become a mark of distinction, widely recognized as one of the top programs in the nation. Our DMin in Preaching program has closed for 2016, but there is still time to apply for our DMin in Congregational Development.
  • Flexible scheduling with two- or three-week Chicago residencies each June and January
  • Continuing study throughout the year conducted in your home parish and with peer cohorts online
  • Coursework that integrates theory and practice and blends collaborative, small-group work with lectures and practicums
  • Individually tailored for your ministry context
If you or someone you know is considering a DMin, help us reach out to initiate a conversation. To explore the possibilities or to refer a potential student, contact Suzann Holding
Register Now for June Term Courses in Chicago 
3-day and 5-day courses   

Whether leadership is a current responsibility or an aspiration, our June 2016 term has a lot in store for lay and ordained team leaders. Choose from four 5-day intensive courses and the 3-day 2016 Bexley Seabury Leadership Institute, all led by scholar-practitioners who are experts in their fields.
  • June 6-10...Dwight Zsheile will lead "Congregations in the 21st Century," which focuses on ways to renew congregational identity and bring new vitality to community life.
  • June 13-17...John Dally will lead "Forming Gospel-Shaped Mission," an examination of the four canonical gospels as missional documents intended to reveal what each of the authors' communities were sent to be and do.
  • June 13-17...Barbara Wilson will lead "Community Organizing for Missional Living," an opportunity to develop relationship leadership skills and learn how to engage colleagues and neighbors in community change.
  • June 20-22...Faculty from the Northwestern University Kellogg School will lead the 2016 Bexley Seabury Leadership Institute, three days focused on ways to make your congregation or organization more vital.
  • June 20-24... Roger Ferlo, Suzann Holding and faculty from the Northwestern University Kellogg School will lead "Non-Profit Management and Leadership," an extension of the three-day institute (see above) that emphasizes blending best practices with becoming a more confident and effective leader. Offered for academic credit only.
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REGISTER ONLINE using the links above through May 2.
QUESTIONS? contact Peggy Pearson 
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Reaching Toward a Goal  
WITH DEEP GRATITUDE to everyone who contributes in countless ways 
In development the word "reach" is most often associated with reaching a fundraising goal. But "reach" is also about our aspirations, our hopes, our best intentions.
Bexley Seabury is in the midst of a season of reaching, aspiring. As we approach consolidating operations the Chicago area, our Board has been prayerfully, creatively and boldly considering the vocation of a seminary. At its February 2016 meeting, the Board discussed several far-reaching proposals about partnerships, curriculum, and future leaders of The Church. Your support of the Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation reaches into those far-reaching issues.
Photo by Matthew Wiebe 
Reach is a part of our spiritual life. Think of the reach of worship -- back in time, joining us with Christians of past millennia and forward in history, to our heirs in the faith. Worship reaches across the Church, recognizably to our Episcopal sisters and brothers, to our Anglican family, our Lutheran full-communion partners, to all Christians. Worship reaches into congregations gathered; and into the heart, soul, mind, and body of each person there. It reaches out, through church doors, to those unable to join the gathered body, and into the surrounding communities. Worship reaches to all creation, giving voice to and joining all that God has made as we offer prayer and praise. By its essence, worship reaches to and from heaven.
So your support reaches far. It is part of a long, spiritual chain. 
De Profundis
By Christina Rossetti* 
Oh why is heaven built so far,
Oh why is earth set so remote?
I cannot reach the nearest star
That hangs afloat.
I would not care to reach the moon,
One round monotonous of change;
Yet even she repeats her tune
Beyond my range.
I never watch the scatter'd fire
Of stars, or sun's far-trailing train,
But all my heart is one desire,
And all in vain:
For I am bound with fleshly bands,
Joy, beauty, lie beyond my scope;
I strain my heart, I stretch my hands,
And catch at hope.

Conrad Selnick
Vice President for Advancement and Church Relations

*Christina Rossetti: 1830-1894
Of all Victorian women poets, posterity has been kindest to Christina Rossetti. Her poetry has never disappeared from view. Critical interest in Rossetti's poetry swelled in the final decades of the 20th century, a resurgence largely impelled by the emergence of feminist criticism; much of this commentary focuses on gender issues in her poetry and on Rossetti as a woman poet. In Rossetti's lifetime opinion was divided over whether she or Elizabeth Barrett Browning was the greatest female poet of the era.
Source for Rossetti poem and bio:
Telling the Story Fresh: Thursday, April 28 in Chicago 
Join us for workshops, keynote lecture, prayer and fellowship, 2-7PM   

PLEASE RESERVE Thursday afternoon, April 28 for Chicago Convocation 2016. We'll meet at St. James Commons, 65 East Huron, begin at 2 PM. Through workshops, a keynote lecture, prayer and conversation, three Bexley Seabury faculty members will help us navigate the challenges and opportunities of "Telling the Story Fresh" with assistance from two guest faculty colleagues.

President Roger Ferlo will speak to key challenges in raising and forming new leaders for a new church, how Bexley Seabury is responding, and how you can participate in the process.

Bexley Seabury Research Professor of Theology and Ethics Ellen Wondra and University of Chicago Professor Emeritus of Catholic Studies and Professor of Theology and the Philosophy of Religions David Tracy discuss how authority and power operate in the church-tacitly, informally and symbolically. Bexley Seabury Associate Professor of Anglican Theology Jason Fout will moderate.

Vanderbilt Divinity School's University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies Amy-Jill Levine will help us tune in to how parables were heard in the first century and how imagining their original meaning provides new, provocative and challenging messages for today.

5:30 PM: Evensong

6-7 PM: Reception
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TO RESERVE or for QUESTIONS, send an email to Lynn Bowers or phone Lynn at 773-380-6786.  
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On and Off Campus
Students and Alums 
Mark's advice to those considering ordination is to remember that there are many ways to live out a call other than parish ministry.
Congratulations to Air Force Chaplain the Rev.
Mark R. Juchter
(Seabury-Western '03), who was awarded a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy on Dec. 12, 2015 from Texas A&M Central Texas at the Fort Hood Family Chaplain Training Center.

Captain Juchter was featured in The Forward of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania. A native of that diocese, his father, Deacon John Juchter, served at St. Mark's in Erie, Pa., where his mother, Annabelle, continues as a parishioner.

In Mark's second year at seminary, he was commissioned as an Air Force chaplain candidate. After two years in parish ministry, he transferred to active duty, and in 2014 was accepted into the Family Life Chaplain Training Center program. Mark was one of only two USAF chaplains selected for the competitive program. Mark works with many clients who have post-traumatic stress disorder.   
From left: Lizbeth's husband, Gary; Archdeacon
Trevor Jones of the Diocese of St. Albans; Lizbeth;
lay minister Joy Johnston; and the Rev. David Alenskis, Lizbeth's colleague at St. Andrew's and St. Hilda's.
Diploma of Anglican Studies (Bexley Seabury '13) graduate the Rev. Lizbeth Tulloch recently wrote from Belize, where she is a deacon in the Anglican Diocese of Belize, serving at St. Andrew's Parish and St. Hilda's Mission until June 2016. Lizbeth reports that despite the high-profile murder last month of ABC journalist Anne Swaney in the area where she lives with her husband, Gary, life is good and that she will be posted by the bishop to a new assignment this summer. Lizbeth describes Belize as "a peaceful place with occasional hiccups." 

Deborah Brown at the altar in Julian's cell, Norwich, England. 
In a recent blog posting, the Rev. Les Carpenter (Seabury-Western '08) worte about his experience taking improvisation classes and incorporating improv as a spiritual practice. Les is rector of St. Aidan's Episcopal Church in Cypress, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Read Les' blog posting 

Bexley Seabury DMin student the Rev. Deborah Brown (Seabury-Western '08) paid a visit to St. Julian's Chapel in Norwich, England, a side trip while in the UK for our "Learning from London" course. An Oblate of the Order of Julian or Norwich, Deborah was pleased to have an opportunity to meet with the rector of St. Julian Church, the Rev. Christopher Woods, and to celebrate a Eucharist in the St. Julian Chapel. 

The Rev. 
Whitney Smith (Bexley Seabury '15) was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests on January 30 at St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Indianapolis. The photo at left, taken at Whitney's ordination, shows Bishop of Indianapolis and Bexley Seabury Director Cate Waynick adjusting his stole.   

The Rev. Douglas E. Sparks  (Seabury-Western '93) was elected eighth bishop of Northern Indiana. Pending required consents, Doug will be ordained and consecrated as bishop on June 25 at Trinity English Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Ind. Doug is currently rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Rochester, Minn. More information

Trinity Church in Covington, Ky., was filled with joy on January 9 as three new deacons were ordained by Bishop Douglas Hahn. Newly ordained are: Robert Hill (Bexley Seabury '15), sponsored by Christ Church Cathedral, and Justin Gabbard and Joe O'Brochta, both sponsored by Trinity, Covington. Robert, third from the left in the photo at right, is living in Columbus, Ohio and serving as the interim parish administrator at St. Alban's, Bexley. 
Board, Staff & Faculty
Professor Ellen K. Wondra, editor emerita of the Anglican Theological Review, attended the seating of the Rt. Rev. Peter Eaton as Bishop of Southeast Florida in early February. The preacher was the Rt. Rev. Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury.
Ron Fox, assistant to President Ferlo, attended the winter convocation of the Brotherhood of St. Gregory at Mt. Alvernia, a Franciscan Friary in Wappingers Falls, NY in late January. He is a life-professed member of the community.

Jaime Briceo, recruiter and digital missioner, preached his first sermon at Bexley Seabury on Feb. 9. Jaime spoke about embracing our divinity so that we can not only bring, but become the good news. 
President Roger Ferlo, Dean Tom Ferguson, Advancement Vice President Conrad Selnick, Event Coordinator/Accounting Manager Lynn Bowers, and Anglican Theological Review Managing Editor Jackie Winter have been in Denver this week for the meeting of the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes (CEEP). Today, Roger will give an address, "What Would Philander Chase Say? Reflections on Seminaries in Transition." Roger noted that Bishop Chase founded both Bexley Hall and Kenyon College in spite of resistance from his East Coast colleagues. "Philander Chase knew something about inflexible institutions," Roger said, "and had a keener eye for the future than his contemporaries gave him credit for. I wonder what would he have recommended as the Episcopal Church reshapes itself." Bexley Seabury will also be an exhibitor at the CEEP conference.  
In Memoriam
The Rev. Paul Buckwalter, on the adjunct faculty at Seabury-Western from 1999-2006, died Feb. 16 in Tucson, Ariz. Paul taught in the Doctor of Ministry in Congregational Development program. His course, "Reweaving the Fabric: Reconnecting Church and Community,"  was the precursor to Bexley Seabury's current Community Organizing for Missional Living. A memorial service is planned at a later date at St. Philip's in the Hills Episcopal Church in Tucson. 
We recently received word from the Rev. Ruth Partlow
(Seabury-Western '89), that her husband, the Rev. Robert G. Partlow (Seabury-Western '89, '00), died in May 2015. A 1961 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Bob served 23 years in the U.S. Navy. He received an MBA from Stanford in 1971, a MDiv from Seabury-Western in 1989, and a Doctor of Ministry from Seabury-Western in 2000. He and Ruth served parishes in the dioceses of Western North Carolina, Southern Ohio, and Southern Virginia until their retirement. The complete obituary from The Richmond Times Dispatch can be found here
The Rev. Robert Little Bethea III (Seabury-Western '82) died on October 30, 2015. After ordination, Bob served congregations in Issaquah, Mill Creek, and Bellevue, Wash. Upon retirement, he served at St. Antony of Egypt Episcopal Church in Silverdale, Wash. A member of the Diocesan Commission on Ministry, Bob taught at the Diocesan School of Theology. His wife, the Rev. Joan Anthony (Seabury-Western '91) survives, along with Bob's sister, Martha C. Bethea, and four sons, James (Patti), R. Todd (Kirsten), Matthew (Carrie), and Stephen (Monika). The complete obituary from the Seattle Times can be found here.

Host Diocese 
Episcopal Diocese of CHicago logo The Diocese of Chicago's Nicholas Center, 65 East Huron, Chicago, will offer a 4-day retreat on Contemplative Leadership led by the Rev. Brian C. Taylor, May 16-19.  More information here 
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